27 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I am a master mechanic with over 25 years of experience. I'm also a transmission specialist. My motto is simple: I will take care of your car like my mother's car. My truck is fully loaded with everything I need to fix your car at your location. No job is too big or too small -- I will go the extra mile to make sure you're happy.





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on February 22

Robert was able to take care of the service I needed with my vehicle with ease, and I felt very comfortable throughout the process. I could tell he genuinely cared about my needs, and the job which I thought would take several hours, took less than 30 minutes. Great job Robert!

on January 30

Robert has always been respectful and honest. I always request him when I need work done on my car. A friend told me about the great job he does and always knows what to do.

on December 23

Robert is awesome. Great guy and he knows what he's doing. Had a good time just watching him work and learning about my car. He figured out exactly what was going on with my car and was able to let me know the repairs I need in order of priority.

on December 22

Robert is simply awesome. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and loves teaching while working. There's no job too big or too small for Robert. I highly recommend him and will hire him again soon!

on December 19

Robert was great! He was very friendly and professional. My car starter went out on me my days before Christmas and being a single mom, I was very worried about the cost. He went out of his way to get my car fixed before his next appointment. The cost was so reasonable. I will use him again soon for sure. Thank you so much Robert.

on December 16

Thank you, Robert! My truck was misfiring and at idle it sounded like the pistons were swapping holes. Robert diagnosed it quickly and performed a sort of mini-tune-up for me. Now the truck runs like a top and idles quietly. The best part was Robert's expert service cost me far less than a local shop quoted me with a much faster turn around time. Great service and great attention to detail. Robert even advised me of a couple of future issues but there was no push to "up sell" me on more services.

on December 07

Robert was very prompt in calling me and informing before the scheduled appointment that he was running late by 30 mins. That was totally fine by me. He very quickly could figure out that its the alternator problem, and had it replaced. He also told me that I need not pay for the alternator as it has a warranty on it, which I thought was really good. It saved me some money. And as a bonus, he lives close to me and would be the go-to reliable person for my car issues in the future.


  • 142,500 Miles Maintenance...


Honda Pilot
on January 19

I don't know much about cars, but I think Robert did a great job with ours and the few questions I could think off, he gladly answered.

on November 27

Very quick and extremely knowledgeable, took the time to walk me through the planned repairs and why my ignition was failing. Up and running fot a 3rd of the cost a shop would start to charge me.


  • 25,000 Miles Maintenance ...


Scion xB
on June 18

Robert came out to do some manufacturer recommended maintenance on my car. I didn't have to leave work to get this service done, and my car continues to run smoothly.

on May 21

Robert is right on the money in terms of finding out the problem on my car! Very honest and quick! The service to have my car looked at was for $95+. I gave him a bill and keep the change but instead, he gave me $20 back! He has provided me quote for the parts and labor, still cheap compare if I took my car to a dealership! Great service!!!

on May 28

Robert did brakes on my truck, and a water pump on my Mercedes. He worked clean and efficiantly. Everything seems to work fine. I would definitely recommend him to friends! Thanks, Bob


  • Coolant still leaking


Chevrolet Venture
on June 19

Robert fixed a leaking heater hose on my van, even with some other personal issues he had, at the time of the appointment for fixing my vehicle. He was very well prepared in terms of having the appropriate tools and also was very knowledge-able of the vehicle operation to the extent of pointing out other issues that could be fixed at the same time for a lot less cost. I also commend the website This website made it so easy to get my auto fixed. Great job, well done!

on February 19

Very happy with the service. My car needed a couple of small additional pieces of work and once I paid for the parts, Robert installed them for me quickly at no additional charge. Refreshing to work with a mechanic not trying to pile on a bunch of additional work.

on June 17

He was courteous and very knowledgeable. He came on Saturday to diagnose the problem despite moving. He left a drip pan for my driveway that I appreciated so the power steering fluid wouldn't go on my driveway. He came back today (Mon) and finished swapping out the defective part. Now all I need to do is get reimbursed for my second alignment and I'll be a happy camper!!! Thanks, Laura

on November 14

Robert did a great job diagnosing my car. He arrived on time, took his time diagnosing the car and I could tell he cared to do a good job. Robert enjoys what he does and that makes him a good mechanic. Than You Robert! Claudia

on November 14

Rob is very accommodating and handled everything while I was at work. This was a great service for me since I don't have time to wait around to get my car fixed. Also U love that I didn't have to get a tow. Thanks, Rob!

