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Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, CA

I started right out high school went to city college took a engine performance 900hr and engine repair 600hr course after completing both course jump right into the auto industry working for independent repair shop in the Central Valley very reputable shop then moved up to northern California working for independent shop I’ve been working in the auto industry going on 8 years





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on January 04

Anthony was friendly and very knowledgeable and professional and fixed my truck. I would highly recommend him to anyone

on January 05

excellent customer service and very professional.

on January 09

Had my doubts about using your service. Anthony was a true professional with excellent communication and integrity which put my concerns at ease! I would/will definitely use Anthony & your mechanic for future mechanic needs.

on January 26

Excellent service, thank you so much

on January 13

My Honda CRV had a bad oil leak. I bought the parts. Anthony came in and installed them. He was very professional and cordial. Service was quick and fast. Price was more then fair. He also let me know what problems could arise in the future. Im definity going back to this company.

on January 19

Anthony was kind, courteous and professional. I’m here was very knowledgeable about the needs of my car. I would definitely recommend him.

on January 27

Fast and professional

on February 09

great service

on February 08

Great service fast and efficient.

on February 29

Anthony's honest service was awesome...very respectful and polite. I will call on him again!

on April 19

Great mechanic!

on May 28

Very helpful in finding out the fault codes in my bmw 740 li. It was simple fix and that the two tube hose just had to be connected and my drive train malfunction went away. This saved me from having to go the an expensive dealership. Anthony has a good attitude about his work.

on May 29

Anthony was great! We are very happy that we chose to go with this company instead of the overpriced and slow service we get from the Jeep dealership. He was on time and did the job just as expected. He identified a couple of other things that need to be done before the problems get worse. We appreciate having a technician give us direct feedback regarding our vehicle, rather than a service advisor (salesperson) that we've had to deal with in the past at the dealership. We'll be booking the addtional services very soon and will definitely request Anthony again now that he is familiar with our vehicle!

on May 28

Anthony was friendly and on time When he arrived he got straight to work, l

on June 11

Anthony was great. Found the problems and should be able to be fixed once the part is found.



Dodge Ram 2500

on May 02

He was on time and very quick at completing the job. Will definitely book again!

on May 03

Anthony came in and replaced the ball joint on my car. Very professional and quick. Will recommend him to my friends and family.

on May 25

Anthony knew exactly what he was doing and quickly located the issue.

on June 17

Great job! Thank you very much.

on July 17


on July 18

We weren't sure exactly what was wrong with the car's air conditioner. We knew that it would need more than a Freon charge because the air blew hot and cold through the vents. We own a Chrysler Pacifica; though it is an older model, most work is still expensive. We contacted several places, but was informed we would have to leave our car a minimum of one day, so they could evaluate the problem and perhaps another to do the work, depending on whether the parts could be obtained right away. That was difficult since we have only the one vehicle and no friends were available during the day to help us get to and from where the car would be located. When someone mentioned there were services that came to the house, we searched on-line and found My Mechanic. With only a few easy questions, we had an appointment and a definite quote for the Freon charge and were assured the mechanic would evaluate for the other issues, but we would not be charged for anything else. Anthony was the mechanic who came to our home. Within two hours, the Freon charge was completed, he found what was wrong with the vents, plus spotted another issue that we were not aware of - a pinpoint hole in our overflow tank. What impressed us the most was his honestly regarding the vent. He provided a quote to replace the overflow bottle, but the vent work required a part he wasn't sure about. He stated he would rather have his people tell us the cost rather than give an incorrect quote. Our biggest concern was the overall expense of a mechanic coming to our home. The basic quote given to us from other AC mechanics versus the price we paid for the Freon charge, the work he did, and the quote given for the remaining work, was more than fair and reasonable - most of all - he came to us. With only one vehicle that is a huge plus.

on June 29

Nice guy. Very honest on what i should do. Would definitely recommend!

on July 31

Anthony was very professional and knowledgeable. I was very happy with his service.

on July 14

Well-versed in diagnostics. Was able to pinpoint my starting issue after checking the car out for about 30 minutes.



Infiniti M35

on August 01

Everything was excellent once the work started. He did not, however, leave a voice mail when he called to confirm the appt and got my voice mail; cancelling the appt instead, because he said he did not have an address for me. If he'd have left a voice mail, I could have either picked up, or called him back right away; instead of having to scramble once I saw the cancellation email. What if I had not seen the email?



Toyota RAV4

on July 24

So nice, and he finished in an hour , and he was early. Great service. Thank you!!

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