Q: does a leaking fuel pump and or an overheating coolant pump cause significant damage to the enginge?

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There are malfunctioning issues with my car that lead to Audi issuing a recall on these parts. One being a leaking fuel pump and the other is a faulty coolant pump that can become full of debris and overheat that may cause a fire. My issue is that the engine has been broken down to find that one of the cylinders is misfiring and it was discovered that the piston ring is broken. Can either, if not both, of the recall issues have a great effect on the engine breaking down or are they completely separate?

My car has 82500 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

It’s fairly unlikely that either recall had any effect on the piston rings. That however is not something I’ve seen very often, especially on an engine as "young" as yours. The fuel pump leaking is more likely to cause a fire if the fuel hits something hot or electrical. If the vehicle is an Audi dealer being checked and not an independent repair facility, calling Audi Customer Service might be worth a try. The engine is passed the warranty expiration but with broken piston rings at only 82,000 miles, it might be worth a try. If the vehicle is not modified and have maintained it in accordance to Audi’s recommendations, MAYBE they would have offered some assistance as sort of a goodwill gesture.

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