Q: 300,000 miles too much for a Cummins?

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I read that Cummins engines last up to 400xxx miles and I'm looking at a 4x4 Dodge Cummins 2nd gen 24v for only $3500 but it has 286xxx miles... good idea or no? It Has a new tranny new transfer case, new starter altnator lift pump and valves have recently been set. It is getting rusty on the body but I don't have a lot of money. I'm only looking to daily drive it. Is it a good deal or will I regret it in a couple months...please only mechanics that know Diesel engines thank you.

Hello there. Any mechanic that knows diesel engines would tell you that without inspecting the vehicle onsite, it’s nearly impossible to give you an estimate on how long this engine would last. I’ve seen some Cummins diesel engines have difficulty after 100,000 miles and some last longer than 500,000. The key to determining this is reviewing the vehicle’s service and maintenance issues. Usually one of the most expensive repairs are with the turbo diesel fuel system. If the previous owner shows you receipts on routine service on this area; the engine should be fine for a while. The best advice we can offer is to have a professional mechanic come to your location and complete a pre purchase vehicle inspection.

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