Q: Hi I had a misfire in cylinder 2 today. I had replaced the ignition coil and spark plugs of the front 3 cylinders after the plugs

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Hi, I had a misfire in cylinder 2 on my 2005 Nissan Murano. I had checked the ignition coil and spark plugs. Power and Ground was good going into the coil but had out of spec resistance. I replaced the front 3 spark plugs with the ones that where in there NGK platinum Tipped.

I did not replace the back 3 because I didn't have time to take of intake manifold.

This car was my mothers that had a rusted subframe and a misfire.

The car had sat for over a year

The frame was fixed and it drove but rough.

After I replaced the 3 spark Plugs and 1 Coil it ran fine for about 5 minutes.

I was at a stop sign when all of a sudden the rpm drastically dropped and the car stalled.

The engine oil is very old, and was curious if that could cause the issue.

I was able to get it home by not stopping the whole way and keeping my gas on the pedal.

I had my code reader on it and noticed it said "fuel fault" on live data.

Now car starts then stalled after 2 seconds

Please help!

If the car sat for a year with fuel in the gas tank, that fuel has oxidized and created gum, varnish and other solid contaminants that have plugged up the fuel filter and the fuel injectors. The fuel filter is easy to change but fuel injectors cannot be cleaned on the vehicle because they have internal filter baskets. If there is remaining fuel in the tank from months or a year ago, be sure to drain it out. Remove all the injectors from the fuel rail and send them to a lab such as Mr. Injector where they will be cleaned ultrasonically on a machine, the filter baskets will be removed and replaced with new filters, and then injector output and spray pattern is measured and documented. Don’t waste your time with on the car cleaning; it is useless. Once you have a functioning fuel supply system, you will have to re-test the vehicle and see where you are. You definitely should change the other three spark plugs and check the remaining coils as well. The engine should not be run with old oil. If you want all of the foregoing steps performed by a certified Mechanic, dispatched by YourMechanic right to your location, please request a no start diagnostic and the responding certified mechanic will get this taken care of for you. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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