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I have almost 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and have a vast range of knowledge about new and old cars. I've worked in battery and electric shops, managed a starter alternator shop, and built dump trucks. From oil changes to diagnosing electrical problems, I approach all jobs with a great attitude and the goal of getting it done right the first time!





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on October 24

Russell was friendly, knowledgeable and fast--had my car running great in no time. Thanks, Russ!


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Hyundai Santa Fe
on October 24

Thank you for working so hard to figure out what is wrong with my car and not giving up!! Russell Gindlesperger, the mechanic who worked on my car is friendly, professional, efficient, competent, knowledgeable and above all honest! It's nice to trust a mechanic who stands behind their work. His troubleshooting skills, patience, and experience is greatly appreciated! He doesn't overlook anything. He is meticulous as to how to eliminate both electrical and mechanical parts to get to the root of the problem. He uses current technology well for aiding in the repair and goes above and beyond the call of duty to diagnose the mystery of why my car was not running well. He practically took the whole engine apart to diagnose a complicated and not so obvious issue. He takes the time to explain and show me what he finds, then gives an honest evaluation with no pushy sales pitch. It is obvious that he has integrity and knows what he's doing. I trust Russell to tell me if the car is worth putting any more money into, or if it's not worth fixing. I appreciate that I don't have to worry about him missing something important and only tells me what absolutely needs to be done. I like that he has all the tools and equipment in his truck along with a generator to power any tool or light required to get the job done without having to depend on using the customers electrical outlet. I will continue to use Russell for all my future repairs. The work that I had done on my car and future repairs would have cost hundreds maybe thousands more anywhere else. Thank you for the excellent customer service!

on October 23

I really like him. Looking forward to having him do more of my car needs like repair my air conditioning and replacing my timing belt.

on October 16

It was refreshing to get the courteous and knowledgeable service for may vehicle. I met Russel two weeks earlier on an emergency issue where car broke down in the city. Russel reviewed my vehicle for other issues and provided a quote. I found that the quote was accurate for what needed to be done and was very good price. I was able to shop and buy my own parts and Russel did a wonderful job installing the needed parts for my vehicle. Thank you Russel Best regards Gordon Ayres



Dodge Dakota
on October 19

Excellent mechanic and diagnostics. Would have him work on any vehicle at any time. Very thorough and meticulous. Honest and very hardworking.

on October 08

Russell was flexible with plans not yet set in stone until everyone was accounted for and could make suggestions. After that, he pulled out his equipment and got to work. He did not mind answering my questions as he worked, and was able to give me a detailed account as to what was good and what was bad when he was finished. I could not have been happier with the level of service Russell provided.



Honda Accord
on October 05

First great communication. Arrived early. Got right work. Most importantly didn't try to sell me on services I didn't need or want. I can't tell you how refreshing that is. I would highly recommend his work.



Toyota RAV4
on October 04

Russell came on a Sunday to fix my car. It needed a part he didn't have and his next available appointment was Wednesday but instead of making me wait 3 days to have my car fixed, he came after hours and worked until after dark to get it done. Then he told me it would only cost me $50, which blew me away. I couldn't believe it.

on October 19

Russell was great he checked everything to find out why the car wouldn't run. He goes the extra mile to help you out. Russell is awesome.

on September 22

Russell arrived, introduced himself and asked for an explanation of my problem. He began an assessment and in a short time found a loose terminal on the new starter that I had installed. He quickly removed the starter and I returned it to the parts store for a replacement. While I was gone he continued his appraisal and found a dirty and damaged idler valve. which I was able to purchase while replacing the starter. He noted an antifreeze leak from behind the water pump gasket, which had been eluding me. I was very pleased with his help and he stayed to finish when I asked if he would like to go home and finish later due to the time. Thanks Russell.

on October 15

work seems fine and took about the allotted time, except one of the ordered parts was not in his pack and he had to cut out to get the part, which took a while. Other than that, the process is smooth and it's really convenient. Russell was professional and personable and very transparent about his work.

on September 01

I originally had Russell come about because I was told that I needed to replace my starter. Instead of just replacing the starter, Russell took the time to trouble shoot the problem. Turns out the starter was in perfect condition and the alarm system was to blame. This hour of inspecting my car saved me over $350. He totally did not have to do all that work, but he did because he wanted to make sure he was fixing the problem.

on August 19

Russell knew exactly what the problem was with my engine as soon as he started it. As he was working, he let me know that a couple more pieces needed to be replaced, and he went out and got them for me. He was very knowledgeable and I would definitely book him again for any repairs needed.

