17 years of experience
Los Angeles, CA

I have been an automotive technician since 2001. I served in the United States Marine Corps as a diesel mechanic, then receieved General Motors factory training and earned ASE Master certification. Over my career I have worked on a wide variety of Domestic, European, and Asian vehicles. Whether the issue is mechanical or electronic, I am confident I can diagnose and repair it.





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Mini Cooper

on January 19

2nd time Kenneth has been out to service my car. Fantastic guy who goes out of his way; above and beyond to make sure you're happy and does a great job. From one ex-Marine to another; he has my vote!

on January 18

If I could give more stars to Kenneth, I would. He was fantastic from start to finish. I recently had a bad experience at the car dealership, but having Kenneth work on my car was a great experience. He explained all the work to me and provided me with tips and other useful knowledge. I only wish I had used Your Mechanic first instead of going to the dealership. I will definitely be using them again! Thank you Kenneth!

on January 19

Very knowledgeable and deligent with his work. He is prompt and always on time.

on January 15

Kenneth is great, right on time for our appointment. I will recommend Kenneth to my friends and not to go dealership not only their expensive, they will try to charge you something you don't need.

on December 27

One of the best I have met, clearly explained everything to me, (female), showed me what was going on with my car and how it should be corrected. Met my husband and also kept him informed of what he was doing to correct the problem. It's too bad he had to correct work another mechanic had done. He should have been assigned to do it the first time. He was on time, left the area clean and I couldn't ask for a better mechanic. Will ask for him next time for my other vehicle.

on December 21

Explained everything with me, test drove vehicle and double checked everything telling me why perhaps this occurred. Very outgoing and pleasant. Was not rushed and took his time to access the situation and listen to what I had to say about my brakes prior to having the pads and rotors replaced. Respected my views as I have owned these types of cars for over 30 years and not entirely ignorant to the workings of a Mercedes.

on December 20

Thanks Kenneth for sharing and helping me understand what was going on with my car! I've already passed referred a few people to Your Mechanic and hopefully we get you.



Saturn Ion

on December 10

Kenneth did an amazing job. Finished under an hour. Car runs better than before. Would definitely utilize Kenneth again for my car service needs. Way to go YourMechanic! Keep up the great work. And thank you once again, Kenneth!

on December 05

Kenneth was great! He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He treated my car the way i would have treated it if i worked on it myself. He was very methodical with his process and triple-checked his work. What i really liked was that he didn't rely on the information i got from my dealer and he took the time to go through the entire diagnostic procedure from scratch to make sure we were not replacing an expensive part unnecessarily. He was also on time down to the minute. My experience could not have been better.

on December 01

Kenneth was indeed an experienced and expert mechanic! He was on time and immediately began working on my car. He did a great job and was super fast. What I expected to be an hour or more job only took him around 35 to 40 minutes! He was knowledgeable in explaining to me everything that happened and also was able to point out a few other things I needed replacing on the car. Great attitude and positive energy. I would definitely call Kenneth again!

on December 01

Kenneth was not only early, but extremely professional. He made sure that I was knowledgeable about what was going on with my car, and what would be the best options.



Nissan Murano

on November 30

Highly recommended. Kenneth is a very reliable, proficient mechanic and is very familiar with my Nissan Murano. He came to work in time and got my battery replaced very quickly. My car then works perfectly. The price is also fair.

on January 12

Awesome first experience using Your Mechanic. Will definitely use again. Kenneth was excellent and very helpful.

on November 10

Kenneth is a great mechanic and he knows what he is doing. He is very professional, he called me to let me know he is on his way. I test and drove my car and it seems to be working fine. Kenneth said to call them if any issues.

on December 18

Kenneth V. was on time and explained to me as he serviced my vehicle. I truly appreciated his patience as I asked many questions.

on November 06

Kenneth was on time, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. He was able to confirm what I thought the problem was and provide expert insight that's above my pay grade.

on November 01

Professional, knowledgeable, on-time and efficient - also willing to answer my questions. Kenneth made us feel confident and secure in the service and I would absolutely use him/YourMechanic again and also recommend highly to friends.

on October 31

Kenneth was great. He was on time, knowledgeable, and a very nice person too. He fixed my car quickly and we managed to have a nice chat too. I wholeheartedly recommend Kenneth to anyone looking for a great mechanic.



BMW 328i

on October 29

Kenneth arrived a bit early, I handed him my keys and he just took care of everything. He was also kind enough to replace all the jack-pads (I provided) even though that wasn't part of the job. Another satisfied customer!

on October 25

Have to say, Kenneth is everything mechanics need to strive for. He seemed extremely knowledgeable on all things car-related, is on-time and what I found the most important, is that he gave detailed recommendations on what steps to take first. I have an old, high-mileage, Navigator with multiple problems. In the interest of saving money and not just throwing parts at it hoping it'll run fine afterwards, he gave specific recommendations on what test to get first to make sure the internal engine is fine before tackling everything else wrong with the car. He schooled me on some car terminology which was helpful as well.



Mazda 3

on October 22

Kenneth did a great job replacing the brake pads on my car, for less than half of what the dealer wanted for the same job, and even showed me pictures of how worn my pads were. He also showed me how to replace the engine's air filter myself, a $10/5 minute fix which a dealer would charge $70 for.

on June 26

Ken was great, he communicated with me and took time to explain everything and he answered all the questions I had. I will definitely be using him again!

on January 09

Kenneth is fantastic. Super knowledgeable about his trade. He helped diagnose a tricky problem with my car and suggested a practical course of action.

on August 10

Excellent customer service! Great conversationalist! Friendliest and most honest mechanic I've ever met. Answered any questions I had in a way i could understand.

on September 23

This was my second time using Kenneth. Really like the way he works, and checks all the systems after he’s done. Also mentions what else to look out for in the future and other needs my vehicle may have.

on June 03

My car service with Kenneth today (Sat) was SUPURB πŸš— πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ. Kenneth was extremely knowledgeable, highly experienced, very friendly & professional. Thank u Kenneth for going above & beyond to make sure I was able to get bk on the road ASAP. I highly recommend Kenneth for ur car services πŸ’―πŸ˜Š.

on September 28

Kenneth did a fantastic job. He was great with the diagnosis and quick, friendly and helpful. Just an all-around great mechanic and person. I highly recommend him to anyone in Los Angeles.

on June 11

Kenneth is personable, very knowledgeable, extremely thorough, and a real pleasure to work with. His attention to detail has given us hope for our 23 year old Camry.



Porsche 911

on June 01

Kenneth showed up on the exact time of the appointment. He was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He replaced the starter on my Porsche 911 which is not an easy fix, He had all the necessary tools to remove all parts to get to the starter and did it flawlessly. I watched him do the entire replacement and he was so meticulous and careful that he impressed me. The Porsche 911 is very compact car and he was able to disassemble and then reassemble everything perfectly. I would highly recommend Kenneth to anyone interested in the convenience of at home repair you wont be disappointed.



Volvo S80

on October 10

Kenny changed my Front Volvo S80 Brake Pads. The installation process was fast and smooth. This is my second time using Kenneth. He worked on my Porsche 911 as well.

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