Q: OBD2 Codes and Diagnostic (follow up question)

asked by on February 09, 2017

Hello! I recently asked a question regarding the most common error codes for PowerTrain. I am working on a market research about the most common problems for OBD2 Codes, with the purpose of finding out what parts within the powertrain category fail most often. Kevin Gainer was extremely helpful in pointing out that my query has 2 components to it: the most “frequent” codes that tend to show up, and the “diagnostic” part that usually goes with it. For my research purposes, I am interested in “diagnostic” aspect, since I am looking to find out what parts within the power train tend to fail more often. As Kevin mentioned, it would be great if you could refer to me any data bases, vendors, standards setting organizations and/or academic literature that will address my research goal. Thank you very much once again!

The data you are seeking, documenting relative frequency of failure of all the various powertrain components, is maintained by the scan tool manufacturers examples of which are Actron and Innova. These companies, as well as other scan tool makers, compile the most frequently encountered codes and then additionally report the most common fixes (i.e., the actual repairs) in order to aid mechanics. Indeed they sell this data, that is the advice as to actual repairs based on reported codes, through various subscription services. YourMechanic gathers data as well and you can address an inquiry to partners@yourmechanic.com with a specific data request. All of the data, and studies, that I have seen thus far, or indeed could contemplate, is not assembled at global, industry level but rather represents lots of separate, disparate investigations. Many are quite good and I referred you to that 2009 Illinois EPA study for instance. But, once you look into this, you’ll end attempting to collate or, mix and match, a lot of "incompatible studies". You should further limit the scope of your inquiry as otherwise you are going to have an unmanageable project on your hands.

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