on August 20

My son lives in Oregon and I am in Wisconsin. He was having problems with a rough idle on his Subaru. An as I was researching reliable mechanics, I came upon Your Mechanic. Since Russell had many good reviews, I decided to give him a try. He arrived on time. He called ahead. He resolved the problem of rough idle by replacing the spark plugs and spark plug wires. He was knowledgeable and easy to work with. Total charges were $291.96. Be aware that there is an "inspection charge" of 60.00 included in the bill.

on September 03

We had work done on our Expedition and explained to Russell that I had to keep costs down because we were probably not going to keep the truck for too long. My Expedition's brakes pulsated when the brakes were applied - it was getting increasingly harder to stop safely; Replacement rotors, brake pads and PCV valve and deteriorating hoses for less than $200!!! Come on now!!! The truck not only stops with NO problems, but because Russell suggested taking care of the valve and hoses, the response and power to this truck really, really improved. We were very happy with Russell's work, and the outcome of the truck that we gifted it to our daughter who needed a dependable car. Thanks Russell for once again doing a very fine job! Peace.

on August 09

Russell was very personable and went out of his way to make sure everything on the car would be fixed. It was great because I just recently got the car and had no clue how to fix it. I would definitely recommend him for any service your car needs.

on July 28

On time, very personable. Fast and quick, as well as very knowledgeable. Told me what he would do along with a suggestion for the next time. Definitely a mechanic I will book again.

on August 02

Russell was right on time and diagnosed the problem right away. He was very friendly, easy to communicate with. He took a good look at everything under the hood and made some recommendations which I will follow up on at a later appointment. I liked that he also took the time to tell me what was right and working well on my car. Since I'm a senior lady, I found this very reassuring. Looking forward to my appointment in a few days to repair the major issue and get back to my normal routine.

on February 12

I really appreciate Russell's Service! This is a really good idea and plan to have someone come to your house and fix your car. Russell did a good job! He was courteous, nice and very efficient. I would specifically ask for him again, if I needed to call again! Thank you Russell!

on February 09

He was able to diagnose the problem and fix it within the next day. He was also able to provide advice on what may need fixing in the future. Great service!

on July 24

Russell showed courtesy and was willing to take the time to explain anything I asked. I am having him do all the repairs needed. I also intend to use him in the future for a few other jobs I have coming up.

on February 23

He was great. He gave me a call ahead of time and was flexible. I felt like he took extra care in the inspection and provided the guidance I needed to make a decision on the car.

on May 28

So helpful! Not only did he change my oil and rotate my tires, he showed me where my airfilter was, and how to change it myself. He was on-time, polite, and overall wonderful to work with!

on July 08

Thank you to Russell for notifying me of a problem that I can now bring to the dealership because my car is still under warranty! If not for him I may have had to pay out of pocket for some serious repairs.

on February 25

Russell was more than accommodating and extremely knowledgeable. He identified my issue almost immediately and my car is running better than ever now.

on June 20

An absolutely competent and friendly mechanic! Russ explained everything he did, what he checked and how to solve it. He worked quick and precise. I will not hesitate to contact My Mechanic again to have Russell take a look at any new problem. Great experience and sooo convenient to not have to drive a car somewhere when there's an issue with bad transitioning or unsteady RPM. Thank you!



Honda Civic
on February 29

I could not jump start my car so I was stuck with a dead car at my house. Russell came to my house and figured out that my battery was dead. He fixed my car that night so I was able to use it immediately. So grateful!



Honda Odyssey
on March 05

After diagnosing my car on a Friday morning and scheduling an appointment to fix it the next day due to a full schedule all day, Russell called that evening and offered to come fix my car after dinner. He came and worked until about 8 p.m. on a Friday night so that my car would be ready to go for me for the the weekend.

on July 20

Russell was right on time. He didn't seem to mind me hanging out and observing, while explaining what he was seeing, and he gave me some pointers for keeping my car maintained. I will likely use him when I get ready to make repairs [after I sell my other vehicle]. BTW: I'm annoyed that you do not have a "n/a" for the third question. How do I know he diagnosed/fixed a problem correctly until I get it taken care of [?]

on July 27

I had a pre purchase car inspection done on the car and Russell did a thorough job looking over the car. He found a few small things that needed to be fixed and overall recommended that I buy that car and made me feel confident about my decision.

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