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Portland, OR

I have almost 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and have a vast range of knowledge about new and old cars. I've worked in battery and electric shops, managed a starter alternator shop, and built dump trucks. From oil changes to diagnosing electrical problems, I approach all jobs with a great attitude and the goal of getting it done right the first time!

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on August 29

I was quite impressed with the service, Russell provided. Based on his suggestions. We scheduled appointment. The following week to wrap up all of our preventative maintenance issues. We fully intend to use "Your Mechanic"in the future. Bart Langley

on December 17

Outstanding service. Russell went out of his way to deliver excellent personalized service. He was honest and fast in his work. Your company is lucky to have him as a representative



Dodge Dakota
on January 01

showed up and worked in freezing weather to replace my thermostat. although we found out that was not the problem, it was my diagnosis to do it. did good job cleaned up and am happy with service.

on January 05

I was very happy with Russell. Even though there were a few complications he followed through and got my car running! I will defiantly use him from now on.

on December 20

Russell went out of his way to assist me with my car when it wouldn't start for me. He called to confirm our appointment and to ask if he could come early. When my car started right away, he still gave me a jump to gauge the battery power level and suggested I bring my car back to the dealer for further servicing since it was still under warranty. Didn't try to pressure me into anything I didn't need. Great service.

on December 30



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Nissan Altima
on January 06

Never been a better mechanic. Came and was really dedicated and really cared for the vehicle and went above and beyond and even helped me with some other problems. Never had a better mechanic than Russell

on July 10

Excellent job as usual. Russ also made me aware of a minor radiator hose leak and showed me some of the residue on the skid plate when changing the oil. Will be calling Russ again to take care of it!


  • Other Inspections


GMC Jimmy
on July 12

Russell did a great job of replacing my spark plugs, wires, and distributor cap and rotor. He got the job done on time and showed me a lot of things about my car I didn't know. He even did a quick inspection and recommended some future maintenance.

on July 08

I bought a used Subaru and after owing it less than a month it just wouldn't start. After some bad luck with a previous mechanic I was worried I had bought a lemon. Then I called Your Mechanic and made my appointment with Russell. Russell is very knowledgeable, and knew all the little quarks about Subarus to check. He explained the steps as he went through them, told me exactly what he was looking for. Russell found the problem, a bad battery wire, and replaced it. It was such a relief when my engine turned over. Russell noticed that the engine sounded a little funny and he took the time to tighten some bolts, now my engine sounds better than ever. He also checked the oil and pointed out that it had been over filled. I will definitely be booking Russell again. His attention to detail and professionalism is so far above any other mechanic I've met.

on August 01

Russell was great! Very professional, even though the dealership ordered the wrong part for my window switch, was able to get the right part and was able to fit me in to fix it! Love having 4 functional windows!

on January 04

Russ arrived on time and enthusiastic! He not only changed my oil but pointed out several other outstanding problems with my engine that I suspected but didn't know about for sure until he confirmed them! I would recommend Russ and the your mechanic enterprise to anyone!

on January 05

We really enjoyed having Russell come to our home and figure out why our van would not start. He was persistent with our mysterious trouble and fixed it!



Honda Element
on June 28

I cannot imagine having better assistance or a more kind and professional mechanic. I was in a very needy situation which Russell was both accommodating to and responsive to. My car wouldn't start, I was parked in a lot that was costing me money (because my car wouldn't start on a Sunday at which time the lot I was in was free for the weekends, but Monday through Friday I have to pay $13 a day), and I am leaving to drive back home (across the country) in three days. Needless to say, I needed quality service, very quickly, and very much so on a budget. Russell quickly assessed the issue with my battery and fixed it. He went out of his way to communicate with me and to clearly get my car going. Thank you so much! If I were staying in Portland, I would not only reuse YourMechanic, but I would specifically schedule with Russell. Also, Russell was actually fifteen minutes early, super friendly, easy going, and professional. It was refreshing and comforting. I am so thankful!

on January 10

I think that Russell is a really good mechanic who had to work on my car in less than perfect conditions due to the weather and the time of day. It was a difficult job, but he always seemed patient and explained everything to my satisfaction. He gave 100% to the job and I plan to call him again if i have any car troubles. I recommend him without reservation. James A. Hart Vancouver Wa

on June 19

Russell came just a little early which was great have me time to get the vehicle in place and have plenty of time to did the problem. Not only did be come and double check my power steering pump he told me it was fine and fixed the power steering belt instead saving me $80 in parts and time. He was very professional and I will be using him more in the future.



