20 years of experience
Portland, OR

I have almost 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and have a vast range of knowledge about new and old cars. I've worked in battery and electric shops, managed a starter alternator shop, and built dump trucks. From oil changes to diagnosing electrical problems, I approach all jobs with a great attitude and the goal of getting it done right the first time!





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on March 24

excellent service!!

on March 13

This is my first time using "Your Mechanic" and I am very happy with the service that Russ did! He was able to figure out why my windshield wipers weren't working and went above and beyond to get them repaired in the same day. Thank you for providing such great mechanics!

on March 22

Russell was running a few minutes late but called to let us know, which was greatly appreciated. He did a great job on our oil change and was very professional.



Subaru Impreza
on March 21

Russell was very professional and personable throughout the whole process. I was quite happy with his help and quality of his work. I will definitely be asking for Russell's help for my future car needs! Thank you!

on March 09

Great guy, the main reason I'd have him return is that even though he took a bit more time he took the steps necessary to get the job done right. I saw what he did firsthand. Kudos for a superb fix!

on March 01

Russ was awesome. He needed to move the appointment, but made sure to call ahead. He was courteous and worked hard while he was here. I felt very comfortable working with him and the price was beyond reasonable!!!

on February 25

Honestly could not have imagined my experience going any better. I was nervous after reading a couple bad reviews but decided to take the risk. I was worried that he wouldn't come because it was snowing to diagnose a no start. Called me before the appointment to let me know he was running a couple minutes late. Really appreciated the heads up. Came there and got straight to work. Fixed alot of things that were not part of the diagnosis. Was very friendly. Was supposed to be an hour long appointment but took him an hour and a half but he didn't complain or try to charge me extra. Would not hesitate to have him come out again.

on March 09

Russell speaks to you in plain english about your car, visually shows you what he is talking about on your car and is an all around nice guy!

on February 20

Russ was great. Very knowledgeable and honest. I plan to book an appointment with him every time I need an inspection or mechanic. He saved me from buying a car with over $1000 in repairs I had no idea about.

on February 05

I was very pleased with my service. The price and time were both within the amounts that I was quoted for my repair. I had my serpentine belt replaced. My car is now running better than it has in years.

on February 20

This was my first time using this service, and Russell made it easy. He was fast, efficient, and didn't talk to me like I didn't understand.

on February 04

Russell is a great guy, and obviously well experienced. This was my first time using YourMechanic, and I'm sold on the service! So much more convenient than taking it into a shop, and much more economical too.

on February 03

Russell was professional and a no BS mechanic. He exceeded my expectations and went out of his to make sure we had the right fix for the right problem. I will definitely use his services in the future.

on February 22

Russell was great. He was easy to talk to and very knowledgeable about my car. I would feel comfortable with him doing work for me.

on January 23

Russ showed up early and got the work done very quickly and professionally. During his inspection, he also found a few things that need fixing that the dealership failed to see or maybe did not even check!

on January 21

This was my first experience with and I must say it was a surprising experience. Russell was courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable. He made the experience much more bearable than dealing with a repair shop.



Ford F-150
on January 20

Russ showed up early, worked hard, and fixed my thermostat issue despite having to re-install it several times to correct a leak. He obviously knew what he was doing, and the charge was as quoted despite the job taking longer than expected. I wouldn't hesitate to hire him agaim.

on January 14

Russell was very thorough with his diagnosis of my check engine light. His knowledge showed with his explanations of the possible issues while resolving the problem.



Ford Explorer
on January 08

Super nice guy, super knowledgeable, fixed the problem in a timely fashion. The best part is that he fixed my car in MY driveway! I didn't have to go anywhere! He fixed my power window that was stuck in the down position (of course!) in the freezing cold! Didn't seem to phase him a bit. So convenient, will definitely use Russell again.

on January 05

I was very happy with Russell. Even though there were a few complications he followed through and got my car running! I will defiantly use him from now on.



Dodge Dakota
on January 01

showed up and worked in freezing weather to replace my thermostat. although we found out that was not the problem, it was my diagnosis to do it. did good job cleaned up and am happy with service.

on December 30


on January 14

Nice guy, professional, very knowledgeable. Figured out what was wrong and gave me a good estimate. I would definitely use you guys again.

on December 27

Russell is a really GREAT and KNOWLEDGEABLE guy!! He went the extra everything to solve the issue. We were so impressed with the service and kindness we received from Russell. Highly recommend him and he would get 10 stars from my husband and myself.

on November 24

Russell did another job on my truck. My radiator was corroded and leaking. He changed it out and my water pump, too. Truck feels like it can breathe a lot better now. His work is impeccable, and he stayed true to the quote even though he could have got lots more dough out of me if he wanted to. Can't put a price on that. This service is the greatest.



Honda Element
on June 28

I cannot imagine having better assistance or a more kind and professional mechanic. I was in a very needy situation which Russell was both accommodating to and responsive to. My car wouldn't start, I was parked in a lot that was costing me money (because my car wouldn't start on a Sunday at which time the lot I was in was free for the weekends, but Monday through Friday I have to pay $13 a day), and I am leaving to drive back home (across the country) in three days. Needless to say, I needed quality service, very quickly, and very much so on a budget. Russell quickly assessed the issue with my battery and fixed it. He went out of his way to communicate with me and to clearly get my car going. Thank you so much! If I were staying in Portland, I would not only reuse YourMechanic, but I would specifically schedule with Russell. Also, Russell was actually fifteen minutes early, super friendly, easy going, and professional. It was refreshing and comforting. I am so thankful!

on June 20

An absolutely competent and friendly mechanic! Russ explained everything he did, what he checked and how to solve it. He worked quick and precise. I will not hesitate to contact My Mechanic again to have Russell take a look at any new problem. Great experience and sooo convenient to not have to drive a car somewhere when there's an issue with bad transitioning or unsteady RPM. Thank you!



Toyota RAV4
on October 04

Russell came on a Sunday to fix my car. It needed a part he didn't have and his next available appointment was Wednesday but instead of making me wait 3 days to have my car fixed, he came after hours and worked until after dark to get it done. Then he told me it would only cost me $50, which blew me away. I couldn't believe it.


  • Brake safety inspection


Saturn L200
on October 07

Russell has been out to my home four times now within the last couple of weeks to fix things that keep breaking on my vehicle. I really appreciate his willingness to show me what's wrong with the parts and I also appreciate that he is always trying to make sure I get the best deal on my repair. I'll definitely be calling Russell again when I need a mechanic.

on October 11

This review is for Russell - but first it showed Bradley then Chad for name? My car had a starter problem and by calling my mechanic to come over to fix it saved me the trouble of spending money towing it. Russell was knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. He fixed my car within a pretty short time. The only thing I'm concerned with is the re manufactured starter Russell got from O'Reilly Auto Parts. By calling O'Reilly, they told me the remanufactured part is whole-life warranty, but since the account is under Russell's name, I just wonder if later on my starter has a problem how would I get another starter without any cost. The company should think about this for the customer.

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