Q: Alternator bracket broken.

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My battery indicator on the dashboard came on and started blinking. I drove 50 miles after that and all the indicators turned ON on the dashboard and the gauge went down to cool. The next day the car started but the battery indicator is still blinking. I showed it to the mechanic at Firestone and he says that the Alternator bracket is broken which is why this is happening. He says the bracket for Honda civic 2005 is 15$ but the labor charge is 162$ and if any other problems under the bracket need to be seen then it will amount to more. Is that the possible case and a reasonable price?

My car has 153000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

A broken alternator bracket may cause some belt slip which will amount to charging system problems so the technician is correct on this part. The price to replace the parts will vary among service facilities as many facilities will have different price mark up rates and labor rates. If you would like another opinion, consider hiring an experienced technician from YourMechanic who can come out to you and take a closer look at the car to offer a personal diagnosis and give a repair estimate for your alternator bracket.

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