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Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, CA

I've been a mechanic for over 20 years and have dedicated myself to the craft. I've always had a passion for working with cars and have worked extensivley with Asian and American cars. My specialties are brakes and suspensions, which I can perform on any car. I love being a mobile mechanic and look forward to bringing my experience and passion to you!





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on November 13

First of all let me say, WOW! First, he shows up almost an hour early (which was awesome because it got fixed quicker) and he came into my work introduced himself and asked for the keys which I happily gave him. He explained everything he is going to check first and do his inspection etc., and he goes on his way. I go out there about 10 minutes later, and he is already getting to work inspecting everything and tells me stuff about my truck that I didn't even know! Very friendly guy and trustworthy. I left him out there alone with my truck while I was working and man I must say I'm impressed. He got it done in I'd say around 30 minutes to an hour and my baby starts up perfectly and idles like a champ plus my check engine light is gone. I would say he goes above and beyond with his work by showing up earlier than expected and taking the time to explain parts to me about my truck that I didn't even know about and give me some tips on how to take care of my truck etc.

on November 12

I had an oil/filter change done on my '08 MB C300. Jeff was very knowledgeable at his job. He was available to do the job earlier than the appointed time which was great!

on November 11

This was my second appointment with Jeff. He was very profesional. He arrived early. He checked my car very carefully and he let me know what he was doing with the diagnosis. He explained to me specifically what needs to be fixed. He helped me set up the next appointment to do the repair. I look forward to have Jeff successfully fixed my Honda CRV.

on October 23

Jeff is fantastic! Very nice, efficient, and knows exactly what he's doing. He replaced my knock sensors today in around 4 hours when most shops told me it would take an entire day. He's very thorough and explains everything that needs to be done. I will book all of my future maintanence appointments for my car and my husband's with Jeff!

on October 05

Very knowledgeable and diagnosed the problem very quickly and also found my serpentine belt was about to break. Will use him every time I have a car issue.

on October 11

Jeff was very knowledgable, professional, well mannered and friendly. He advised me with a thorough diagnosis of problems with my vehicle.



Honda Accord
on January 10

I was very happy with the service I received today. In our situation, this is very reliable and affordable. We will make arrangements to fix the problem next month when our SSDI payment comes in. We will also use your services again, because there are other things that need to be repaired as well. I know we can fit these things into the budget on our timing. Thanks to YOUR MECHANIC and Jeff. You folks are the best!

on December 31

This was the first time we tried a Mobile Mechanic concept and were very impressed with it. My car was stuck and my dealer told me to get it towed. Than I looked online and found website and thought of giving it a try instead of getting the car towed. Jeff arrived before time and got all our problems solved and we did not have to get the car towed. The problem turned out be a simple fuse and we were back on road. I would highly recommend this service as we were pretty sure the dealer would have charged us hundreds of dollars for the same thing while this was done for a fraction of that cost. We are very impressed with Jeff's work.

on March 09

Jeff my mechanic was fantastic and the car is running very well now. The service was a bit suspect. Not sure they have all the website/customer service kinks worked out yet but, Jeff overcame the obstacles quickly and with a great attitude. The website service did not understand what parts I needed (and its simple really, as it was just motor mounts). I suspected this and called to confirm and was told they would make sure the mechanic would have what he needed. He did not, it delayed the repair time and changed the price.

on August 16

Jeff was very friendly, and worked very hard to resolve the issue. He did replace the serpentine belt, but could not replace the drive belt due to the vehicles design without a lift. I was aghast at the vehicles design flaw and got rid of that vehicle. Got something much more wrench friendly.


  • 90,000 Miles Maintenance ...


Ford Fusion
on April 22

Jeff was great! He not only did the job , but explained everything to me. Nice to be informed not just asked for the form of payment! Jeff is a true asset, keep him!

on November 18

Jeff showed up on time and was very organized. His truck was clear. And well equipped. Prior to removing and reinstall g the rear seats he made sure he wanted his hands. The rear struts were replaced efficiently and the car rides great.

on November 16

Jeff was awesome. He has a full-on rolling repair garage he shows up in, not some car with some tools in the back or a pickup with some tools in the back. The guy is outfitted to handle nearly anything, right there at your house. He has competency, speed and he looks over everything associated with the part or repair he is conducting. If he sees anything that has the potential for failure later down the road, he will let you know. When he does fix something or notices something else, he'll give you the priorities of what is most in need and what can wait. He'll even asses what you might be able to do yourself and provide you ways to save money. Jeff is humorous and just a good 'ol mechanic like they used to be. Understand this though, because of comments like mine and similar experiences others have had with him, you may have to wait three weeks before you can book him...he is that popular. So if you can wait, definitely pick this guy.



