26 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I am a master mechanic with over 25 years of experience. I'm also a transmission specialist. My motto is simple: I will take care of your car like my mother's car. My truck is fully loaded with everything I need to fix your car at your location. No job is too big or too small -- I will go the extra mile to make sure you're happy.





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on November 27

Very quick and extremely knowledgeable, took the time to walk me through the planned repairs and why my ignition was failing. Up and running fot a 3rd of the cost a shop would start to charge me.

on September 30

Professional, communicative, timely, friendly, Robert is a great mechanic who draws on extensive experience to solve the immediate problem while explaining the bigger picture. Great at pointing out other areas to investigate without trying to make a quick sell. Lots of respect and appreciation for his professionalism.


  • fluid leaking inspection


Honda Accord
on September 30

Robert was very professional. He provided a thorough inspection of my car's issue and explained what needed to be done. I would recommend him and will book him for future work.

on September 15

AWESOME!!! Very knowledgeable, honest and patient!! And funny. He made my car purchasing experience more comfortable, and made me more Confident in buying the vehicle

on June 17

He was courteous and very knowledgeable. He came on Saturday to diagnose the problem despite moving. He left a drip pan for my driveway that I appreciated so the power steering fluid wouldn't go on my driveway. He came back today (Mon) and finished swapping out the defective part. Now all I need to do is get reimbursed for my second alignment and I'll be a happy camper!!! Thanks, Laura

on October 02

Thank you Robert Mostipak for fixing my vehicle. I could not have asked for a better mechanic. As usual Robert was very professional in handling the repair work and fixed it to my satisfaction.

on August 07

Robert has done it again. My Ford had become possessed, stating on it's own and blowing the starter. Robert came out to run a diagnostic and found that a exposed wire was hitting the battery. This caused the starter to continually crank and blew it out.



BMW 325i
on October 25

Robert was very professional and worked quickly. He went above and beyond by acquiring a mechanical part on my car for almost half the price of what the dealership charged for the same part. He is very skilled at what he does, and I would highly recommend him.



Mercedes-Benz S600
on May 12

Robert is awesome. My only regret is that I made it this far in life without knowing that mobile mechanics as good as Robert exist. Great attitude, exceptionally high skill level, great work ethic.



Audi TT Quattro
on August 13

Robert rediagnosed my car and found that the problem was not the fuel pump that the previous mechanic (David) thought. I appreciate that he didn't just change the fuel pump and leave me with a car that has the same problem. Robert has said he will email me with a recommendation for my car after he does some research. I think this is great.



Dodge Caravan
on May 15

As a person who loves doing small car maintenance myself I highly enjoyed talking to Robert and watching him doing a major job, the timing belt and water pump replacement. He showed up on time, knew all procedures by heart, answered all questions (he could be a good educator), went above and beyond in quickly finding right parts as some of them didn't fit because of minor model differences, and made sure that everything works as it should. All in all it was a great first time experience and I liked the concept of mobile mechanics. Way to go!

on August 07

Very friendly I liked the fact that he called me and asked if he can come at a earlier time which was great for me . I will call for any other services. Thank You

on May 18

Roberts been my mechanic for many years ,keeping my familys 8 vehicles on the road , In the field,on budget, on time and from MY driveway . This guy knows his stuff VERY honest and straightforward no nonsense no up charging gets it right the first time my only problem is now with this technolgy i cant hardly get an appointment he's Too busy now ! Great Job Rob Thanks ,Joe B. BETCO SERVICES

on May 21

Robert is right on the money in terms of finding out the problem on my car! Very honest and quick! The service to have my car looked at was for $95+. I gave him a bill and keep the change but instead, he gave me $20 back! He has provided me quote for the parts and labor, still cheap compare if I took my car to a dealership! Great service!!!

on August 06

The misfiring problem is not easy to diagnose. Robert performed a series of tests and finally moved the spark plug (a recently replaced set ) to another cylinder. The error code followed the plug and it was the problem.

