22 years of experience
Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, CA

Like many, my automotive "career" began when I purchased my first car, a maroon 1974 Ford Maverick. The paper route didn't pay enough to cover hiring a mechanic, so I bought a manual and worked through all repairs. Later in high school (Saint Ignatius College Preparatory, San Francisco), I moved on to putting together a V8 Chevy Vega, painted BMW graphite gray, serious foreshadowing. Nearing the end of high school, a counselor alerted me to an aircraft maintenance program offered at City College of San Francisco and my love of all things mechanical led me to sign on. Graduating with my Airframe and Powerplant certificate plus my Associate Science Degree in 1983, the pull of cars led me to take my first mechanic job at Waterfront Automobili on Pier 9 in San Francisco. This was a dream come true: the shop catered to the Ferrari "Tifosi" (fanatics!) of the Bay Area, handling mainly Italian exotics plus the customer's second cars, usually a BMW, Porsche or a Mercedes Benz. This is where I "tore into" many German cars and learned to love German engineering. Oh yes and I got to work on some Ferrari's too! When one of the owners decided to leave to become the service manager of Walnut Creek Ferrari, I went along. After this stint, I got the opportunity to start my own business, a small shop on Anthony Street in San Francisco. A couple of years later, the airline industry was booming so my phone rang. United Airlines wanted me to start as a mechanic yesterday! I went on to spend a few years as an aircraft mechanic and more years as a Maintenance Supervisor. Now married, with two children, family led us to relocated to Lincoln some twelve years ago. And to this day I'm still the car nut, joining the EuroSunday local group once a month. I love to read and still playing computer games. Now providing quality, reasonable and personal automotive servicing by appointment. I'm ready to serve!





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Audi A4
on August 03

Well to be honest I was a little skeptical as this is my first time using your mechanic and I will have to say that I am impressed the service was amazing.! Chris was professional started the job and completed the job in a timely mannere! I'm one satisfied customer!

on February 13

Wow like always Chris showed up one and a half hour early. I really like that he is always early and gets right to work. Chris came out to install a new alternator in my chevy. It didn't need it but i don't want to be stranded some where either. Chris also put on some new vaccum hose connectors. I had some in my car so he put them on for me with no problem. Chris u truly are a gifted and talented man. Thanks again for a job well done.

on January 19

Chris was awesome. He was able to work around and with a rather odd street parking situation, and he was able to complete everything on time. I had a great experience with Your Mechanic, and I'll recommend the service (and Chris) to my friends. Seriously I'm not kidding, the service was great and I saved a lot of money. Thumbs up.



Nissan 350Z
on January 18

Chris was awesome as usual. He showed up on time, friendly as always, took care of my car issue, said a few jokes with me, and gave me an update of the things I needed to repair next on my car. I will definitely be calling Chris again to do the other repairs on my car and my Girlfriend's vehicle. Chris is great!! David S.

on January 08

Chris showed up right on time and communicated the status well. He was very quick to confirm the problem, and then worked quickly and efficiently on the fix. He gave his recommendations at the end, and cleaned up before heading out. Now my car runs well again! I'll definitely consider Chris the next time I have to service my vehicle.

on November 22

Chris was great. Very knowledgable and he even took a look at other things that he recommended should be done soon. Hes very nice and I will deffinitley be booking him again in the future.

on November 12

Great customer service, very professional and was on time and ready to go. I needed my valve cover gasket replaced and Chris did an awesome job explaining to me the process, making me feel at ease. The best part it was affordable service I will definitely be using his services again, is an awesome service


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Honda CR-V
on August 12

Honest, reliable, knowledgeable, on time, EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!!! Highly recommend Chris! Best mobile mechanic experience ever. I work a lot, so mobility is a very important factor because he will go to your location. Thumbs up!!!


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Cadillac Escalade
on August 09

Chris was vey nice and was done in a timely manner. I will have him come back anytime my car needs service that Dave doesn't want to do. I will also have him service my sons BMW M3. Overall it was great experience being it was my first time using this service.

on May 22

Thorough above & beyond pre-purchase inspection, grateful knowing what little work if any should be done on this vehicle. I bought it shortly after & he was exactly correct on the clutch catching high, which is liveable until I can pay to fix that, then I think I have a perfect used car to maintain for many years, I watched my friend get a used vehicle lasat year & end up paying $2000 more for a transmission that fell apart & a smog system that was rigged to fail after the owner sold it. That won't happen to me because of the services from this company. My parents & boyfriend are going to use the service too when they get their next cars, who can afford a lemon? Thanks!!!!



Acura TL
on July 16

Chris arrived on time and was very professional. He had all the parts and happily went right to work and seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He was also very happy to explain things to me. It was so convenient to have him come to the house to do the work. Would definitely use again.



Lexus RX330
on July 01

Chris is very knowledgeable mechanically, professional, friendly and a Master Automotive Technician. He is also very courteous and a pleasant person to talk to. He changed my brakes and rotors and knew exactly what he was doing and did it quickly. He inspected my car and noticed other areas that should be addressed. I was so impressed with his professional skills that I had him book another appointment with me for next week to repair additional areas of concern I had bought the Lexus as a pre-owned car and saw the type of work the Lexus Technicians did vs the work that Chris did. Simple things such as lubing bolts before you put them on (which Lexus Technicians did not) or adjusting the parking brake which was not on the original order. I've always headed the saying that "It's up to you to choose what you do in life, but always strive to be the best at what you do." Chris has definitely done that.



