The Guide to Colored Curb Zones in Arizona

Drivers in Arizona need to pay close attention to all of the various parking laws to make sure they do not leave their car in an area where it is not allowed. If you park in a prohibited area, you will likely receive a fine, and you may even have your vehicle towed.

What Does a White Curb Mean?

If you see a white curb, you will not be able to leave your vehicle parked in that location. This area is only for picking up or dropping off passengers. You cannot spend a long time sitting and waiting for people to come to your vehicle or to get out. You should have the passengers enter or exit the car relatively quickly, so that other vehicles can come and drop off their passengers as well.

What does a yellow curb mean?

In Arizona, a yellow means that you can stop alongside of the curb to load or unload items from your vehicle. You will need to stay with your car when you are parked alongside a yellow curb.

What does the red curb mean?

When you see a red curb, it means you are not allowed to park alongside it at any time. You cannot stop there to drop off or pick up passengers, and you can’t stop to load or unload any items. The red curbs are typically fire lanes, and they should be very easy to denote.

Pay attention to the signs

In addition to the colors of the curbs, you will also need to pay close attention to all of the signage in areas where you might want to park. If there are signs, they will let you know whether you can park in the area or not.

What are the fines?

In Arizona, as well as other states, the actual laws and regulations for parking, along with the fines, are set by the cities and towns. This means that the fine for parking in a no parking zone in Scottsdale could be different from the fines you will face in Phoenix. In Scottsdale, for example, the fine for parking in an area where it is prohibited by signs or when the curb is painted red is $42.45. If you do not pay the fines within 30 days, the amount you owe will increase substantially to $124.80.

The fine amount is the same for a number of other types of violations as well including parking on a sidewalk, parking in front of a public or private driveway, as well as the entrance to an alley, and parking on roads without curbs that forces pedestrians to walk along the road.

The fines increase for other violations. Parking in a designated bike or turning lane, and parking in a location that prevents fire equipment from being deployed immediately has a fine of $106.50, and goes up to $234.60 after 30 days.

It is the responsibility of drivers in Arizona to know the parking laws in their city or town, and to obey them.

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