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I got this truck last year and the previous owner did not take care of it. It had multiple misfires and bad wires so i did a full tune up. After i replaced the plugs wires distributor cap rotor button pick up sensor crank sensor throttle position sensor idle air control sensor manifold absolute pressure sensor fuel pump ignition coil and fuel pump it does this i go and start it it fires right over. Now heres the problem i push the gas pedal and it bogs down and almost dies let off the gas it idles fine again. Same as if i put it in drive, reverse it still bogs and tries to die. Now when i try and give it gas and push the pedal it sometimes backfires through the throttle body. And when the truck does bog out and die it turns into a crank no start. I checked the fuel pressure have good pressure and i checked the injectors they are working well and the bleeder valve on the fuel rail is shooting out gas. I hear the fuel pump prime and whir and the fuel relay is working so what could be causing this? T

My car has 286890 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

With the information that you provided, I would look at either the catalytic converter being clogged, or the actual fuel pressure getting to the fuel rail. As the converter ages, it is possible that the substrate in the converter can actually cause a clog in the exhaust and keep the exhaust gases from exiting. If the gases can’t escape, it will choke the engine out and keep it from running until the pressure escapes. Also, the fuel getting to the rail may look to be sufficient, but without putting a pressure tester on it, there is no way to know if there is sufficient pressure, or volume. If this is something you feel you could use a hand with, contact a certified mechanic, like those available at YourMechanic.com.

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