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There are few errands as inconvenient as taking your car to a shop. There’s the tedium of traveling to the shop, waiting for a quote at the shop, and then driving back to your home or work. Thereafter, you’ll have to make the whole journey in reverse. Most car repairs take hours of time out of a car owners’ week.

That’s why YourMechanic launched at-home car repair 10 years ago. Over the last decade, we’ve perfected the craft of delivering over 500 services directly to customers across the U.S. We’ve worked to make car maintenance as easy and convenient as ordering pizza, and today on-demand at home car repair is one of the fastest growing services across the nation. In fact, reporters are calling YourMechanic’s nationwide at-home autocare “the Uber of car repair.”

YourMechanic has partnered with background checked, skilled mobile mechanics to bring customers hundreds of services - from oil changes to more complex repairs like brakes, batteries, and engine repairs - directly to car owners’ home driveways and offices.

See why thousands of customers are giving YourMechanic 5 stars, and learn about the perks of using a mechanic who comes to you through a certified platform like


With no expensive leasing or overhead for a physical garage, we offer repairs at home at a more competitive price than many garages and dealers, while maintaining skill and parts quality, by using premium vendors such as Advanced Auto Parts.


YourMechanic delivers car repair to customers’ doors seven days a week – mornings and weekends. Customers’ simply pick a time that works for them and then toss their mechanic the keys. You can choose to hang out while your mechanic works on your car or come back when the repairs are complete.


YourMechanic’s mobile mechanics follow OEM standard vehicle parts guidelines. This means that you’ll get quality parts every time. Whereas some shops can cut costs on parts quality as they use generic parts or bulk oil, and you’ll never know it; YourMechanic’s dashboard details exactly the parts used by your mechanic after each repair. All of the equipment necessary to complete services is provided by, which customers can review in a digital dashboard after each appointment. At the end of your service, your mobile mechanic will also carry away your old parts or fluids and dispose or recycle them per your state’s law, offsite.


All of YourMechanic’s services are backed by a 12-month / 12,000 mile warranty on repairs performed by YourMechanic using parts our technicians obtain at certified parts stores and backs services with warranty. YourMechanic gives customers the option to provide their own parts and supplies if they choose to, however, this option will nullify the warranty as we won’t be able to verify the quality and integrity of the parts you’ve provided.


YourMechanic provides instant price quotes right on its site through phones or computers. All customers need to do is share their vehicle make, model, year and zip code. During the appointment, customers can speak to their mechanic and watch them fix their car, which is something even celebrity auto enthusiasts are raving about.

Unlike in most shops, where customers only deal with a service manager who’s responsible for sales. With mobile repair, there’s no upselling, just transparent quotes and personal car care. And you’ll deal directly with your own mechanic who can teach you about your car and help you keep it running better. Learn how to check if your oil is dirty or if your brakes are wearing dangerously low, right from a professional mechanic in your driveway. You’ll also receive multiple detailed images and reports explaining all services provided or issues discovered, so you have a track record of the work performed.


Mobile mechanics’ skill sets tend to be advanced, as they’re essentially running their own business and personally need to be able to diagnose and repair any of the 600 services offered to consumers directly at home. At YourMechanic our standards and skills assessments are rigorously performed by master mechanics, and our mechanics have an average of 10 to 15 years of experience. It’s one of the many reasons why millions of repeat customers trust YourMechanic to deliver quality auto repairs to their homes.


Even after the pandemic is over, many customers find themselves enjoying the perks of contactless delivery and no-contact services. We’ve found that our customers have grown allergic to waiting rooms, and now enjoy safe, contactless repairs in their front driveways instead. Payment is processed online, so there’s no need for any contact with your mechanic if you prefer to avoid interaction. Most importantly, customers don't need to interrupt their days to get auto car right at their doors, nationwide.

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