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I've been an automotive technician since 2001. European cars are my specialty, and I work on high-end cars like BMW, Mercedes, and Audi every day. I look forward to demonstrating my expertise to my customers.





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  • 60,000 Miles Maintenance ...


Honda Civic
on August 13

Khoa was on time. He completed his work quickly and he informed me of an issues found during his inspection. He also let me know which issue needed attention soon and which could wait until later.



Infiniti FX37
on July 06

Khoa was on time, efficient and super professional. He changed my rear brakes in 20 minutes (if I didn't keep chatting with him it would have been 15 minutes)

on July 03

Inspection was thorough and fast. He explained what was wrong in a detailed yet easy-to-understand way, for someone like me with little knowledge of cars.



Volkswagen Beetle
on June 19

Was a bit worried at first because the new battery that he was putting in was a bit bigger than the one he was taking out...but he showed me that the platform that the battery sits on would accommodate the bigger battery, and ensured that it would not move around. So he installed...and everything worked fine.



Honda Civic
on June 19

I want to express my gratitude to my mechanic, khoa. He educated me about my problem in a manner that could not be matched by any other mechanic I've ever experienced. Service was excellent



Acura TSX
on August 11

Started with being an hour late. Khoa is very nice and efficient, yet, when explaining the changes in my car or the work that had been just done.. "I don't know" was said a lot more than I have ever heard from an "expert" in the field. I understand he comes in to do a specific job and nothing more, but, clear explanations of the work he did would be appreciated. Also got a second opinion on the diagnosis of a "leaking battery" and the mechanic saw not nearly as a "severe" diagnosis from Khoa. Didn't know if he was just securing future jobs by up-playing other things wrong with my car.

on July 11

Khoa is instructive, this means a lot to me. He helped me how to check my transmission oil level. I created a request to change both right and left front axle shaft seals and he saved me some money by advising me not to change the one that is not leaking. I would definitely recommend him.

on June 10

Battery tender died on my car, came home to a dead battery. Tried to jump it, and nothing. Khoa came, did the inspection, and was able to revive my low battery enough to start.

on June 07

Khoa showed up a little early and after the pleasantries, immediately went to work on my car. Double checked his diagnosis amd went about his business of replacing some gaskets. Within an hour it was all done and the car as back to its proper self. Khoa worked fast and assessed any other possible issues to look out for. Explained the overall longevity of the work performed. A real pleasure having Khoa help out with my car issues.


  • Exhaust System Inspection


Land Rover Discovery
on May 26

He showed up on time and right away went about trying to figure out the problem. Found the problem and immediately went about our next plan. I appreciated his professionalism and no nonsense approach to figuring out my car's issues. I look forward to working with Khoa again.

on May 13

Khoa arrived on time and was really professional. He had all the equipment and was done in about 2 hours. He also walked me through some future problem areas that I should keep an eye out on

on February 10

Very convenient service. Love that I don't have to leave my home or work. Khoa was very professional and explained what needed to be done. I'll definitely recommend Khoa and your mechanic to my friends.

on February 26

He worked quietly and with a purpose. He was very neat and did not let drop even a drop of oil on the driveway. He was very clean and organized and performed the work done in the estimated time. Overall I was very happy with his work and so I gave him 5 stars. I will definitely hire these guys again.

on February 27

I would highly recommend Khoa as he showed up early for our appt ( He called in advance and I was available ). Khoa was able to resolve my problem and have me up and running in less then an hour. I will definitely use him again in the future.



Toyota Camry
on February 06

Khoa even arrived earlier than expected. He was efficient, courteous, very professional and pricing was exactly what was quoted. Will definitely be using Khoa for any future automotive repairs.



Honda Pilot
on August 21

Khoa is punctual, efficient, and explains the work he is doing. He arrived exactly on time and was done is about half the time he estimated. I am very happy with the work he did on my vehicle!

on May 08

Khoa was very professional, efficient, and informative. When availability opened up, he called to see if arriving earlier in the day would be more convenient than the scheduled appointment time. Khoa also suggested additional services based on aspects of my car that he noticed during the repair and patiently answered my multitude of questions. Finally, when the bill was more expensive than the initial estimate, he encouraged me to call customer service for clarification and amendment of the price (I called and YourMechanic addressed and resolved the issue immediately). Overall, a very positive experience!

on December 22

Finished the work in about 30 minutes, showed me the old drive belt and how it had cracks, removed an unused part from the appointment and saved me $40. He's great!



BMW 330i
on November 23

Khoa was prompt, informative, and efficient. Performed all the requested services and also noted an oil leak that was not visible until after some disassembly. He cleaned up, did a test drive, and reset all appropriate service timers. Would use him again.

on May 10

I am very impressed with Khoa and how he handled my car service appointment. He was prompt and very professional. After a few more questions and poking around the engine with his flashlight, he showed my son the problem areas and his suggested fixes. He got me a quote and I scheduled an appointment to get my car fixed. Thank you 'yourmechanic' for Khoa.

on August 29

Khoa was helpful in negotiating a new asking price to the seller. It was also great piece-of-mind knowing that the issues he noted were easy fixes.

on June 11

Khoa arrived early with all the parts and tools needed for the project. He did an excellent job and I highly recommend his services.



Porsche Cayenne
on July 25

We have had Khoa service our car on a number of occasions. He is always punctual, polite and helpful



Mazda CX-5
on July 02

No issues with the basic work. But this was supposed to be a 25k mile maintainance. Instead it was just a tire rotation and oil change. He did not check tire pressure (turns out the sensor was broken which I had to figure out myself). And cabin air filter needed replacing (any regular maintainance should have spotted that).

on April 24

Khoa got straight work and I was very satisfied with his work and how my car drove !! I would call him back again to do work on my cars.



Nissan Versa
on November 06

Khoa did the work promptly and diligently. He was also flexible on where to meet me and do the work, in this case battery replacement.

on October 30

Khoa arrived a bit earlier than expected, did a perfectly competent job in a brief amount of time, and was pleasant to interact with.

on February 06

Very friendly and made sure I knew what he was doing before starting the repair. Only reason I gave him 4 starts instead of 5 is because he didn't replace the windshield wipers exactly how they were prior to him fixing them.

on March 21

Very personal, he came alittle early and gave us a call before arriving. He is a very nice person and is very knowledgeable with helping point out issues.

on September 19

Khoa (pronounced Kw-aa) was very nice and completed the job ahead of time. He also pointed out that my CV axel did not need to be replaced, saving me a few bucks. He tried his best to keep tidy, but some oil and radiator fluid spilled on the driveway (that's understandable given it is major work being performed outside of a shop environment). The only thing that kept me from giving him a 5 star is attention to detail. He left radiator fluid spigot underneath the car and didn't point out a loud clicking noise which I hadn't heard before and which he later diagnosed as a bad power steering pump. Overall, I would recommend Khoa.

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