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P0525 OBD-II Trouble Code: Cruise Control Servo Control Circuit Range/Performance

Check Engine Light P0525 OBD-II Trouble Code: Cruise Control Servo Control Circuit Range/Performance

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC): P0525

P0525 code definition

The P0525 code indicates that the PCM has detected a malfunction in the cruise control servo control circuit.

What the P0525 code means

The PCM is part of the system that assists the cruise control in controlling vehicle speed. If the PCM detects an issue with the cruise control based on the voltage reading from the servo control circuit, it will run a self-instituted test of the system. If there is an abnormal result for the voltage/resistance level within the cruise control servo control circuit, it will store this code.

What causes the P0525 code?

The most likely cause of an abnormal voltage/resistance level in the cruise control servo control circuit is a failed servo control unit.

Other causes may include:

  • Short circuits or open circuits in the cruise control buttons, due to spilled liquid or debris.
  • Shorted or open wiring, connectors, harnesses, or other damaged electrical components.
  • Blown fuses, which may indicate a more serious issue.

What are the symptoms of the P0525 code?

In most cases, the cruise control will stop working when the P0525 code is present. The Check Engine Light will illuminate within two to three drive cycles after the PCM has detected the issue.

How does a mechanic diagnose the P0525 code?

After an OBD-II scanner detects the P0525 code, a technician should begin with a visual inspection of all the wiring, connectors, and other components of the cruise control system. After repairing any issues, or replacing any damaged elements, they should then clear the code and perform a test drive, checking that the cruise control works as it should, and that the code does not reappear.

Common mistakes when diagnosing the P0525 code

The most common mistake made when diagnosing the P0525 code is to neglect to check for blown fuses. If a part is replaced, but a blown fuse is not repaired, it could cause the replacement part to fail very quickly.

How serious is the P0525 code?

If the P0525 code is being detected, a vehicle will still be drivable. The cruise control may not be usable, but this should not affect any other function of the vehicle. However, if a fuse is blown, there may be some electrical issues, such as the inability to use the turn signal, which could make the vehicle unsafe to operate. With this code stored in the PCM, the vehicle may be unable to pass an emissions test.

What repairs can fix the P0525 code?

There are many ways that a technician can address a P0525 code detection. They include:

  • Replacing a failed servo control unit.
  • Replacing damaged cruise control buttons.
  • Replacing shorted or open wiring, connectors, harnesses, or other damaged electrical components.
  • Replacing blown fuses.

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