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10 Best Stores to Buy Auto Parts in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

It’s crucial that you’re able to keep your car in good condition to ensure drivability and reliability. Of course, that means knowing where to go for parts in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. While you have quite a few options, they’re not necessarily all the same. We’ve created a list of the 10 best stores to buy auto parts in Johnstown, Pennsylvania to make your search shorter.

1. AutoZone

1115 Scalp Avenue Johnstown, PA 15904
View in Google Maps
(814) 266-7560
Rating: 4.2 Stars in Google Reviews

Customers note that this store not only offers competitive pricing, but that they are able to source parts for rarer vehicles, including imports with diesel engines.

2. AutoZone

85 Hickory Street
Johnstown, PA 15902
View in Google Maps
(814) 536-0392
Rating: 3.9 Stars in Google Reviews

Customers note that the staff here are knowledgeable and can locate any part needed. However, they do note that the store can get busy and that wait times can be longer than they’d prefer.

3. Advance Auto Parts

1004 Broad Street
Johnstown, PA 15906
View in Google Maps
(814) 535-5415
Rating: 2 Reviews, No Stars in Google Reviews

While this store has no written reviews on Yelp or in Google Reviews, customers have indicated a positive experience. Advance Auto Parts offers low prices, and stocks the most commonly needed parts for imports and domestic vehicles.

4. Advance Auto Parts

608 Central Avenue
Johnstown, PA 15902
View in Google Maps
(814) 535-1472
Rating: 3 Reviews, No Stars in Google Reviews

Customers appreciate the affordable part prices at this store, as well as the knowledgeable staff who are willing to cross-reference parts to find the right choice for their particular vehicle.

5. Advance Auto Parts

1120 Scalp Avenue
Johnstown, PA 15904
View in Google Maps
(814) 262-6079
Rating: 4 Reviews, No Stars in Google Reviews

Customers state that this store generally has any auto parts needed for most makes and models. If a part is not in stock, they can order it and have it delivered the next day in most instances.

6. Fisher Auto Parts

112 Allison Drive
Johnstown, PA 15904
View in Google Maps
(814) 266-8631
Rating: 1 Review, No Stars in Google Reviews

Customers note that this auto parts store offers low prices, and that the staff are knowledgeable and happy to locate the right part.

7. Advance Auto Parts

4400 Admiral Peary Highway
Edensburg, PA 15931
View in Google Maps
(814) 472-5228
Rating: 5 Reviews, No Stars in Google Reviews

Customers appreciate the friendly, knowledgeable staff at this store. In most instances, the needed parts are on hand, but if not, they can be ordered with delivery ranging from a few hours to the next day or so.

8. Carquest Auto Parts

1305 Jefferson Avenue
Windber, PA 15963
View in Google Maps
(814) 467-6929
Rating: 1 Review, No Stars in Google Reviews

Customers state that this store usually has the parts they need. If they’re not in stock, they can be ordered with fast delivery. The staff are rated as both knowledgeable and helpful.

9. Fisher Auto Parts

243 Mini Mall Road
Edensburg, PA 15931
View in Google Maps
(814) 472-7600
Rating: 1 Review, No Stars in Google Reviews

This auto parts store is rated for having the needed parts on hand in most instances. The staff are knowledgeable and able to help locate the right part from multiple options.

10. Schwartz Auto Parts

703 Central Avenue
Johnstown, PA 15902
View in Google Maps
(814) 535-2538
Rating: No Stars and No Reviews

This is a locally owned and operated auto parts store founded in 1967. They specialize in both import and domestic automobiles, and can also provide paint and body supplies.

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