on May 22

Robert was very professional in his approach. The problem was a strange one and it took him a while to work out what it could be. Eventually, it turned out to be a relatively simple problem and fix. But kudos to him for getting to the bottom of it and further fixing it with no additional charges...

on May 22

Robert was much more than I expected. Was a true pro and I felt at ease. I walked away and let him do his thing in half the time I anticipated. Wonderful experience !

on May 06

I've had Robert on two services now. He is punctual, professional and makes an honest assessment of what needs to be done and what does not - to save YOU the most money. I also had a slightly dislodged door on my Audi A6 which he noticed without my telling him and fixed it for free! Good man! I would highly recommend Robert to anyone in a minute!

on March 21

Robert was awesome. I gave wrong address on accident so Robert called me twice to find me. My fault... He did good work, was nice and explained everything that he was doing. He did inspection and helped with some preliminary items before we do the actual repair. I am rescheduling with him for the rest of the work. I am excited to have found My


  • 90,000 Miles Maintenance ...


Mitsubishi Montero Sport
on April 20

I had the 90k service which included an air filter, he saw my air filter was fairly new and didn't replace it. Honest and finished quickly. Can't ask for anything more.

on March 20

Robert was absolutely amazing. He went above and beyond to solve my issue and was an absolute pleasure to work with. I would recommend Robert to anyone, he is truly great!



Jeep Wrangler
on April 15

I like to work on my own cars. I have a Jeep Wrangler and doing a clutch job myself. When it got time to drop the transmission, and transfer case, I was having a bit of a hard time doing myself, not to mention that I didn't have all the bolts taken out of the bell housing. When Robert showed up, he knew exactly which bolts were still in, and what size the bolts were. He finished unbolting the bell housing, showed me how to strap the transmission down to the floor jack, and dropped the entire unit in no time. Robert is a transmission/clutch expert!! With over 20 years experience! I was charged 1 hour of time = 75.00 which is extremely reasonable!! I will definitely specifically ask for Robert to help me get the transmission aligned and back in. What a great service for the guy who likes to work on his own vehicles, but need a little help from a true mechanic. Thanks Robert!!


  • rough idle inspection


Ford Taurus
on March 14

Robert was on time and professional. He is very experienced and made me feel at ease. I had some friends self-diagnose the car. They told me it was the fuel pump. When Robert came, I told him it was the fuel pump. He checked everything first and did a diagnostics check with his computer. Turns out it was a vacuum hose underneath the hood. He found out because of his computer and saved me over $300. He was very honest and knowledgeable. He fixed my car in less than an hour. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.



Saturn SL1
on March 06

This guy is a car genius or something. He had the front brakes and rotors replaced so fast that I barely had time to finish a glass of coffee. On top of that he noticed about three other issues that will break sooner or later - no pressure, just pointed them out. I feel sorry for those suckers stuck at Pep Boys and places like that.

on March 09

This guy is awesome. He knows his stuff and he gets the job done right the first time. My 91 Corvette is running better than it has in a long time and I have Robert to thank. Hire him. You will not be disappointed.


  • Help putting clutch in


Jeep Wrangler
on April 23

The amount of work Robert was able to get done in two hours was impressive. He pulled my flywheel, pulled the pilot bearing, aligned and installed my new clutch assembly, installed transmission and transfer case, bled the hydraulic clutch, hooked everything back up, installed the starter, cross member, drive shaft, etc. Robert it a PRO. Thanks!

on May 18

Roberts been my mechanic for many years ,keeping my familys 8 vehicles on the road , In the field,on budget, on time and from MY driveway . This guy knows his stuff VERY honest and straightforward no nonsense no up charging gets it right the first time my only problem is now with this technolgy i cant hardly get an appointment he's Too busy now ! Great Job Rob Thanks ,Joe B. BETCO SERVICES



Mercedes-Benz S600
on May 12

Robert is awesome. My only regret is that I made it this far in life without knowing that mobile mechanics as good as Robert exist. Great attitude, exceptionally high skill level, great work ethic.

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