32 years of experience
Phoenix, AZ

I've been in the automotive repair industry for over 30 years and am an ASE certified master mechanic. I love working directly with customers so I can really get to know their vehicles. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than repairing or servicing a car to make it run even better for the customer!





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  • Transmission Mount


Kia Optima
on April 24

I'm a lady with little to no knowledge about car repairs. Nowadays it's very difficult to find and trust a mechanic. This is my first experience with Peter and I am very, very, very happy. He is super punctual, respectful, knowledgeable, polite and super fast! I highly recommend Peter to anybody who has had bad experience with other mechanics or need someone trustworthy who will tell you exactly what you car needs to be on top shape. I love the pricing and transparency! God Bless you guys!

on March 28

Once again I had another successful appointment with Peter. He changed out the part in my car for the A/C in only half an hour. Always very polite and professional. Do not hesitate to choose Peter as your mechanic. This guy is the real deal!

on March 26

Peter is the best. He took the time to discuss my issue and fully resolved it. He is very honest and upfront even saved me some money on a part I didn't need. And finally cleaned up. Thanks So Much!

on March 23

My A/C was making an awful screeching noise, but working perfectly fine. I went to a big Ford dealership and they said they needed to keep the car for 3+ days to find out what was wrong. Peter only needed 10 seconds to realize what the issue was. Not only what part, but why it was messing up, too.Very knowledgeable guy. Service was a breeze and he even showed up early! I plan on making Peter my go-to mechanic. Thank you, Peter!

on April 19

Peter came early which worked out great. I liked the communication via text and e mail. He was awesome and did a great job!



Isuzu Trooper
on March 08

Peter was the kind of person you want to deal in a service industry. