35 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I've been working on cars for over 25 years. I started my first car repair business 15 years ago in Philadelphia and now enjoy working as a mobile mechanic in the beautiful Bay Area. I work on all makes and models and I'd be happy to help with any car problem you're experiencing.

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on May 18

Excellent service! My the motor on my window broke so it failed to go up and down. I brought it to my work, and contacted yourmechanic in the afternoon. By 5pm, all work was complete! I didn't even have to leave the building. They just took care of it right there and then. Prices are very reasonable too!


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Nissan 200SX
on June 06

Whitney is a great mechanic! He genuinely wants to help people out as opposed to scare them with the kind of problems they might encounter. He was very understanding about my financial situation (I'm a grad student who owns a beat up Nissan 98), and explained the costs clearly. I had initially called in to replace my alternator, but it turned out it was my battery that was at fault. He charged me for an inspection and gave me suggestions on how to pick out a used battery- and actually drove me to an auto-parts store a block away! (But ended up buying a new battery). Would highly recommend both the mechanic as well as this service. It's nice to see a business model where the mechanic earns a good fraction of the consumer cost.

on June 14

Whitney was awesome and a total lifesaver. He was very professional and knowledgable. He was able to get my car started and also pointed out a few things that I should consider taking care of. All in all I would recommend him to anyone, as well as yourmechanic.com. This was my first time using the service, and it wouldn't have been better.

on June 23

Whitney Ortiz was absolutely great. He was friendly, efficient and most importantly, professional. He arrived on time and was removing parts within 10 minutes of arrival. Whitney was very knowledgeable on replacing the timing belt/water pump on our '02 Sequoia as he had already done a few on the exact engine in the past few months. Interestingly enough, he also described a few of the problems he had encountered with the water pumps he had previously installed and sure enough, he encountered a defective O-ring on the water pump. Not a problem though as he replaced the defective new O-ring with the original O-ring and everything was all fixed. This did take about an extra 45 minutes but if Whitney had not let car idle for 15 minutes after installing the new water pump O-ring - I would have found out the hard way that there was a leak in the water pump. I'm glad Whitney has thorough and knew to test the new water pump system the proper way before leaving for the day. Bottom line - I will use Whitney for all my car repairs moving forward.

on April 29

Whitney had provided with his services twice in the last couple of months. First he came home to replace my worn out brake pads and the second time to do a brake/radiator flush. In short, Whitney is very professional and seems to have a good deal of experience. He has made both the services look effortlessly. It was fun as well, since he allowed me to watch his work and patiently answered all of my questions. All in all, highly recommended and I would get his services again in a heartbeat.


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Mazda Miata
on June 27

He was late but he called to let me know. When he got here he was very professional. I had a stripped out spark plug hole in my head and the spark plug was still in it. I had tried for hours to get it out. It took Whitney about half a minute! Helicoiling a cylinder head appears easy but if you mess up it can be catastrophic! Plus, my car is my only means of transportation. He got it done in a flash while I watched in amazement, took about 20 minutes tops! Amazing job Whitney.



Toyota Camry
on October 08

Whitney took the time to perform thorough diagnostics and provided recommendations. He then implemented the big work of replacing the timing belt and more to our full satisfaction.

on April 27

Whitney, thanks for a fine job and working with me to get my Tahoe window fixed before I left town. I really appreciated you working past normal business hours to complete the job.

on October 08

Whitney was professional and timely. He fixed the issue, explained what he was doing and took care of everything fast. I was leaving town early the next morning and really appreciated being able to get my car into the garage and know that it would be in working order when I got back.

on April 24

Whitney was very prompt and professional. He quickly diagnose the problem, provided expert recommendations and now my car is running better than ever. Working with him was the best experience ever.



Nissan Sentra
on October 15

Awesome experience, it was my first time encountering an mechanic besides the ones at the dealer. Whitney was very professional and took the time to explain everything and answer all my questions. Whitney also took a step beyond my expectations and raised awareness regarding some issues and alternatives with my best interest in mind.



BMW 325i
on July 06

Replacing faulty parts is now as simple as changing oil. The mechanic comes in ... replaces the parts ..and leaves. No more leaving car with the auto repair shop..arrange for somebody to pick you up...or sit in the boring waiting room.



Nissan Xterra
on October 15

I wish I would have crossed paths with Whitney 20 years ago and saved myself the headaches of dealing with other mechanics. I have taken my car in to be serviced for a broken a/c for years and had given up after being taken advantage of FOUR TIMES! I actually decided I would just live without it but I have a baby now and can't subject her to the heat in my car just because I am am tired of dealing with shady mechanics. When Whitney came out to service my car I already had a prognosis and he was there to do the work that it needed--to fix my air compressor for $550. But he decided he would double check to make sure before he got started, and figured out that my compressor wasn't even broken (as the last mechanic insisted). Turns out it was a slow leak and didn't cost me 1/5th of what I was supposed to be charged. But more than saving me money and more headaches, Whitney put my angst at ease. As a single mom, barely making ends meet, life is hard enough. To have someone in a position to easily be able to taken advantage of me, since I know absolutely nothing about mechanics and NEED to have my car for my baby, he could have easily just changed my compressor, and went about his business with me being none the wiser. But instead he showed some pride in his work and his reputation and did the right thing to help us. I will be a client of his moving forward for all of my car's needs.