Honda CR-V
on November 02

Jeff arrived 25 minutes early and he was ready to work on my repair. He was polite and professional. Jeff explained to me what he done and showed me the broken parts from my car. I am happy with Jeff's services and definitely come back.

on May 19

Jeff was on time, did a great job and finished earlier than expected. This guy comes with a big van with every tool on the planet. I will be calling Your Mechanic in future. Thanks for an excellent job at a very reasonable price.

on May 13

Jeff's tool broke but he was very honest about it breaking. The job took a few hours longer than I was quoted but he didn't charge any extra for labor. I would recommend Jeff!

on May 07

Jeff showed up on time, quickly diagnosed the problem was open and honest regarding fixing the problem. I still can't believe what it cost me. Could have charged me more to replace the part but instead fixed it at a third of the cost. Definitely will ask for Jeff the next time I need automotive service.

on May 07

As with previous services, Jeff got the job done. Very friendly and knowledgeable, no nonsense leaving me very satisfied. Came early but respectful of my time.

on November 28

Jeff arrived ahead of schedule and did a thorough 50 point inspection before checking the engine light on. He explained what was wrong with the vehicle and he showed a quotation on how much it would cost to fix the problem. The price was much lower than a repair shop. He went above and beyond of what was expected of him. He made recommendation and pointed out other areas that could become a problem later on. What's really good about the service is they come at your house and you can watch them do the work.



Toyota Solara
on December 17

I'm not one to write reviews -- not even for my favorite restaurant or hairdresser, but I will write one for Jeff because he's that great! Excellent service. Jeff was quick and efficient. Totally genuine and offered additional advice to my other car related questions! Would recommend to anyone and everyone!



Honda Element
on April 30

Jeff is very professional in his approach. When he had a bolt that was very difficult to remove, he did not give up. I felt very comfortable leaving the car in his hands. The starter was the problem and he replaced it and now the car starts up like a dream.


  • 120,000 Miles Maintenance...


Toyota Camry
on May 02

For three years I've been asking Toyota, if I have this done, or that, will it really improve my gas mileage. New I was getting 32-36 mpg; now only 20-24 mpg. Heck none of us are as good as we were 10 years ago, so I wasn't expecting miracles, but my first trip after his tune-up and I'm getting 30 mpg! He also pointed out several things that in my estimation, Toyota should have been catching. And he showed me how to fix the clouded headlight problem myself and a scrape on my bumper. And showed me all replaced parts that definitely needed replacing - Toyota NEVER did that. Plus you'd think that Toyota's switch to these polycarbonate lenses that fog, would make them feel a little like they caused the problem and they should try to fix them periodically. Even offer at a reduced cost, occasionally. Nope. It's all our problem, now.



Honda Accord
on April 13

AWESOME GUY! Definitely recommend him and Your Mechanic. Jeff came to replace my timing belt, and found that it must have been replaced right before we purchased the car, that saved us $160!!



Mercedes-Benz C230
on December 13

Jeff changed my oil pretty quickly even though my Mercedes is a bit of a hassle to deal with. Additionally, he helped me figure out that the reason my car wasn't changing gears is most likely because it does not have enough transmission fluid. On top of that, he was very friendly and provided me with awesome customer service- and now I know exactly what I need to get services to get my car back in action!

on December 15

Competent mechanic with great "beside manners." Honest, he pointed out that I did not need one service the dealership required, thus saving me a lot. Will contact him again for my next auto repair/maintenance need.

on April 28

Happy customer! Jeff was early, kept the area clean. No problems. Had a power steering pressure hose replaced. Saved $250 compared to dealer service. Purchased the hose at Rockauto for $64 vs. $180 at the dealer and Your Mechanic $91 vs. $225 Honda dealer. No brainer, I can wait and save some cash.



Ford Escape
on January 24

Jeff came prepared with all the parts and tools necessary to replace the fuel pump. He did the job in far less time than estimated and, so far as I can tell, the new pump works great. He also informed me of the proper way to start the car which is to turn the key to "on" and leave it there for two seconds to allow the fuel pump to build up pressure to the injectors. He says that by not going directly to ignition, it will be much easier on the pump and it will last longer. This was news to me and I will follow his thoughtful advice.

on October 19

Very knowledgeable and thorough. I also appreciated that Jeff spent some time educating us on good maintenance practices - will be referring him to my friends and family!


  • Inspection / Diagnostics


Honda CR-V
on October 18

Jeff came to my office about 15 minutes early. Earlier, I received a text message from YourMechanic staff telling me Jeff was on his way and another text stating his arrival. Jeff was very polite and warm. He was very professional when I asked him about his work and experience as an auto mechanic. Jeff went out of his way to tell me about his background and he made me feel very at ease and confident to work with. I am impressed with how much Jeff loves his mobile work with YourMechanic. Even though the engine mount parts I purchased online weren't correct for my Honda CRV and Jeff was unable to do the replacement, he made sure that he still able to provide future services by having YourMechanic sending me a new quote with the correct parts for a follow up appointment in only minutes. I really like the fact that the $70 he charge for engine inspection this time will be credited to my next service appointment. I was happy with the cost estimate and I look forward for Jeff to work on my car later this month. I will try to write additional review after that.

on January 25

Jeff arrived on time and was ready to get to work changing my oil. We discussed which oil would be the best to use since I don't change my oil as often as I should. He was very knowledgeable about engines and explained why the additive I was using wasn't helping my engine and was possibly causing damage. I will take the advice Jeff informed me of concerning my oil.

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