How to Become a Certified Mobile Vehicle Inspector (State Car Inspector Certified) in Washington

It may sound surprising to some, but not all states require vehicle owners to have their cars, trucks and motorcycles inspected on a regular basis. Washington State is one such location, though they do demand that vehicle owners have emissions testing. Whether you agree with their policies or not, if you are on a search for an automotive technician job, this actually creates a unique opportunity.

How? Consider the following, very common, scenario: A buyer wants to purchase a used car. They are not an expert, but think it is in good shape. What can they do to protect themselves? They can ask a certified mobile vehicle inspector to give the car a formal inspection and identify any problems or issues that might make it a bad buy.

Sellers also benefit, paying for full inspections ahead of time, and learning every issue with the car or uncovering issues they should address before putting it up for sale. So, if you want to earn a mechanic salary, or put your auto mechanic training to use in the most unique way, you will want to consider working as a certified mobile vehicle inspector in Washington State.

Becoming a certified mobile vehicle inspector in Washington

If you are just beginning to uncover your career options in auto mechanic jobs in Washington, you may already know that there are a few basic requirements for anyone hoping to get a good salary. The first is your high school diploma or a GED. You will also need a valid driver's license in the state, and then you will want to consider vocational or technical training.

You can rely on schools like UTI Universal Technical Institute for training. Their program runs 51 weeks, and counts towards Master Mechanic certification. Such training is also available from other colleges and training centers, and it will advance your career measurably. While in training, you may be invited or accepted into a manufacturer's training program, or you can simply work towards the degree or certificate from that specific program.

Studying automotive service technologies is a wise way to become a fully certified mechanic. You can also take certification courses in specific areas, such as Level 1 training, and then become certified using ASE tests as well.

Training and certification for mobile vehicle inspectors

When completed, auto mechanic training prepares you to do many things in your field. For example, ASE certification tests include nine for cars and light trucks as well as auto parts. Working as a mechanic or technician while getting these certifications will eventually make you a Master Mechanic, and someone well trained to offer mobile inspection.

You will know all about engine restoration, steering, brake systems, heating and air condition, electrical systems, and more. When you are interested in automotive technician jobs in Washington, you will want to pursue advanced training. With it, you can provide buyers and sellers with comprehensive details needed to provide the best results for all involved. You can customize your career path, and offer mobile inspection services, but it all boils down to getting the right training in order to get the best auto mechanic jobs.

If you’re already a certified mechanic and you’re interested in working with YourMechanic, submit an online application for an opportunity to become a mobile mechanic.

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