Q: Car won't drive after over heating on the highway

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I have a 2008 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition and I was driving last night on the highway and car was over heating steaming even inside by the heat box, I just got my heat fixed last month, well I drove to nearest gas station and the car was going very slow, I tried to start the car and move the car but car won't drive it starts fine but won't drive I had to have this towed home, this car had a rebuild tranny a couple years ago so not sure if tranny any advice would help, my dad friend fixed the heat and radiator last month and my dad is out country waiting for him to get back I'm worried I ruined the engine driving to gas station? Any advice? Or anything I can to to check to see where the issue is? Thanks.

Hi there. Most of the time when you overheat this engine it will also cause the transmission to get too hot. When this occurs it can easily cause transmission failure. I would suspect this if the vehicle does not move at all. If it move but is severely lacking power then you either have some serious internal engine damage or a failure in the catalytic converter from the overheating. It sounds like it is the transmission though. I would recommend having a transmission specialist take a look at it.

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