24 years of experience
Houston, TX

Hi my name is Shay. I am an ASE certified automotive technician for over 20 years. I have experience working on all makes and models and enjoy repairing and servicing all vehicles.

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on August 12

did not get what the web sight said i would... wich would be a point in the right direction to getting the problem fixed and a round about price on what it would cost me ... not only that i as advised that i was to have a transmission specialist come out and look at it cause he was not one..... not only that my batt was disconnected so there should of been no error code that showed up on the OBD.... now as a person him self i felt he was very respectful and will and more then willing to help but bottom like i had expansion with the money i spent and not one was meet

on May 26

Excellent Customer Service!!! Saved me time, and money! He arrived EARLY, was professional and courteous, he took care of my issue immediately and gave me an inspection that will save me time and money! I am so Appreciative of this service, this is absolutely imperative for any single person who does not have a regular mechanic or is not a DIYER ( Do it yourselfer). I am so -pleased with this service. Please Keep up the high quality!!! I highly Highly Highly recommend this service.

on July 07

I was not there but he was punctual, thorough, go the job done. He precisely determined the issue and resolved it! Thanks!

on May 05




Infiniti G20
on December 13

Wow! I didn't know that there is this kind of service. Shay came on time, courteous and polite. Found other problems in the car, i'll definitely request him back for the other problems. Thank you

on March 25

This was the first time I used this service. Shay was onetime and very professional. He finished in a prompt and timely matter and inspect the car afterwards and recommended a few more repairs I highly recommend your mechanic and Shay

on July 20

Shay was very polite, professional and was actually EARLY to my appointment. The repair was completed quickly with quality work. I would definitely recommend Shay to anyone.



Toyota Camry
on August 05

Thanks for the great service. Shay is professional, straight forward, and I trust him. My AC blows cold now, and thanks for the FYI about the engine mount.

on April 11

The Camaro has only been on Houston roads several times over the past 2 1/2 years. When after attempting to start the car, and failing, I convinced myself the problem was electrical. I even replaced the battery which was probably unnecessary. Shay determined within 5 minutes the car cranked well and had good spark. Fuel delivery was the problem, namely the fuel pump requires replacing.

on August 18

He came out and got right to work. He diagnosed the problem and showed me the part and it didn't take him long at all! The best part was he came to my job and fixed it fast while I was working! i have recommended to a few friends already!

on August 18

Shay texted me and advised that he could turn up early - which was great. Awesome service and he was great to work with - we quickly established that my starter motor was "out" and he scheduled a follow up appointment for tomorrow and everything will be complete. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

on August 23

Shay showed up early after calling in advance. Though he was not supplied with the quoted serpentine belt, he was able to go exchange the belt for the quoted belt without any hesitation. Note: This was not related to Shay but to the individual in the parts department thst supplied him with the belt. The belt originally supplied was $21 less than the quoted belt!

on March 24

Shay was called for a problem with my air conditioner. He was prompt, on time, polite, and professional, He continued to identify the problem and gave me an honest assessment. Although the problem was a major one that he did provide service for, I was satisfied with his diagnosis. I will use him again and recommend him.

on March 09

This was a great service! Shay was prompt, knowledgeable and very professional! Not to mention efficient. I highly recommend Shay's service! Thanks so much!



Ford Edge
on April 07

EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE!!! He was right on time. He replaced my brake pads and did a flush and did it in an hour!!! Cost less than taking my car to a shop and he was really nice!

on March 07

Another great job.....Shay arrived a little early (which is great) and immediately got started on the repairs to our two vehicles. I had enough work scheduled that it filled up the entire morning and early afternoon. As in the past, Shay was very professional and worked very diligently on our cars. I will continue to schedule Shay for any future repairs that arise.

on February 15

Shay met my Father to replace his fuel filter and check to see if that was the problem that kept the car from running. Of course, the car started with no problem and kept running. We had Shay go ahead and put the fuel filter on and give us a quote for several other repairs needed on my Dad's Cadillac. Everything went well with the job. My Dad said Shay was very nice and very helpful.

on April 07

Awesome work, had a very unique problem. My car is heavily modified but had a basic issue with the rack and pinion that he diagnosed and helping to resolve quickly.

on February 06

This was Shay's 2nd visit in less than a week (something different the first time). He arrived about 15 minutes early (which was great)! Very polite and got the job done in less than an hour. Would definitely recommend!

on February 06

Life saver! I broked down at work, so my car was parked in my parking garage at work. Luckily I was able to get to a spot he could work in safely. He was very courteous and communicative. He replaced the water pump and fan clutch earlier than expected. He was able to identify another issue that occurred because of my fan clutch going out. He explained it to me and set me up for another appointment the following Monday.

on April 14

A full fuel tank greatly added to the complexity of the job. The tank needed to be emptied to remove a lot of the weight. I greatly appreciate Shay spending 8 hours to complete the job.

on January 17

This was my first time using the service. Shay was very pleasant and detailed. I will definitely use this service again (less intimidating). Thank you

on June 14

Great Work! I have taken this vehicle to the same garage i always used for the past 4 yrs and the could NEVER get the check engine line to stay off. Shay diagnosed correctly the 1st time and replaced the O2 sensor. No more Check Engine Light!

on April 26

Shay arrived earlier than the appointed time, and got the job done in a timely manner. The experience was straight forward and professional. Fantastic Job!!

on February 04

Another great service appointment. Shay arrived a few minutes early and got everything done that was on the list. It's nice to have a dependable and knowledgeable mechanic who can work on your vehicle at your home.

on May 02

Nice guy he even fixed my horn! (Even though it was just unplugged) lol Didn't take long at all, I felt bad because I didn't have any cash to leave a tip but the next time I'll definitely be prepared.



Dodge Durango
on January 04

Shay arrived on time for my appointment. He was very professional and diagnosed/fixed my ac issues in no time. He recommended some repairs that I would need in the future and I scheduled another appointment for him to come back and replace my rear brake pads next week. I will definitely tell my friends and family about this company and I highly recommend Shay.

on September 15

Shay was a little early for the appointment, which was fine by me. He introduced himself and then we went over what he was scheduled to do. He answered my questions and went over the parts he had to complete the job and then proceeded to work on my truck. It only took him a little over an hour and a half to complete the job and clean up. He took all old parts and trash with him. I'm very pleased with Shay's work. Back in the day, this job would have taken me At least half a day.

on December 15

Shay was prompt, friendly and professional. He was also very patient with all my questions, and explained in detail what was wrong with the car and what was necessary to fix it. I was overall very pleased with the convenience of the entire process, timely response from customer support, and execution of the repairs. Will definitely use this service again and request Shay the next time I need something done on my car.

on October 24

I am so blessed to be able to meet such a wonderful Guy like Shay.He had explained to me what was going on with my car.He took out the time to answer every question I ask him.He was very patient.I think he is a true Angel from God will surely recommend him.May God bless you and forever be with you.Thanks so much for being the kind and sweet man that GOD had created you to be.

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