Summertime Road Trip Checklist

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Regardless of the time of year at home, when traveling you may come across warm, even hot, summer-like temperatures. And, it’s always good to be prepared if you have warmer weather at home. Whether it’s sunny and hot at home or on the road, here is a how to stay prepared and safe during your summer or warm weather travels.

Be sure to keep the following items in your vehicle at all times during warm weather travels:

  • Several bottles of water
  • Small supply of snacks
  • Sunshade
  • Flashlight
  • Spare batteries
  • Fully charged mobile device charger
  • Fully charged mobile device
  • First-aid kit
  • Physical map of the location you will be traveling in case digital devices run out of battery or are not working correctly
  • Jumper cables
  • Emergency vehicle kit, including flares and warning triangles
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Blanket or emergency foil blanket (even though weather may be warm during the day, many locations can get downright chilly at night)
  • Spare set of clothes, including long pants and a light sweater or jacket in case the temperatures drop

Also, before you hit the road when it’s a sunny day out, it’s recommended to perform a quick check of your vehicle to help prevent the possibility of a breakdown.

Be sure to check the following on your vehicle before you the road on a hot day:

  • Ensure all vehicle maintenance is up to date and no warning or service lights are illuminated
  • Check your coolant/antifreeze levels and, if needed, fill to manufacturer recommended level, to help ensure the engine stays cool
  • Check your vehicle’s oil levels and fill to manufacturer recommended level, if needed
  • Have your battery checked and tested and ensure it’s in proper working order with a proper charge and that all cables are clean and properly connected
  • Check tire pressure and tire tread
  • Check that all headlights, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals work
  • Check that the air conditioner is operational and repair if needed
  • Keep your fuel tank filled as much as possible and never let it drop below a quarter tank to ensure fuel in case of weather-related travel delays that may require the vehicle to stay on with the air conditioner working
  • Fix any cracks or breaks in the windshield

And, once you are on the road stay safe and remember the following when driving during warmer or summer weather:

  • Check the road conditions before you hit the road, especially when traveling longer distances, and check for possible road closures or extreme conditions that may require additional supplies be brought with you
  • Stay cool and hydrated while driving; remember, drivers can overheat as well as a vehicle
  • Keep an eye on your vehicle’s temperature and give it a break if it begins to overheat, adding fluids if needed
  • Don’t leave children or pets in a vehicle when it’s warm outside, as temperatures can rise rapidly to unsafe levels inside a vehicle, even with the windows cracked open

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Friendly service. John was very knowledgeable and diagnosed the problem with my car without adding lots of extras to pad the bill. Straightforward and showed me where the problem was. Previously, I was told by another mechanic the repair would be more than double what John estimated. Extremely happy with the service I received and will be using them for any future car issues.


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Great guy. Knows his stuff and easy to work with. Very friendly and helpful. Knows BMW and that’s important to me. Highly recommend.


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Benji was very polite and thorough. I would definitely recommend him. He was very knowledgeable. He is my new mechanic! I think he was great, great and great.
Jeep Grand Cherokee - AC is not working - Paradise Valley, Arizona
Benji was beyond professional and handled our issue with speed. Super efficient and went above and beyond!


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Honorio was such an amazing mechanic. He is super smart and knowledgeable about what he’s doing. You don’t have to second guess him twice. Th way he puts so much effort into his work you would think he’s fixing his own car. He really cares and wants to do the best possible job. He is an amazing mechanic and will definitely be booking him from now on.
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Honorio, was a Star, will be looking to book him for follow up work after my AC diagnoses, refill and ID of the main problem. More than 5 stars if that were possible

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