32 years of experience
Phoenix, AZ

I've been in the automotive repair industry for over 30 years and am an ASE certified master mechanic. I love working directly with customers so I can really get to know their vehicles. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than repairing or servicing a car to make it run even better for the customer!





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  • 100,000 Miles Maintenance...


Ford Expedition
on June 28

Peter was a real pleasure to deal with. Hard worker, straight shooter, courteous, knowledgeable, communicative and friendly. I highly recommend this top-notch mechanic and would definitely prefer to use him when the time comes again.

on June 19

A great mechanic was on time and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend peter to anyone. I found Your Mechanic easy to work with and I will use in the future. Thank You

on June 16

The AC compressor that he replaced stopped working three days later. Peter came back out to diagnose the problem and sure enough the compressor stopped working. Two days later he installed a new one, but it too wasn't working. Peter determined that the condensor was clogged which is why first compressor failed. He immediately ordered a new condensor which would not be available until after lunch. A few hours later Peter returned and installed the new part outside in my parking lot when it was 106 degrees in the sun. Since the compressor was in warranty he replaced it and didn't charge me for the new part nor did he not charge me the labor to install it. He also gave me a fair price on the new condensor. Peter is honest and fair. He is not your ordinary mechanic out to see how much he can make off you. The rates are very reasonable.

on June 17

Peter fixed my A/C so it's running nice and cold now. Although there was a problem with my parts which made him late by 2 hrs. He called me to let me know what was going on repeatedly during the 2 hours. Luckily my schedule could accommodate the delay so it was no problem. The important part was the continuous communication without leaving me hanging.



Chrysler 300
on June 13

Peter arrived before appointment time and got right to work. Good and honest mechanic. Will use his services in the future. Very knowledgeable and recommend him for anyone in his area that is need for a good mechanic.

on June 10

Peter was amazing. He showed up early which made it easier for me because I had a reservation later that day I had to attend. He promptly fixed my wheel bearing and then test drove my car. Highly recommend and will he contacting him when my other bearing goes out.

on June 11

Pete is very knowledgeable and courteous. He was given two defective re-manufactured compressors so he had to replace it three times which was not his fault. I recommend paying for a new one from the start to avoid any issues.

on June 06

Awesome guy. Showed up early, got right to work. Personable and professional. We will be recommending him to everyone we know. He made a job that I tried to do myself , look simple. Thank you Peter.

on June 17

Peter was on time (early even!) and let me know exactly what was needed to fix my A/C. He's the only certified A/C mechanic in the Phoenix area for YM so his services are in demand. He was friendly, courteous, and very professional.



Hyundai Elantra
on June 03

Peter was awesome. I thought my starter finally died but instead it was just a battery that kicked the bucket after four months. Peter told me about the battery and I got replaced. he came back out to check the car and make sure the alternator was up to par and that nothing was putting a drain on the battery. After everything checked out we talked for a little bit. Peter is a great guy I'd be happy to have him work on my car again, or just stop buy for dinner. He really is that great. Did I mention that both times he came by that he showed up early?

on May 26

Peter was AMAZING!!! He came to change my employees oil, and I was in desperate need of mine being changed so he fit me in and made the process so easy!! My car drives like a dream now, will absolutely be using his service again :)



Saab 9-3
on May 30

Genuine, patient, understanding and honest guy. He is a very hard worker, and knows what he's doing. I have a saab and am very specific about who touches it. I trust Peter.

on May 22

Made my first experience with YourMechanic a GREAT one. I will be using again and personally requesting Peter. Thank you kind sir for a great service. Your extremely satisfied customer, David



Cadillac DeVille
on May 16

Peter is very knowledgeable and professional. He is prompt and courteous and explains every detail. He did not need to replace one of the parts that the job called for so he called in and had that removed from the quote, who else does that? I will ask for him specifically going forward, and will recommend him to my friends.



