Q: My car ran fine. It does use up a lot of oil but because of oil piston rings( i beleive thats term?) and i will replace this.

asked by on October 04, 2017

My car ran fine. It does use up a lot of oil but because of oil piston rings( i beleive thats term?) and i will replace this. However this morning. It wouldnt start right away but stutter. When it manged to start it stutters and if I push the gas pedal it would turn off again. After many attempts it managed to run and sound normal but on gas pedal push it stutters and wont fo over 1500 rpm then it managed to hit 2000. I turned it off because I saw some white smoke behind the engine and under. It smelled like burning rubber. Didnt start it since. Help please??? It a 2005 Citroen C3 unleaded
My car has a manual transmission.

It sounds like you may have some won piston rings that may be creating enough of a compression leak to cause the motor to no longer run efficiently. As you may already know, the compression rings help to create a proper seal around the walls of the cylinders as the pistons project upward during the combustion process. Wen this happens, he fuel and air charge is compressed and the fuel is ignited by the spark plug flash resulting in the engine firing. When the piston rings do not create the proper seal as they are designed to, this creates a lack of proper compression sufficient to ignite the fuel, resulting in the engine struggling to run or start as you describe. The white smoke is quite likely the engine simply burning the oil that is escaping past the piston rings. I would recommend having a professional from YourMechanic come to your location to diagnose and inspect your vehicle.

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