39 years of experience
Los Angeles, CA
Independent Contractor

I have over 30 years experience as a technician and have worked on all makes and models of cars and trucks. Having also worked at NASA on the Space Shuttle Discovery, I have exceptional knowledge of mechanics and how things work. I'm your one-stop mechanic for any and all your automotive needs!

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on January 07

Very knowledgable



Buick Riviera

on January 29

Good job David! Knows his stuff!

on February 14

on May 05

David was wonderful! Went above and beyond to make sure my car was running and would not leave me stranded. Can't recommend him enough! Thanks David!




on February 19

I have a car that was shipped from Chicago and wasn't driven for a while, so naturally the battery died, however I wasn't sure if it was the only problem. I decided to schedule an appointment with YourMechanic for the convenience and I am very happy with my decision. My mechanic was David Martin, he called ahead of time to inform me that he might be a little late due to horrible traffic which allowed me time to run an errand (otherwise I would have had to sit around and wait), he actually arrived early and did not mind at all that I was late from my errand. David is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. He completed the battery change in no time, answered my numerous questions and offered some valuable advice. I would definitely like to work with David Martin again!

on February 27

I am new to Your Mechanic and have to say its an incredible service. I only had my oil changed and a 50 point inspection but David Martin was awesome. He called me before he came to make sure we had all the right parts and were on the same page with what we needed done. He was super informative with everything about my car. I am definitely referring some friends to your mechaninc



Toyota Echo

on March 15

He's a sincere mechanic who does a good job. I had some bad engine mounts in a beat up car that is difficult to fix, and he took care of everything.



Jeep Grand Cherokee

on February 27

I've taken my car to two different mechanics, neither could figure out the problem. David fixed it in 30 minutes. He was professional, and I will not be taking my car elsewhere any time soon. Thank you!

on March 07


  • 50,000 Miles Maintenance ...


Toyota Highlander

on March 11

on March 24

on March 18

After David left, I asked myself what ever happened to great customer service in this country? David reminded me of what "good customer care" should be. It is more than getting a job done quickly. It is about establishing good and lasting working relationships with the customer, and David succeeded admirably. The quality of care I received reminds me of the yesteryear Texaco Commercial which I have linked to this review. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5iypuYl4E0

on March 21



Mazda 626

on March 19

He arrived on time and clean-cut. Communicated what was going to be fixed andgot right to it. He finished right on time and was pretty knowledgeable. Solid guy!

on March 25

Great guy, very fast and clean. Thanks bro.



Jaguar XK

on March 27

on April 08

We had the best experience with David Martin at YourMechanic.com and would completely recommend both for anyone needing an honest, meticulous, and very smart mechanic with a great personality. I had a unique situation that needed a mechanic with the best care and David completely delivered. My Mitsubishi Montero Sport had been garaged for 4 years because I had been traveling so there were a lot of unique things that needed to be done to get it back on the road safely. It only had 17,000 miles so it was still relatively new, but letting a vehicle sit for that long can cause a lot of problems. David let me know what were the most important parts to fix and told me where I didn't need to spend so much money on parts and time because they could wait until 75,000-100,000 miles etc. He changed the timing belt under my insistence because I wanted peace of mind that the rubber had not dry rotted with so many years of non-use. He also replaced the water pump, serpentine belts, fuel filter, front brake pads, and adjusted rear drum brakes, flushed and replaced coolant, rotated tires, and changed the oil. He even replaced a missing lug nut with wheel locks (which was my fault from not tightening them enough a few days earlier when painting the wheels myself so he saved a potential catastrophe from happening because a few other lug nuts were loose as well). David is very thorough with all his diagnoses of problems and finds the best way to fix them efficiently without any wasted money or time. Most importantly, I know David is very honest and trustworthy. He's not looking to find problems that need costly "fixes" if they aren't absolutely necessary and that's such a rare attribute to find with mechanics these days. He has won my business for this and any future car work... As well as won my family and friends' business as well because I have recommended him and YourMechanic.com to all of them. Thanks so much David!



BMW 325i

on March 27

David is a great Mechanic! Thanks for great service.

on April 21



Audi A4

on April 14

Today, David came in and did an inspection on my dying audi a4. I've have been to many other mechanics that I personally known, but they all failed to give me the correct inspection and the conclusions. When David arrived, he was friendly, professional, caring, and dedicated. after the very quick but I must say, VERY thorough inspection, he insisted to drive a long ways taking time of of his personal schedule to come to the dealer that sold me this car to confront them about the smog issues. all throughout the process, I must say that not only did i get more information than I ever though I could receive, but I've also made a connection and most importantly, a friend. I do not write reviews hardly ever, but you would honestly had to be a mad man to not write a review on such a mechanic that literally pours out his heart to your car and to you personally. I HIGHLY recommend this mechanic! thank you David Martin!

on April 13

The car wouldn't start and I didn't want to get a ticket as the street cleaner would be there soon. David found a loose wire and low battery and started the car which saved me a ticket, towing and unknown expenses for just the price of the inspection. He was great and we're very appreciative.

on June 05

It was a complete pleasure working with David Martin. He was the most professional and courteous mechanic I've ever dealt with. Completely honest, friendly, punctual, and extremely clear with his communication. I will definitely be using David Martin with YourMechanic again. He was very efficient and fast as well during my services. And he was also super smart in helping me figure out the answer to solving a recurring issue I had with my car before. And his suggestion was simple, cheap, and actually worked because I have not had it come back. He is the best and will not try to take advantage of a situation and will help you fix your car in the most economical manner possible without sacrificing quality. Most trustworthy mechanic I've ever dealt with and will keep coming back to YourMechanic because it's a great service! Thanks again!

on April 24

I am “not” someone that would us an online mechanic type service. I really wouldn’t trust them. The prices look good but I am sure there is a bait a switch there somewhere. I drive a Range Rover; no one really wants to mess with them. WRONG!!! The price was great! The service was outstanding! Communication was Excellent. Arrived on time! No price games or “oh you need” Dave was amazing and did a great job and all this was done at my HOME. Even more important. Apparently when you enter your car details they match you with a mechanic that knows that vehicle!! Even a Range Rover!! Four rotors and pads cost me ½ what the shop wanted! I told them on the phone when they called after the appointment that I was shock that I was “SO WRONG!”

on May 06

What a great service this is! David M. showed up on-time, was friendly and professional, explained what he was going to do, and completed the three services items in just one hour.

on April 26

Per my previous review David is fantastic. I found the car pulling to the left a bit after brake/rotor change. David came right out re-bleed the brakes; found a little air and it was fixed. No hassle; no questions and no charge since it is covered. They didn't even try to have me fix over the phone!!!! :) Thanks again guys and David for excellent service.

on April 29

on May 11

Seemed to be a very nice guy.

on May 10

Very nice ddemeanor. Very good at what he does.would recommend him to all my friends and family.


  • Inspection / Diagnostics


Chevrolet Impala

on May 06

David came out and inspected my car was able to diagnose the problem within 10 seconds of driving. We promptly schedule the recommended service. Overall he was a great mechanic and all around nice guy. Thanks David!



Toyota Corolla

on May 07

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