Acura TL
on July 01

A difficult job well done, beyond expected difficulty and solved expeditiously. Excellent mechanic and no trouble to have at the house. I consider Chris to be my mechanic and lucky to have met him.



Honda Accord
on November 02

Exhibit wonderful knowledge, showed great patience in walking through intricate details on what is being done, what is the root cause of the issue. Very pleasant individual. Did a wonderful job! Highly recommended!

on June 28

It was a pleasure for me to be able to have Chris come out to service my chevy. I had a new serpentine drive belt put on. He was very early and went right to work. The more car repairs i have done with Chris the more i feel very comfortable with his service. You couldn't ask for a nicer person. I like how he always answers my questions about my car and how things work in the engine. I really like how i don't have to drive the car to a shop he comes to u. Thanks again Chris u rock. Erin



Honda Accord
on June 29

Chris was right on time for my appointment, was very courteous and friendly. He told me what he was going to do and how long it would take and did a perfect job of replacing the starter on my Honda right in my garage. All was perfect. I love the concept of having work done at my home on my time schedule at a very reasonable cost. Lower than all the quotes I got from local repair shops.

on June 21

Wonderful experience with Chris. He called a few times to update status of his arrival (while waiting for parts), asked if he could arrive an hour early on the actual date, was totally polite, helpful, and pleasant while we had so much else going on around the house. I didn't watch him work or even check his work (thank God for adult sons!), so I can't speak to that except to say our son was satisfied with what he saw. Meanwhile we never knew there was non-family on the premises. All-around great experience with a very courteous and professional young man. How often can you say that having auto repair work done was a pleasure? Two thumbs up!

on June 13

Chris did a pre-purchase inspection for me. I received an email prior to his arrival at the cars location as promised, and a phone call before he got started to discuss my concerns about the car. He acknowledged my concerns and explained that I would receive a detailed report, with pictures and audio of the items he inspected. Chris sounded very knowledgeable, and was helpful in describing the service he was about to perform. After the service, he called again to describe his concerns with the car, and answered all of my questions with patience and expertise, and again explained that the report would go into detail regarding the service inspections he made. After talking with Chris, and reviewing the online report, I was very satisfied knowing the condition of the car (which I did not purchase, in part because of Chris's report and lengthy conversation about it's condition). I would certainly recommend, and use your services in the future! Thanks Chris!!

on June 16

Chris was fantastic. Great communication, arrived on time and had all the parts and tools that were required for such an unusual starter replacement. He also completed the job in the time frame I was given. The man knew what he was doing. He is the reason I would chose to use My Mechanic again.


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Nissan Rogue
on June 07

Really great service. I had booked for a more expensive service, but when he arrived and checked it out . It turned out that the problem was not what I had thought. Very nice man to work with.

on June 06

Chris exceeding all my expectations. I was very impressed with Chris and will definitely call Chris to work on my car in the future. Thank you for a great job!

on June 01

Chris handled my project very quickly and then took the time to explain other problem areas that might need to be addressed sooner than later. He was easily able to answer detailed questions I had about belts, brakes, air conditioning, etc. I will request his services for my next repair job.

on June 01

5 stars for Chris! He performed a pre-purchase inspection for me, and was super informative. After reviewing the report, I both called and texted him multiple times for additional questions. Each time he was extremely friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. I hope to hire Chris again in the future.

on May 28

Chris was not only on time but early. A very personable and knowledgeable person.. very professional. I would not hesitate to call Chris again for my automotive needs.

on May 29

So many good things to say about Chris. End-to-end, my pre-purchase inspection process was excellent. It was clear that Chris was very responsive and he was a great communicator. He was prompt about any questions I have had. He got to his appointment earlier and provided the report at a promised time. The report was very very thorough and it gave me a great high-level and low-level details that I needed to make a decision purchase (or not). He clearly itemized the needed mechanical work, included relevant pictures (from buyer perspective), and gave me peace of mind about the state of the car. After the report was released, he was also detailed and prompt about the questions I had. Definitely the best pre-purchase inspection mechanic and extremely happy with the quality of his work!

on May 24

Chris showed up early and got the job done in a timely manner. I would recommend Chris as your mechanic. He is polite and knows his stuff. Thank you Chris.



Geo Prizm
on May 06

Great amazing experience Chris is a very professional mechanic with years of exprience and knows his stuff very very well! I would strongly recommend him to anyone and everyone! #1

on April 29

Wow. Not only was Chris' service more prompt and convenient than a dealer mechanic, his service was as good if not better. He REALLY (I wish I had larger caps) knew his stuff. I would recommend him to anybody, to the point he is now my "go to guy."



Isuzu Trooper
on April 16

Chris was awesome! He was on time and completed the work as scheduled. Very energetic with a happy demeanor. I will use him to work on my other cars. Great job Chris.

on April 05

Chris is a professional, well trained, and punctual technician. He will do his best to explain questions you have but we all no some people just don't get mechanical work and you can't explain anything to them. He will make suggestions if he sees something that was not on your report for the sake of you having a safe vehicle because I feel he genuinely cares about people and the safety of others on the road. Example being my clutch is out and Chris inspected that but also notified me the wear tabs on my front brakes were something to be considered for inspection and that I should look at doing that fairly soon as to prevent higher cost in repairs at a later date. Thank you Chris

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