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by Helaine from Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Kevin is a fantastic professional. He knows his stuff. I thought I had a fuel pump or fuel injection problem. Kevin diagnosed it differently, fixed my car, saved me money, saved me time, and also attached some trim that was coming off. He advised me how to take care of the routine maintenance as well. I have always had MechanicPhobia.... I have no idea about cars and how to fix them! Kevin made me feel very confident that I was getting the truth and getting it from an expert. Thank you, Kevin Excellent experience!

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Answers to common Jeep questions

Water got into my motor, what do I do?
Answered by Jay
Have you already determined you damaged the motor? You may be able to remove the spark plugs and push out all the water, then the air filter can be replaced along with the oil and filter being changed. If the...
What makes the check engine light come on?
Answered by Jay
The drive complaint you described seems to be an engine misfire, which can be verified by scanning the cars computer for an error code. If you get a code P0300, P0302, P0304 or P0306 then Jeep has issued a Technical...
Getting wobbly handling on the highway
Answered by Jay
A few things could be causing the wobble you feel at high speeds. The solid front suspension is susceptible to this condition, especially if aftermarket items are being used or the suspension has been modified. The front steering can also...
Check engine light comes on and car does not start.
Answered by Evan
Let's start with your low battery issue. It sounds like something in the electrical system is staying on over night that shouldn't be. Your intermittent Check Engine Light sounds like it could be related to your idling issue. My advice...

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