16 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I've been an automotive technician since 2001. European cars are my specialty, and I work on high-end cars like BMW, Mercedes, and Audi every day. I look forward to demonstrating my expertise to my customers.





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on April 23

Thanks! Nice and knowledgable guy! He'll probably be my go to mechanic for my VWs.

on February 27

I would highly recommend Khoa as he showed up early for our appt ( He called in advance and I was available ). Khoa was able to resolve my problem and have me up and running in less then an hour. I will definitely use him again in the future.

on February 26

He worked quietly and with a purpose. He was very neat and did not let drop even a drop of oil on the driveway. He was very clean and organized and performed the work done in the estimated time. Overall I was very happy with his work and so I gave him 5 stars. I will definitely hire these guys again.

on March 21

Very personal, he came alittle early and gave us a call before arriving. He is a very nice person and is very knowledgeable with helping point out issues.

on February 10

Very convenient service. Love that I don't have to leave my home or work. Khoa was very professional and explained what needed to be done. I'll definitely recommend Khoa and your mechanic to my friends.



Toyota Camry
on February 06

Khoa even arrived earlier than expected. He was efficient, courteous, very professional and pricing was exactly what was quoted. Will definitely be using Khoa for any future automotive repairs.



BMW 330i
on November 23

Khoa was prompt, informative, and efficient. Performed all the requested services and also noted an oil leak that was not visible until after some disassembly. He cleaned up, did a test drive, and reset all appropriate service timers. Would use him again.

on December 22

Finished the work in about 30 minutes, showed me the old drive belt and how it had cracks, removed an unused part from the appointment and saved me $40. He's great!



Honda Pilot
on August 21

Khoa is punctual, efficient, and explains the work he is doing. He arrived exactly on time and was done is about half the time he estimated. I am very happy with the work he did on my vehicle!

on August 29

Khoa was helpful in negotiating a new asking price to the seller. It was also great piece-of-mind knowing that the issues he noted were easy fixes.



Honda CR-V
on February 26

Came early and prepared. Very friendly and knowledgeable. I WILL request him again should I need further mechanical help

on February 06

Very friendly and made sure I knew what he was doing before starting the repair. Only reason I gave him 4 starts instead of 5 is because he didn't replace the windshield wipers exactly how they were prior to him fixing them.

on March 28

Great job replacing my brakes - the only downside was he didn't adjust my parking brake. :(



Nissan Versa
on November 06

Khoa did the work promptly and diligently. He was also flexible on where to meet me and do the work, in this case battery replacement.

on October 30

Khoa arrived a bit earlier than expected, did a perfectly competent job in a brief amount of time, and was pleasant to interact with.

on September 19

Khoa (pronounced Kw-aa) was very nice and completed the job ahead of time. He also pointed out that my CV axel did not need to be replaced, saving me a few bucks. He tried his best to keep tidy, but some oil and radiator fluid spilled on the driveway (that's understandable given it is major work being performed outside of a shop environment). The only thing that kept me from giving him a 5 star is attention to detail. He left radiator fluid spigot underneath the car and didn't point out a loud clicking noise which I hadn't heard before and which he later diagnosed as a bad power steering pump. Overall, I would recommend Khoa.



Lexus IS300
on March 18

he was awesome. know what he's doing, polite, got the job done even though it was tricky.

on April 11

Follow up on a faulty crankshaft sensor. Punctual and professional.

on August 28

Khoa's on time, finishes early, and never had a problem. I've had him do two services so far . . . I highly recommend.



Honda Odyssey
on September 03

Really impressed with the service. He was on time and called me before the appointment and completed the job quickly.

on February 14

Very pleased. Service was prompt and everything I expected. Will certainly ask for Khoa again.

on January 08

Khoa was very thorough and inspected the car overall. He was also early for the appt and very nice. Thank you!

on April 08

Arrived right on time. Thorough explanation of the problem.

on April 06

Very fast, required only a few minutes to finish the job.

on March 13

Experience was extremely disappointing. I had a check engine light that I didn't have time to deal with and I had to do a smog check so I book an appointment for an check-engine light inspection for my 2005 Miata. He is a little late (no big deal) but he calls me exactly in one hour to the minute. He tells me the air intake temp sensor needs to be replaced. His reasoning is that the resistance for the sensor is off and is most likely the cause of the check-engine light. He also told me my valve cover gasket needs to be replaced, which it does. I get home and decide to take some time and look at the problem myself with my very limited mechanic skills. I look up the engine code online that I asked him for and first answer of google quickly lists for things to check: air intake temp sensor, dirty air filter, and dirty mass air flow sensor. I open the hood and find that my air filter compartment isn't even properly closed and the air filter is very dusty. I do a little more research and find that most people also clean their MAF sensors from time to time when they change their air filter, so I do that, too. I clear the check engine code, run it for a couple days and I pass the smog. Had I listened to Khoa's advice, I would have been down $35 for the air intake sensor and wasted even more of my time and money getting him to come back and diagnose the problem correctly. He had an hour with my car and he didn't even bother to look at other potential issues that could be causing my problem.

on February 06

He is recommended what needs to be done, didn't do anything that wasn't needed. A total pro.



Honda Fit
on December 21

Be on time for appointment. He was very friendly and gave me professional advise. Highly recommended.



Volvo XC90
on April 02

Brilliant, frank, and reliable. Goes above and beyond.

on February 16

Khoa was timely, professional, knowledgeable and knew exactly what needed to be done.

on November 07

Goes above an beyond i had an appointment the next day but he was able to come in early. Did what need to be done.

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