Q: How do I get the message theft attempt s off

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Just had to get key for door fob would not open it changes battery in cR because kept dying when unlocked door with key not keyless reset fob and car started and is still reading theft attempted and keyless key won't work ..how do I get that message to go away so keyless key works

Hi there. Typically this warning light issue is associated with the inability to start the car as well. The way this code is reset in that case is to turn the key in the accessory switch location (first click that illuminates the warning light) and let it sit in that position for 10 minutes. This is to allow the FOB to relearn the security system. Once the warning light disappears, you turn the key off, take it out, reinsert and the car should start and light will be gone. However, if you’re able to start the car, it’s likely that the warning light has triggered an error code in the ECU that will need to be cleared by a professional mechanic with a digital scanner. You can request to have one of our mobile mechanics to come to your location and complete a warning light inspection, which should resolve this issue.

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