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San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I've been an automotive technician for over 35 years and am ASE certified. I've worked with Audi, Nissan, and Toyota and can work on either foreign or domestic cars. I love to help people and can work on any car. I'm an expert at diagnosing car problems - if you don't know why your Check Engine Light is on or why your car won't start, give me a call and I'd be happy to check it out at your home or office.

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on October 25

Tom was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and honest. He took the time to walk me through his troubleshooting process to help me feel comfortable with the repair options and also learn a few things along the way. He went out of his way to make sure i was satisfied and my car was working.

on October 20

Tom is an awesome guy! Even though my car started right up when he got there, he did a full diagnostic on my car and made me feel much more comfortable and now I know exactly what my car is doing! His personality is amazing!

on January 21

Tom was absolutely fantastic. When you're buying a used car is easy to feel vulnerable. Because of Tom's inspection I was able to feel confident I was making the right choice. I would totally use Tom again. Thanks, Tom!

on August 08

Tom was excellent from arriving on time to finding out what was the problem was with my transmission fluid leak. He definitely knew what he was talking about while inspecting and finding the solution. I highly recommend his services as he is very friendly and enjoys conversations with his customers.


  • Lubricate Brake Pads


Acura MDX
on August 01

Tom is very friendly, knowledgeable, and quickly diagnosed and repaired the problem with my brakes. Would highly recommend him to work on your next service.

on April 08

Tom showed up right on time for his scheduled appointment. He's a very pleasant person who has a great respect to autos. I am a very meticulous with my vette and have done most all the work on it myself. Tom did a thorough test on the battery to insure that it was indeed the problem. Once he & I agreed he changed out the battery and made sure everything checked out correctly. Highly recommend his service to anyone!! Thanks Tom


  • lubricate brakes


Honda Accord
on November 16

Great job Tom! Thank you for being on time and doing a great service. I am so glad I met you. He did my battery replacement a week ago, (I don't know anything about cars) he explained everything to me. He even checked my brakes and informed me with everything. Today, he did my brakes and it works so perfect and better than before. Thank you for your work. I am so glad I met you! - Mary Grace

on November 08

Tom showed up earlier than my requested time and he explained everything to me thoroughly! I would love to book Tom again in the future. He is very polite, professional and knowledgeable. I don't know anything about cars, he was kind enough to explain to me what's going on! :)



Honda Accord
on December 12

Tom is an outstanding mechanic who could diagnose the battery problem quickly and fixed it quickly. He not only fixed it on time, but also recommended all the existing problems quickly. I recommend him



BMW 325Ci
on December 19

Tom, came to our location and knew immediately what was wrong with the car without using any electronic device. He is amazing I am going to use him to fix the remaining problems with my car. Thanks Tom, Sarita

on September 03

Convenient, practical advice and good service. A throw back to your neighborhood mechanic before the massive dealer networks. A definite solution to those service items you might consider doing yourself but do not have the time.

on November 29

My car broke down and had to be towed to my apartment. I used Tom's services to diagnose the car. He kept me informed about the details of the diagnostics he ran. Unfortunately, the problem with my car was bigger and Tom told me that it will take many more hours to diagnose. He was very honest and laid out all the options for me. Sadly, it is my car's fault and not Tom's. He tried to do his best.



Pontiac Grand Prix
on December 19

Tom is a very good mechanic Wish there would be more people around like him. He fixed the problem in a very short time. I had this problem before and it took the Pontiac Dealer 4 month to fix it not to mention the cost. Thanks again Tom. Regards Juergen Westerwelle

on February 11

I believed I found an honest mechanic. Tom was schedule for full tune up for my car. But when he check and test the car he told me that I don't need to change the spark plug. If you go to other mechanic they don't tell you that, they just change the spark plug to get your money even they know the spark plug still good. But Tom didn't, instead he told me what need to be fix in my car. Wow this days it's hard to find a honest mechanic like Tom. Tom will be my personal mechanic from now on. I save $214.00 due to honest mechanic like Tom.

on December 09

Tom's continuously been there for me, from my last current to my current car and trying to keep me in the loop with all his repairs and maintenance. He's honest and will tell everything like it is!

on March 02

Tom is very well versed with the quirks of older European cars such as mine. He did the job efficiently and cleanly. I'd be happy to have him back for future jobs.

on July 08

GOLD!!! Tom Gaynor is a man of principle and integrity. He just became the mechanic for our family. Imagine...... honesty in the automotive repair world. Yourmechanic continues to impress. A true Godsend for those of us who are mechanically challenged. Thank you Tom

on March 11

Tom was excellent. He was very communicative, and did exactly what he said he was going to do. There was some trouble finding the car (it was parked in a lot) and he spent 15 minutes looking for it before finding it, the whole time being gracious about the situation. I would recommend him to anyone.

on March 03

The problem was quickly solved & fixed. Thanks to Tom for the speedy job. He was the greatest! Yes I was very happy with the out come & will diffidently use My Mechanic, in the future!



