Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement Estimate for Ford Police Interceptor Sedan

Ford Police Interceptor Sedan Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement costs $139 on average. Following is a breakdown of the labor and parts estimates.

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YourMechanic Price
$108 to $164
Labor: $70 -$80
Parts: $38 -$84
Average Dealer price
$170 to 261
Average Shop price
$131 to 188
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CarServiceYourMechanic PriceShop/Dealer Price
2013 Ford Police Interceptor SedanV6-3.7LService typeCamshaft Position Sensor ReplacementYourMechanic Price$160.78Shop/Dealer Price$198.00 - $276.97
2013 Ford Police Interceptor SedanV6-3.5L TurboService typeCamshaft Position Sensor ReplacementYourMechanic Price$110.72Shop/Dealer Price$135.49 - $176.97
2013 Ford Police Interceptor SedanV6-3.5LService typeCamshaft Position Sensor ReplacementYourMechanic Price$159.10Shop/Dealer Price$195.92 - $273.66
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Parts required for a Ford Police Interceptor Sedan Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement

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It took quite a while to get the issue resolved and now I have 2 new issues. No water from my windshield washers. May be a water hose issue. Now my air conditioner will only blow air through the defroster vents. May be a vacuum hose not connected issue.
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Appreciated that he called to say he was running behind from his last appt. Very cordial and approachable. Oil changed completed along with 50 point inspection in a timely manner. Definitely would use Stefan again.
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Alex did a great job fixing my oil leak. He was on time to the diagnostic appointment and was very thorough checking everything in the engine and explaining what was going on and how it probably happened in the first place. He was not scheduled to work the next day but volunteered to come back and do the fix himself the next day so I could get to work on Monday without any problems. He was again very thorough checking everything as he worked and explained things to us as he went. He found another minor problem and took a few minutes to fix that while he was there and gave us some tips on maintenance to keep things running smoothly after he left. He chatted with my husband about his car as well and we would be happy to book him again to to work on either car in the future. This was our first time using yourmechanic and we were very happy with the convenience and quality of the service--we will definitely use it again!
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Joseph was great! He's incredibly professional and was honest when talking to me about what was going on. I trusted his diagnosis enough to book him the next day to do the repair. I will be recommending him and this service to those who are having car troubles.
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All about Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement

The camshaft position sensor monitors the position of the camshaft and reports that data to the car’s onboard computer system. This computer system works with sensors and other devices to keep the engine running. With data from the camshaft position sensor (CPS), the fuel injectors know when to fire. When the sensor malfunctions, the computer does not know when to fire the injectors and may not fire them at all. The faulty readouts may also throw off spark timing, which will affect the car’s fuel economy. This sensor is used in conjunction with the crankshaft position sensor to control ignition timing. It is common for heat and oil leaks to cause this sensor to fail, due to where the sensor is located.

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