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Dodge Neon
on July 10

I've struggled with finding the right mechanic over the past 2 years and now I can depend on Yourmechanic.com. Great service great people and a job well done.

on November 03

Whitney was awesome! Super informative and knowledgable about everything he was doing. I felt confident With him working on my car and would recommend him to everyone.


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Audi A4 Quattro
on April 07

In addition to the scheduled works, Whitney took the time listening my concern about oil leak and showed me valve gasket could be the cause. At the same time he found some loose bolts that may also attribute to the leaks. He tightened up the bolts and kindly recommend me continue to observe if situation remains without any hard pressure on me to replace the valve gasket. It's a great car service experience.



Toyota Solara
on July 22

Whitney knowledgeable and he does not use confusing jargons. It is very time saving to have a mechanic come to you, no more headache trying to get back after leaving your car for service.

on November 06

I have been a dedicated customer with 'Your Mechanic' for a few years. As always, I received a professional and courteous experience from, Whitney. As a grandmother it is important that my vehicle is running well. Suffice as to say, as a woman, it took me more than 15 years to find a honest, trustworthy, mechanic. I have found that in Whitney and in your organization. It is a pleasure doing business with your organization and to refer people. I hope you treat your employees with the same courtesy they have shown us. Thank you for my receipt. Rosanna 11.06.2015

on July 23

I'm your typical skeptic... However, I was proven wrong! Whitney, just jumped into solving my cars issue.. I assumed he would poke around for an hour .. well it was over an hour and he was determined to isolate the issue. I wasn't charged any additional money. He was knowledgeable, professional, and looked me in the eye when speaking! This is a strong outfit, and I'm going to recommend them to everyone.

on August 16

I apologize for taking so long to write this review. Whitney is definitely my mechanic from now on. He arrived on time at my condo parking lot, he diagnose the car to see if everything I requested needed to be changed, and in fact, I did not need to change everything (my AC was not working and I've got very high estimates to fix it). While taking the engine apart, he noticed a leak on the water pump, so since it was Sunday and the shop did not deliver the parts, he actually went to pick them up himself. When done, he performed another thorough check of the whole car. I am really very pleased with his work and will call him over and over again and definitely recommend him to everyone I know. Thanks Whitney!

on March 09

Went above and beyond with service! Not only replaced my axles, but gave me advice on needed repairs for my old, high mileage car, gave me an oil top-up and removed some scratches I had on the side. 10/10 would recommend

on August 18

Whitney arrived a few minutes early, and we talked about the service, etc. I had told a co-worker about the service and he showed up in time to ask Whitney some questions. He seemed quite pleased after speaking with him. I'll definitely use this service again.

on August 18

I was very pleased from the moment Whitney pulled up. Friendly, easy to talk to, professional and informative. This was a very pleasant experience, especially since it was the first time I have used this service and new nothing about it.

on March 07

He was very helpful in explaining the problems with my car. Very professional and easy to understand. I would highly recommend him to friends and family. Thank you again Whitney.



Toyota Camry
on November 19

What a pleasant experience! Not only was Whitney able to come earlier than the scheduled appointment (which was wonderful for me since I had other errands to run later in the day), but he efficiently completed the battery replacement. He also did an inspection of the car, and let me know what issues would need to be dealt with most urgently. Whitney explained everything in a way that I could understand, and even helped with another problem on the spot free of charge! Plus, he's got a great sense of humor. (:


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Saturn LS2
on August 28

Whitney Ortiz was courteous and knowledgeable about our problems with an automobile. We intend to use his services for other vehicles that we drive. We were pleased with his work and comfortable with the costs. It is a great service for a mechanic to come out to a residence to repair a vehicle and to get it up and running!

on February 26

Whitney was very professional. He arrived early and was very polite. Booked him for a pre purchase vehicle inspection. He was very thorough and was able to pinpoint to me the pros and cons of the car. I will be booking him for future services and would recommend him to others.

on November 20

Whitney was very courteous and knowledgeable about my car. He wa able pin point the areas my car is having issues with and I look forward to setting up a new appointment with him to resolve those issues.

on September 22

I appreciate the time attention Whitney gave my car, and I would certainly use him again for servicing my Vehicles. He has a passion for the work that he does. Thanks Whitney

on February 25

Whitney arrived at my home even earlier than expected, which was great bc he got a jump-start on replacing the brake booster in my van. The quoted time of labor was exact, and I feel I received excellent service at an excellent rate. Local repair shops wanted 3-4x the cost for parts and labor. Granted I did supply my own parts. Regardless, I would never hesitate to use YourMechanic.com in the future. Whitney assisted even further by topping off my trans, power steering, oil, and coolant fluids. He also inflated all tires to recommended psi, checked brakes, shocks, etc... Awesome!!

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