Ford Focus
on January 11

Russell showed up on time and diagnosed the problem right away. He was very professional and knowledgable when replacing the alternator on my '07 Ford Focus, no easy task. Thank you Russell, I will definitely be using your mechanic again for any future car needs.

on June 17

I have never used a mobile mechanic before and working with Russell was a great experience. He was extremely thorough in inspecting the vehicle I was thinking of buying, and very honest. In the end, he spotted problems with the car that I never would have noticed or known to look for. He advised against the purchase and saved me from buying a lemon, which was well worth the cost of the inspection.

on June 14

Russell is very professional and knowledgeable. He pinpointed my problem during the inspection in just a few minutes. He was very friendly and informative about additional repairs that I should consider having done. When I have the extra money to do them i will definitely want Russell performing the labor on them. I was very impressed that he went to purchase the distributor needed to complete the repair and even showed up early on Sunday afternoon to complete the repairs. My Nissan Pathfinder is running as good as it ever did! Thank you Russell!

on June 10

I am incredibly happy with Russell. I had scheduled a pre-purchase car inspection for the following day. About an hour before the scheduled time, Russell called me personally to let me know he had finished a job prior and was covered in oil and grease, out of courtesy he said he could come, but didn't want to get the car dirty etc. and proposed coming later that evening to another location which was about an hour away from where we had originally booked it. He showed up on time at our agreed upon rescheduled time, and was prompt to give me a call when he had finished the inspection. He told me the car needed spark plugs and was running rich- and went over the possible reasons as to why from minor to major and suggested I get a second look with a diagnostic and have Acura throw the scanners on it to see what they could tell. Overall he treated me with respect, patience, and gave extremely good detail. I ended up going with his recommendation of having it looked at a second time, and the auto shop the seller of the car took it to, was the worst experience I had ever had with a mechanic who contested the car was not running rich nor did it need spark plugs. After having to argue like that with Honest 1 auto (in Gresham), and noticing the stark differences in how I was treated with an auto shop vs, Russell (I mean- he treated me like his own kid!) - I will 100% use Russell again in the future. I ended up purchasing the car, and Russell's work helped me negotiate a lower price. Thank you again Russell- it was a true pleasure!



Chrysler Sebring
on January 18

Great person. He stayed way after the time needed to make sure the car was fixed and started. He did a great job. He showed me how to do a few things as well.

on January 13

Russell is an amazing mechanic and a really cool guy! He is very helpful and friendly and keeps a great professional attitude even when the weather is nasty and problems arise. By far the best mechanic I've ever had!


  • Inspection / Diagnostics


Subaru Impreza
on January 16

I cannot rate Russ high enough! I'd give him 10 stars! He made accurate recommendations and fixed the car in a professional timely manner. He goes above and beyond for his customers!

on May 23

Russell was a very nice mechanic that works for a not so good company. They say when you get your diagnostic it costs 70.00 that will then be waved apon booking for services with the following quote being for the actual service rendered. When infact, that fee never gets waved. So when you get your quote for how much the actual services cost to get your car fixed , add another 70.00 on top of that quote. I thought Russell was a very nice mechanic and knew exactly what was wrong and worked very hard. Unfortunately, he works for a company that's not so honest in their business practices. Thanks russell!

on May 19

Russell was great he came and fixed my car. He also checked out my car and gave me knowledgeable info on my needed repairs. It was a non pressure info on needed repairs and fixes he did I would certainly have him back again when needed.

on May 19

Russell was awesome! showed up on time if not earlier, it looked a bit frustrating taking the wiper motor out but he kept his cool and fixed the issue. there is a couple more issues with my truck so i will definitely be calling yourmechanic again soon.Thank you Russell.

on January 18

very good mechanic, my problem was not obvious at first and he kept at it a lot longer than either of us expected. He found the issue and gave me a fair quote to get the repair.

on May 15

Although there was a little confusion regarding appointment times, Russell was able to be flexible with me. He is very thorough and wants to make sure he is diagnosing and treating the right problem. Russell is charismatic and gets the job done. I thought I was going to have to buy a new car before he came along and solved the issue on my old Honda Civic. Great guy, highly recommend him.

on January 27

I swear, every time we interact with Russell, he just gets better and better. He's always very communicative, transparent about costs and timelines, and is always so respectful. We never want another mechanic!



Nissan Altima
on May 03

He was very informational and informed my that the repair another machanic should fixed but did not. I would recommend him to anyone whos in need of sevices. I would use these service again in the future.

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