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P0833 OBD-II Trouble Code: Clutch Pedal Switch B Circuit

Check Engine Light

P0833 code definition

The P0833 code is stored in the PCM when a fault in the clutch position sensor circuit is detected. This code is only found in vehicles with manual transmissions.

What the P0833 code means

In order for the starter to engage, the clutch position sensor circuit must be closed. The PCM monitors this circuit, or switch, to ensure that it is operating correctly to allow the starter to engage properly. If the PCM detects a voltage reading that does not align with the correct reading for the required position, the PCM will store the P0833 code.

What causes the P0833 code?

The P0833 code is most often caused by a defective clutch position sensor. The sensor may also be misadjusted after a recent transmission repair. Damaged, shorted, or corroded electrical elements may also be to blame.

If this code is detected in a vehicle with an automatic transmission, it indicates that the PCM is faulty, or there is a programming error.

What are the symptoms of the P0833 code?

The Check Engine lamp will illuminate with the PCM stores the P0833 code. In addition to this symptom, vehicles may or may not fail to start, or may start without the clutch being engaged. In many cases, there will be no observable symptoms at all.

How does a mechanic diagnose the P0833 code?

In order to properly diagnose the issue behind the P0833 code, a mechanic should begin with an inspection of all the electrical wiring and components. After any electrical components are repaired, replaced, or reconnected, the system should have the P0833 code cleared, and should be retested. This process should be repeated after all possible repairs to be sure that the repair fixed the issue, and to prevent unnecessary costs.

If the electrical components were not the problem, the mechanic should check for battery voltage on the input side and output of the sensor. A digital volt/ohmmeter will be necessary for this process. Short circuits should be repaired as they are discovered.

If all the circuits within the sensor are working correctly, suspect a faulty sensor.

Common mistakes when diagnosing the P0833 code

In most cases, the clutch position sensor is at fault when this code is stored; however, many technicians report that starter solenoids are often replaced without a thorough diagnosis being performed.

How serious is the P0833 code?

Despite the usual lack of symptoms, this code is actually very serious. It indicates a major functionality concern that may lead to more expensive repairs later. If the P0833 code is detected, the vehicle should be repaired right away.

What repairs can fix the P0833 code?

Fixing the P0833 code may include:

  • Replacing a defective clutch position sensor.
  • Readjusting the misadjusted sensor.
  • Repairing or replacing damaged, shorted, or corroded electrical elements.
  • Replacing or reprogramming the PCM, in an automatic vehicle.

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