Honda Element
on March 12

Great work! Tom was friendly, professional, and easy to speak with. He left the place as clean as when we arrived, and even threw out the packaging for my new brakes! In and out in less than an hour.

on March 28

Great concept and very well done. Tom is excellent. I needed a pre-purchase inspection done on a vehicle and Tom performed that service perfectly. He was informative, thorough, and professional. The entire process was easy and worked flawlessly. I am very impressed. I would not (and will not) hesitate to hire Tom in the future for my car work. Thanks!


  • Other Inspections


Ford Explorer
on April 15

I like Tom I didnt feel like he was just trying to get money out of me. Some guys try to convince you to replace more than whats needed. He's a good guy.

on June 27

Tom is very professional, very honest, went out of his way to take care of business by making things right for the customer (from what was communicated to the customer from prior conversations with the office), make sure everything is to customer satisfaction. Good, experienced mechanic is not difficult to find, but not a good, experienced AND honest mechanic.


  • Oil or Fluid is leaking
  • 50 Point Inspection


Volkswagen Passat
on April 11

Tom was extremely competent in diagnosing the possible reasons for the leaks. He proved to me several things that were NOT the cause as some other mechanics claimed. And was very honest with his assessments. Looking forward to him taking care of my car from now on.

on April 23

Tom provided excellent service. He inspected the car and wanted to make sure that the battery was good before going any further. He had a generator and a charger in his van which he used for about 30 minutes and tried to start the car a few times. The charger showed the voltage fluctuating between 15V and 13V which he said is not supposed to happen if the battery is good and can take charge. He suspected that the battery is sulfated and needs to be replaced. Since the battery is Interstate and less than a year old and still under warranty he advised getting it replaced first before looking at other things. My first experience with YourMechanic and with Tom has been very positive and I won't hesitate in recommending your services to my friends and colleagues when they have any auto issues.

on May 10

Tom went above and beyond to make me as satisfied as I could be. His communication was excellent. Friendly and professional and best if all, my car is running great and he did it without unnecessary repairs. I would and will highly recommend Tom and Your Mechanic to everyone. Thanks, Rob Miller.


  • Oil or Fluid is leaking


Lexus IS300
on June 23

Tom is officially my new favorite mechanic. He came to do an oil change and tire rotation on my mother's car on a Saturday morning. He arrived at 11:00 on the dot ready to work. Very friendly guy, and we learned that he was a mechanic at Audi for about a decade. I love that he didn't talk down to my mother or me for being women, explained any issues we had and I could tell he really knew what he was doing. What a big difference from the last mechanic I had! Since the last mechanic that came left my car in a bit of a mess, I asked if Tom could take a quick look at mine as well once he was done. Being off the clock by then, he happily agreed to take a look. What an honest, great guy. On a Saturday, too! One quick look and he could tell the last mechanic didn't put my filter on right and that's why oil leaked everywhere..this is why it's important to look through reviews before booking your mechanic. I'll never use anyone but Tom! He's efficient, friendly, genuine and very good at what he does.

on June 23

Tom was on time for the appointment and very friendly. He arrived with everything that he needed with the exception of a couple parts that were later discovered to be needed. Even then, instead of rescheduling the appointment, he was able to get the parts a couple hours later and returned to finish the job. I am very pleased with Toms work and expertise in Volkswagen models. He made sure that my expectations were satisfied and that I was happy with the overall work. Tom is a very honest guy and will work with you to make you happy. He has turned my previous views about YourMechanic around and I will be using Tom from now on to work on my car. Thank you again!!

on May 24

I also are a Electromechanical different field,and I notice that you send Techs.on the field to troubleshooting faults without the rights tools, the first two techs. that you guys send was parts change mechanics no troubleshooting guys, because did not have the right equipment, and the problem is that they miss diagnose, and this cost money to the costumer, like me,Was different with Tom he have the right tools to do it, still you guys have to make a price adjustment because the fuel pump did not to be replace.

on May 21

Tom is everything I was looking for in finding a great mechanic. Explained everything, friendly and set right to work. He was organized and thorough. I will definitely call for him again. Outstanding!

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