18 years of experience
Houston, TX

I've been an automotive technician since the year 2000. I served in the United States Armed Forces as a fleet mechanic, and then worked for Mitsubishi Motors. I'm experienced in working on Asian, European, and Domestic vehicles. My customers can count on me to get their cars back to great working condition.

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on January 06

I was very satisfied with the service Carlos provided for me. He came early and explained everything to me thoroughly! He's very friendly and honest. I would recommend him to anyone!

on March 06

I asked Carlos to complete a pre-purchase inspection. Outstanding attention to detail. Great report that outlined all aspects of the car. He drove the car and had some feedback on 2 items for me - which will be fixed prior to purchase. I could not have asked Carlos to do anything more!! Thanks!

on October 16

Carlos is an excellent mechanic. He did a great job changing my spark plugs. He provided a high quality service. Also he is very kind and knowledgeable. I recommend him 100%

on February 21

Carlos was on time and friendly. He inspected the vehicle and then began his work. He's very thorough, explained to me what he did and the Your Mechanic warranty. He also discussed a few things with me that I should look out for. He did an excellent job and if I need any additional work done on my vehicles, if possible, I'd like to book Carlos directly. He's very professional and timely (which I appreciated).



Volvo S80

on October 28

Carlos came out to my wife's work to help us solve a problem with our volvo that wouldn't start and was displaying all sort of funky error codes. After a brief investigation, Carlos determined correctly that the battery was dead. He went out to an auto parts store, got the battery, brought it back and replaced it. Turns out that's all she needed :) He was courteous, efficient, and friendly. A true professional and trustworthy mechanic.

on February 20

Needed a vehicle inspected on short notice and Carlos was there. The report was detailed and included photos which were very helpful. Carlos was very patient with me when I called to more detail and advice. Excellent service.

on November 05

Carlos was a skilled, reliable, trustworthy and friendly professional. We would highly recommend his service. The Toyota Sienna being repaired was not my own, but my nephews and the experience Carlo's demonstrated shined. He exemplified skill and the depth of his experience confidently, explained the process before handling the vehicle and once repaired drove with my nephew to make certain he was satisfied and any questions he had were absolutely answered. Thank you Carlos, i highly recommend your services.



Nissan Altima

on November 17

Carlos was great! He arrived on time and worked quickly. I booked my appointment based off the dealership quote which suggested I replace the rear brake pads and rotors. Carlos inspected the vehicle and determined that I didnt need the rotors replaced but should replace the front and rear brake pads. He updated the quote on the spot, ordered the additional parts and still saved me some money. When he returned with the parts, I realized I lost my wheel lock key! Carlos patiently waited while I went to the dealership to get it taken off (about 30 minutes) and I greatly appreciated it. I'd definitely recommend Carlos to friends and family, and will book him again for future services.

on November 28

Carlos was very professional, efficient and thorough with his work. He's very knowlegeable in his field of work and was very cordial with offering advise. I will never go back to my old mechanic again! I recommend Carlos VERY HIGHLY!

on January 18

Carlos was on time and did a good job getting repairs done despite difficult weather conditions. He was friendly and went over what he was replacing and why; and would take time to answer any questions we had on the process.

on December 09

Carlos was fantastic. He called to let me know that he could come immediately to where I was. He was extremely professional, and got me going very quickly. I highly recommend him.

on December 12

My appointment time was at 7 am on Monday. Carlos arrived a few minutes early! He was friendly, thorough, and knowledgeable. He replaced my thermostat and my car was as good as new, even for a 2009. I would definitely recommend Carlos and I will definitely be using him in the future. I loved that he was able to fix my car at my home and I didn't have to wait for days for my car to be ready. It took him less than an hour to fix the problem and I was able to get my son to school on time. AND, I was able to get myself to work on time.

on October 16

Carlos is a great mechanic, friendly, knowledgeable, goes above and beyond. Thank you very much for helping me get my car back on the road.

on December 21

Very co-operative. Explained all the stuff in detail and was more than ready to help further. From his talks he sounds expert of the car.

on January 20

Very professional and even came out to inspect my vehicle 1 day early. He performed a very detailed inspection, highly recommended!!!!