on May 28

Robert did brakes on my truck, and a water pump on my Mercedes. He worked clean and efficiantly. Everything seems to work fine. I would definitely recommend him to friends! Thanks, Bob

on August 02

Very pleased with Robert's work, and my interaction with him. He went beyond what I contracted. I will request him again when I need more work done. I'll just add, I like this new mode of car service that YourMechanic offers. I also am pleased about the documentation [pics] that came with the receipt. I will take any opportunity to recommend this service to my friends. The timing belt replacement would have cost 3x as much at Chrysler service.

on July 31

Robert was very friendly and knowledgeable. He fixed the two issues I had, and he completed it in a timely manner. I paid exactly what was quoted. I have already recommended Robert and to friends and family. I plan to use both for any future work.

on June 02

Robert is very reliable. For this specific job, he came on time, and finished the job as estimated. He made my car maintenance worry-free. I recommend Robert to my friends, and I will keep using this very helpful service.



Volkswagen Passat
on June 02

Robert did a good job on the car, what I like the most is the after service. He called to check on how the car is going and if I need anything. After 1k miles a minor accident happened on coolant leakage. I called him and in 20 minutes he appeared, although it was a weekend, and inspected the car, identified the problem and fixed in in 15 minutes and I was back on the road in less than 1 hour free of charge. I am really impressed with how he backs up his work. I will definitely keep using Robert's services for my car in the future.

on July 26

I love this service! It's awesome. No rental, no travel and it's done in my driveway?Great prices too....very fair and more than half the price of dealerships.

on July 23

Robert was awesome! I would recommend him to anyone looking for service. He showed up a bit early to get the low down on the job (albeit fairly routine service) and he finished early as well! It's easy to spot a mechanic who knows what he's doing and simply gets it done.


  • 25,000 Miles Maintenance ...


Scion xB
on June 18

Robert came out to do some manufacturer recommended maintenance on my car. I didn't have to leave work to get this service done, and my car continues to run smoothly.


  • Coolant still leaking


Chevrolet Venture
on June 19

Robert fixed a leaking heater hose on my van, even with some other personal issues he had, at the time of the appointment for fixing my vehicle. He was very well prepared in terms of having the appropriate tools and also was very knowledge-able of the vehicle operation to the extent of pointing out other issues that could be fixed at the same time for a lot less cost. I also commend the website This website made it so easy to get my auto fixed. Great job, well done!


  • Tune-up


Chevrolet Tahoe
on June 08

Robert is a very knowledgeable and experienced mechanic. In addition to having an in-depth knowledge of my Tahoe and the recommended parts, Robert incorporated advanced technology. Using an electronic tablet, he photographed various areas of concern including the engine, under carriage and suspension areas. This was a definite bonus! I've always taken my truck to the Chevy dealer for service. But I've never received personalized service nor shown photographs of my vehicle's mechanical issues.



Honda Civic
on November 12

Robert is professional and friendly. He helped me replaced the shock absorber within a short time(even without taking the wheels off). Also helped me checking the breaks, although he could not find where the strange noise come from when breaking he did a good inspection on breaks. I will consider using YourMechanic from now on instead of going to a shop waiting for half a day, and not seeing what they are actually doing.

on December 27

Wish I could give 6 stars - not just 5. Robert's attention to detail was extraordinary. After pre-evaluating my vehicle just to ensure that we were dealing with the right set of issues, he came in and spent the entire next day bringing my 'baby back to life. Not only did he revive her, and get her humming again - he broke a number of his own tools in the process - but that just motivated him even further to persist until she was back in top condition. If you want someone determined to go the extra mile, Robert's the name. I think I may have found "my guy" - as they say.



Nissan Altima
on November 12

Robert was on time, in fact he arrived early. The work performed was excellent. Not only did he replace the alternator, he took a little time to point some other areas of the car that needed attention. Most definitely will recommend the services of Robert to my friends and will be requesting his services in the near future. Great experience.

on May 19

Robert perform his usual good work. Very thorough, knowledgeable and professional. I have used Robert in the past and have always been pleased with his work and have recommended him to my friends. Robert is always on time and represents your company well.

on November 19

My car had some problems following Roberts repair, due to a faulty mechanical part, but he ordered new replacement parts and returned to fix the problem very quickly.

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