Q: Automatic car starts, but won't drive! Please help!

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Hello. I was driving my Opel Vectra comfort 2.2 automatic, and suddenly it feels like the car jumps out of gear, into neutral and the RPM goes up. So i stop and put it in park. When i switch it back to drive again, its like its in neutral. It wont move at all. Not in drive og reverse. The car starts as usual, no odd sounds. It seems like it just wont go into gear. Please help!
My car has an automatic transmission.

It sounds like an internal failure with the transmission. Automatics rely on hydraulic pressure and friction created by the clutch packs. If pressure drops, due ti a pump failure for example, there will be zero, or not enough, pressure, in the transmission to engage or change gears. Also, a torque converter failure can cause the same issues. The torque converter is to an automatic transmission, as a clutch is to a manual transmission. It connects the engine and transmission to transmit engine power. It may be best to have a local transmission specialist check the transmission.

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