Top 10 Scenic Drives in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is full of landmarks from American history from the Liberty Bell to the Gettysburg battlefield, and it is just as full of wondrous sights to see – both manmade and natural. Forested mountains afford panoramic views, and the many waterways provide refreshing sites for swimming or testing out a rod and reel. To become better acquainted with the diverse terrain and even cultures of this great state, consider gaining a closer look on one of these favorite scenic drives:

No. 10 – Seven Springs

Seven Springs Pennsylvania
Flickr user: U.S. Department of Agriculture

Starting Location: Uniontown, PA
Ending Location: Berlin, PA
Length: 49 miles
Best Season to Drive: Spring, Summer, and Fall
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Starting just outside Pittsburgh, this scenic drive goes right through some of the state’s most lush farmland. The towns sprinkled alongside the route are older ones with the nostalgic allure of times gone by. In the town of Berlin at the end of the trip, stop to tour and take pictures of the old Swigert's Mill and its rustic stonework.

No. 9 – Journey Through Gettysburg

Journey Through Gettysburg Pennsylvania
Flickr user: RunnerJenny

Starting Location: Brush Creek, PA
Ending Location: York, PA
Length: 100 miles
Best Season to Drive: All
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This trip along Route 30 passes right through the heart of Gettysburg, where travelers should stop and explore the Civil War battlefield up close. For travelers with only a passing interest in history, however, there are still plenty of beautiful views on the drive. Pull over to enjoy the numerous overlooks in the Appalachian Mountains and the Michaux State Forest on the way.

No. 8 – Delaware River Valley

Delaware River Valley Pennsylvania
Flickr user: Nicholas A. Tonelli

Starting Location: Easton, PA
Ending Location: Mt. Bethel, PA
Length: 19 miles
Best Season to Drive: All
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The views of fertile country farmland and the Delaware river from this route ooze with serenity and simple beauty. Adventurers can stop to explore the Tekening Hiking Trails, a seven-mile path with cliffside overlooks at the river, or trek down to the water itself to fish for smallmouth bass and walleye. The towns along this route are old ones and full of historic landmarks and buildings to delight the eye.

No. 7 – U.S. Route 202 Parkway

U.S. Route 202 Parkway Pennsylvania
Flickr user: Thomas

Starting Location: West Chester, PA
Ending Location: Conshohocken, PA
Length: 23 miles
Best Season to Drive: All
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Route 202 is characterized by its stone guiderails and landscaped earth berms along the way. A bike and walking trail runs parallel to much of it for those wishing to stop and exercise their legs, and there are plenty of photography opportunities of the local waterways and the covered Knox Bridge in Chesterfield. The drive ends in the quaint town of Conshohocken, full of historic buildings and charm.

No. 6 – Gateway to the Endless Mountains

Gateway to the Endless Mountains Pennsylvania
Flickr user: Nicholas A. Tonelli

Starting Location: Tunkhannock, PA
Ending Location: Dushore, PA
Length: 38 miles
Best Season to Drive: Spring, Summer, and Fall
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National Geographic once called this stretch of Highway 6 “one of America’s most scenic drives” with its spectacular looks at the Susquehanna River and the Endless Mountains. Hiking and bird watching opportunities abound in the mountains, including at Riverside Park. Travelers are encouraged to stop at the historic Dietrich Theatre in Tunkhannock and the Bird Song Winery for samples just outside of Dushore.

No. 5 – Grand View Loop

Grand View Loop Pennsylvania
Flickr user: Ryan

Starting Location: Mt, Washington, PA
Ending Location: Mt. Washington, PA
Length: 263 miles
Best Season to Drive: Spring, Summer, and Fall
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This drive starts and ends at Mt. Washington, which is just outside Pittsburgh, so travelers can incorporate a tour of the big city ranked as one of the “Top Ten Most Beautiful Places in America” by USA Weekend. From the mountain, there is a good view of the city and the meeting of the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers. The rest of the route passes through the Rothrock and Moshannon State Parks as well as the home of our most beloved groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil.

No. 4 – Scenic Highway 6

Scenic Highway 6 Pennsylvania
Flickr user: Andy Arthur

Starting Location: Scranton, PA
Ending Location: Mill Village, PA
Length: 276 miles
Best Season to Drive: Spring, Summer, and Fall
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The adventure starts in Scranton, known as a Steamtown National Historic Site, where visitors can learn more about the beginnings of steam locomotion. The route then passes through an array of small, rural towns and the lush forests of Tioga State Forest and Allegheny National Forest. Once in Mill Village, travelers are encouraged to take in the sights of Lake Erie.

No.3 – High Plateau

High Plateau Pennsylvania
Flickr user: Nicholas A. Tonelli

Starting Location: Snow Shoe, PA
Ending Location: Renovo, PA
Length: 46 miles
Best Season to Drive: Spring, Summer, and Fall
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Running along the ridge of the Allegheny Ridge, this route provides breathtaking views of the Sproul State Forest and the opportunity to spot wildlife like bear, deer, and elk. Photographers will appreciate Two Run Rock Vista and Fish Dam Run Scenic View, while more adventurous souls can hike the Chuck Keiper Trail for a closer look at wetland terrain. Don’t miss touring the Old St.Severins Church, built by Benedictine monks in 1851, near Snow Shoe.

No. 2 – Seaway Trail

Seaway Trail Pennsylvania
Flickr user: Andrej Baran

Starting Location: Erie, PA
Ending Location: Presque Isle State Park, PA
Length: 14 miles
Best Season to Drive: All
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This seaside drive may not go far but it works overtime in bringing things to delight the eye and mind to those that travel it. With making a few stops to enjoy what this route has to offer, it can easily take up an afternoon or entire day. Don’t miss Downtown Erie's Renaissance Bayfront District with two lighthouses to tour and chic shopping opportunities, and enjoy all manner of activities at Presque Isle State Park from biking to swimming.

No. 1 – Amish Country Scenic Drive

Amish Country Scenic Drive Pennsylvania
Flickr user: Rodrigo Bernal

Starting Location: Lancaster, PA
Ending Location: Lancaster, PA
Length: 99 miles
Best Season to Drive: All
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There are only a few places that Amish and Mennonite people call home, and Pennsylvania is among the few. This scenic route allows the average person to peek into these traditional communities’ lives while also enjoying the beauty of fertile farmlands. Travelers are encouraged to stop and shop the varied crafts stores along the way while mingling with the locals, and an array of covered bridges on the way provide additional photo opportunities.

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