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P0965 OBD-II Trouble Code: Pressure Control Solenoid B Control Circuit Range/Performance

Check Engine Light

P0965 code definition

The P0965 code is stored by the PCM (powertrain control module) when it detects a voltage level from clutch pressure control solenoid B that is invalid or outside the normal range.

What the P0965 code means

If the pressure control solenoid B for the vehicle’s clutch is giving the wrong voltage readings, there could be an issue with the solenoid, the sensor, the wiring, or with the clutch itself. Shifting may become harsh, and other transmission problems may occur.

What causes the P0965 code?

The most likely causes of a P0965 code being stored include:

  • A shorted or poorly connected harness or connector to the primary pressure solenoid
  • A problem with the primary pressure solenoid valve

What are the symptoms of the P0965 code?

In all cases when the P0965 code is stored, the Check Engine light will be illuminated. The transmission control module will also generally freeze adaptive transmission functions, which could cause noticeable changes to the vehicle’s performance, especially where shifting is concerned.

How does a mechanic diagnose the P0965 code?

The mechanic will first use an OBD-II scanner to identify the code and any other OBD-II codes that may have been stored. After diagnosing and resolving any related codes, they will then retest the system by taking a test drive so that they can run the vehicle at over 25 miles per hour for a minimum of 20 seconds. If the code has not been resolved, this should store the code again.

If the P0965 code is stored again, the mechanic will perform a visual inspection of the pressure control solenoid and related systems. If any circuits or connections are damaged or loose, they will resolve these issues and move on to retest the system.

What repairs can fix the P0965 code?

Depending on the cause of the P0965 code, repairs may vary. Some repairs that can resolve the issue include:

  • Repairing or replacing the harness or connector for the primary pressure solenoid.
  • Addressing any faulty wiring, loose connections, or damaged circuits.
  • Replacing the primary pressure solenoid.

In some rare cases, the problem could be with the PCM, but other codes will almost invariably be present, as well, and should be addressed first.

Additional comments for consideration regarding the P0965 code

Whether or not the P0965 code is causing changes to the performance of the vehicle, this code will illuminate the Check Engine light, making it impossible to pass an OBD-II emissions test. Getting this problem addressed may also help you avoid expensive repairs to the clutch, primary pressure solenoid, and other parts of the transmission system later on.

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