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Mark at YourMechanic


(116 Reviews)
26 years


by Taniqua from Roselle, IL 60172

He was fine but I'm not sure why I had to pay the 89.00 for information that I my hum on my car told me already, so I am really confused on what the 89.00 was for.

Vytas at YourMechanic


(62 Reviews)
15 years




by Jeff from Roselle, IL 60172

Vytas was very helpful and knowledgeable. I sent him to my son's work to fix the car, and did it, mission accomplished. He was on time, professional, and a pleasure to have working on one of my cars. If and when we need another mechanic, Vytas is our only choice. Thank you.

Terris at YourMechanic


(15 Reviews)
21 years


by Laura from Roselle, IL 60172

He was patient with providing information in a manner that is understandable to someone who is not a mechanic. He iwas polite and seemed to be very fair with his recommendations for the work to be done.

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Answers to common Jeep questions

Dashboard is coming apart, really unsightly
Answered by Jay
There are many owner complaints that the leather covered dash has started to bubble and delaminate. However, you will most likely not see a recall as it does not present a safety issue. If you contact the dealer or manufacturer...
Gas doesn’t stop when I fill it, will overflow
Answered by Jay
There are various number of issues that would cause problems with adding fuel to your Wrangler. To help with this issue, Jeep has issued a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) 14-001-09 dated 09/01/2009, which outlines several steps to determine the fueling...
What would make my check engine light come on this much?
Answered by Jay
Without specific information about your engine size and which engine codes have previously been reset, it is difficult to thoroughly diagnose the problem. Using the 3.6L engine as a reference, I found that this engine may have issues with random...
What makes the check engine light come on?
Answered by Jay
The drive complaint you described seems to be an engine misfire, which can be verified by scanning the cars computer for an error code. If you get a code P0300, P0302, P0304 or P0306 then Jeep has issued a Technical...

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