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The Traveler’s Guide to Driving in Sweden

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Sweden is home to many interesting places to visit. You could visit the Old Town area of Stockholm, the impressive Vasa Museum, and the Skansen Open Air Museum. Explore the Swedish Air Force Museum, and even the ABBA Museum. The Botanical Gardens in Gothenburg are also a treat. Reaching all of the areas you want to visit becomes much easier when you have a vehicle that you can drive rather than trying to rely on public transportation.

Why rent a car in Sweden?

If you want to experience the beauty of the Swedish countryside, you should make sure you get a rental car. Driving is the best way to see many parts of the country. It is mandatory to have a warning triangle in the vehicle, and between December 1 and March 31, you are required to have snow tires. When renting a vehicle, make sure that it has all of the required equipment. You will also need to get the phone number and emergency contact information for the rental agency so you can have them on hand.

Although the minimum driving age in Sweden is 18, you have to be at least 20 years old to rent a vehicle. Foreign drivers need to have a valid driver’s license, as well as a passport and rental documents including car insurance. You are required to have fire and third party liability insurance.

Road conditions and safety

The roads in Sweden are in very good condition with few rough spots in the populated areas. In the rural locations, some of the roads are a bit rougher, and in the winter months, you do need to be careful of the ice and the snow. Overall, you should not have any trouble with the roads though. The drivers tend to be courteous and to obey the rules of the road. However, you still need to be careful, particularly when in heavily populated and trafficked areas. Pay attention to what the other drivers are doing.

You drive on the right side of the road in Sweden and you overtake vehicles on the left. Trams have priority in Sweden. When a tram stops, the drivers are required to yield to the passengers who are going to the sidewalk.

Drivers need to use their headlights at all times when driving. In addition, seatbelts are mandatory for the driver and all of the passengers.

The speed limit

Always pay attention to the posted speed limits on the roadways in Sweden and follow them. The following are the typical speed limits for different areas.

  • Highways – 110 km/h
  • Open country roads – 90 km/h
  • Outside of built up areas – 70 km/h unless noted otherwise
  • In towns and cities – 50 km/h


There are no toll roads in Sweden. However, there is one toll bridge, the Oresund, which connects Sweden and Denmark. The current cost of the toll is 46 Euros. The bridge, which becomes a tunnel partway across the span, is 16 km long and is a fascinating piece of engineering.

Make the most of your trip to Sweden by choosing a rental car to help you get around. It’s more comfortable and convenient than public transportation.

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