Q: I have a 2012 Xterra, we took it in just to get oil service ice.afterwards the heater core went bad, you could smell rubber burnin

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We took our vehicle in to the dealership for oil service. The next day we smelled rubber burning. Took it to another shop and they claimed it to be the heater core went bad. We bypassed it, and now it overheats and drains coolant from the reservoir tank. Could it be a bad thermostat too? Could they have sabatoged our cooling system?

My car has 73000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. When it comes to bypassing and modifying the vehicle in ways it was not designed, its hard to say what went wrong without doing an inspection. The overflow tank, if collecting and recycling the coolant properly, is performing its job. This is normal engine operation under these circumstances. The bypass that was performed may be the issue, and a new clog or block may have occurred. The thermostat, water pump, radiator, a hose, or any other component that can block circulation of the coolant may be to blame. The engine oil does a huge amount to cool the engine as well. Make sure the oil filter and service you first received was done correctly. Check the type of oil filter used, and make sure it is seated properly. Make sure the oil is full. With both repairs seemingly simultaneous, it is a wise idea to verify both of them. Take further diagnostics of the pump, thermostat, and other components from there. For more help, contact our service department.

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