Honda Civic
on May 04

Peter was polite, professional, and honest. I requested the replacement of both my brake pads and rotors due to what I thought was significant wear on my rotors -- Peter diagnosed the issue and determined the rotors were healthy enough not to require replacement for another 20,000+ miles. Absolutely the best experience I've ever had with a mechanic.

on April 25

Peter was on time, even called ahead (as requested) and was able to arrive early. Was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Got right to work and was finished within the expected time frame. I would definitely use him and Your Mechanic again.


  • Transmission Mount


Kia Optima
on April 24

I'm a lady with little to no knowledge about car repairs. Nowadays it's very difficult to find and trust a mechanic. This is my first experience with Peter and I am very, very, very happy. He is super punctual, respectful, knowledgeable, polite and super fast! I highly recommend Peter to anybody who has had bad experience with other mechanics or need someone trustworthy who will tell you exactly what you car needs to be on top shape. I love the pricing and transparency! God Bless you guys!

on May 30

Peter did a great job installing new AC compressor. Blowing super cold now! Arrived a little early and was done quickly.

on June 17

Peter was extremely professional and very quick in repairing my air conditioner, it's freezing cold now.


  • Inspection / Diagnostics


Nissan Altima
on November 23

Peter has been nothing but exceptional with his work on my car. This is the second time he has fixed my car and I am extremely happy with the results. He goes out of his way to explain what repairs need to be made. He has earned my trust.His work ethic is excellent. He always goes out of his way to ensure my car is fixed in a timely manner. I will be booking him again for future repairs on my vehicle and will be recommending him to my friends and family.

on November 22

Just an oil change. Peter was very professional and called me to say that he could come early if I wished, which was great, because I had been worrying that if he arrived at 5pm or later, it would be getting dark and difficult for him to see. Haven't driven the vehicle yet, but I'm sure it's fine. Thank you, Peter.

on October 17

Very punctual, professional, knowledgable, and personable. I can't think of a single thing he could have done that would have made my experience better. Would highly recommend him and YourMechanic.



Pontiac G6
on July 14

I really would to thank you for a job well done. I will be calling you again for your service. I also will recommend you to my friends and family. Again THANK YOU, for your GREAT service.

on July 28

Thank you so much Peter you saved my baby and for me back on the road. My car rides so good. This was my first time utilizing yourmechanic and I must say I will be using them again and requesting Peter. Peter was on time, very professional and kept me informed with everything going on eith my car. After everything was completed I had to get a new battery as well. Peter could have easily got me to buy a battery with your mechanic. Peter informed me to shop around for my battery because my car's type of battery is very expensive. Thanks for the tip, professionalism, &great customer service which is why I will continue to use yourmechanic and request Peter Sario again.

on June 23

I had my wheel bearings and struts replaced. Peter ran into some problems with my truck due to it being lifted. He drove back down into town to get the parts. My truck turned out to have more issues than what I thought and he was quick to point them out and fix them for no extra charge. Altogether it took about 3 days of work to get it done because I live pretty far from the city and he had to make a few trips.

on September 11

Peter performed a pre purchase inspection on a 2011 MB SL550. This was an internet sale and I was not present at the dealership. Peter arrived promptly at the time arranged. The dealership owner said he was thorough and professional. I received a very thorough report within an hour of completion of his visit. Very detailed.

on June 02

THANK YOU PETE !!! Awesome job very professional and friendly overall communication was great i would love for PETE to work on my car again once again thank you Pete you made my life easier and your experience is greatly appreciated

on August 27

Peter was friendly and knew what he was talking about. He was able to solve the problem for the moment and was able to help me understand what the issue probably is.

on May 28

Peter was a great dude and after a little miscommunication with the location, arrived in a timely manner. Answered all my questions and was quite friendly. I used a Groupon as this was my first time trying but I gotta say for not having to take time off work to service my car, this was an amazing experience 10/10 would use again.

on December 11

Peter was very knowledgable. He came out on more than one occasion to fix my car and when doing so he went the extra mile and did research on my vehicle.

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