Toyota Corolla

on January 17

I was skeptical of the company at first but Carlos was very professional and a great job with my water pump replacement.

on November 01

Carlos did an awesome job..So greatful for his expertise and knowledge..I would and will recommend..Thanks Carlos!!



Audi A6

on March 10

Carlos provided good service and was able to finish on time. I would have Carlos service my car again.

on December 13

Carloss was early, very thorough and explained the car repair in specifics. He will complete tomorrow.

on February 25

I rarely write reviews, but I have to share this very unsatisfying experience with others so that they hopefully can prevent it from happening to them. I have owned many cars, two of mine are over 18 years old and I handle the majority of their repairs. But occasionally, I like to take a little break and I let them install an upper radiator hose for $210. This occasion was one that I regret. First, my appt was cancelled without properly notifying me, an email was sent to me that day that was not seen until after I checked my "Your Mechanic" acct to see why the mechanic was late. A simple phone call from them shall have happened to let me know that mechanic had to reschedule. Second, when the mechanic did arrived and removed the parts to install an "upper radiator" hose, I asked the mechanic how much would he charge to replace the thermostat that was now clearly exposed. He called his company and told me that Oreilly's had the part, but the location was far. I went online and found one that was 5 miles away and I went and picked the part up and gave it to him. He still did not tell me how much it would cost to install, so I logged into my acct again and saw that they doubled the labor and the price was not $406, which included a thermostat for almost double the price that Oreilly's charged. I quickly went outside to tell him to not install it, but he had already installed it. He stated that the mechanics are never told the price of the jobs and so he did not know that it would be that much. I find that hard to believe since their site states that the mechanics can recommend other services. I hope that I am like others, if you recommend something or a request is made for additional services, my question will be "how much". Third, I called customer service and waited over 30 mins before I was able to reach someone. The rep stated that she would deduct the thermostat from the bill, she then stated that because I had went to Oreilly's instead of allowing the mechanic to reschedule the appt and go to Oreilly's to get the part, that none of the work done today would be covered under warranty and that I would also have to pay a $20 part processing fee. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she stated that one would call me. And the final insult, the mechanic called me over and told me that one of the smaller radiator hoses, that had no previous problem was broken at its tip connecting to the engine. He stated that it most have been brittle and broke, no way, the radiator was only leaking from the upper hose and I videoed the single area. The small hose area was no where near it, but it was where he had to forcefully pull up the air box to remove it and reposition it on its side to replace the upper hose. That is where broke the smaller hose tip. I put the broken pieces together and they fit like a puzzle and they were solid plastic. The mechanic debate that it was corrosion and everything that he could think of to convince me that he played no role in the breakage. I then had to let him know that i know enough about cars to see the two parts and know that it was not due to being brittle. During our debate, his company called him over 4 times and he walked away to talk to them. An hour later, I finally get a call from them and was told that the mechanic sent photos of the broken piece and their team of techs reviewed it and determined that it was due to normally wear and tear and that the piece was already brittle and broke on its on. I disagreed as I could see the pieces now and I explained that if the piece was already broken it would have been leaking there prior and a good mechanic would have seen it at the beginning of the disassembly and not at the end. I informed the mechanic to put everything back together and not add the antifreeze and deduct it from my bill. I went and picked up the smaller hose that same day and installed it myself. Bottom line, I will not be utilizing their services again and I will not be recommending them to anyone, not even my enemies. I hope my honest review help others who decide to deal with this company.




on January 23

Very smart mechanic, cares about your property. Would book again if needed.

on October 29

Good and honest mechanic, yet isn't out to get your money...God is good!!!!



Audi Q5

on January 21

very nice, efficient, and tidy ... would definitely seek his services again

on January 17

Was very polite and professional. I would gladly recommend him.

on January 25

On time, professional and knowledgable, pre-purchase inspection

on October 15

Good service, gets the job done and gives good, honest advice.



Lexus RX330

on December 08

Prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. Thank you Carlos!

on October 18

Carlos was very processional and fixed the problem.

on December 13

Carlos did a great job! I highly recommend him!

on November 15

Very knowledgeable, timely and professional.

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