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Bryant at YourMechanic


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14 years


by Shelby from Brownsburg, IN 46112

Bryant is very knowledgeable when it comes to Hyundais and Kias due to his experience prior to working for YourMechanic. We’ll be using him again to keep this 200K+ mile van on the road.


by Shelby from Brownsburg, IN 46112

Bryant took care of our Kia Sedona while I was at work. My wife let him in the garage to perform the 3-hour service on our valve cover gaskets. We ordered all the required parts online and he was able to install them just two days after they arrived at our house. We look forward to using Bryant’s services for as long as we own this minivan.

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Answers to common Kia questions

Keep needing new headlight bulbs, why is this happening?
Answered by Michael
Hello, replacing bulbs frequently can be bothersome. A couple of reasons come to mind. If you are using the cheapest bulbs possible, the cheap filaments may just be failing. Trying a good quality bulb may be a good start. You...
New car that is always lighting up ‘check engine’
Answered by Michael
Hello, thanks for writing in about this issue. No, your car is not a lemon! The Check Engine Light (CEL) is trigged by the engine control unit when it detects a fault with any engine sensor or a calculated engine...
Car stalls out if I fill the tank all the way
Answered by Tom
Does the Check Engine light illuminate when the car stalls? If so, a mechanic will be able to trace the issue with a scan tool. That said, this concern is likely related to the On-board Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) valve...
Air Conditioning is not doing very much at all
Answered by Michael
Hello! While not having A/C can be uncomfortable, the problem is repairable. If the system is out of refrigerant, there is a leak present. With any luck, the last technician that replaced your compressor added A/C dye to the system...

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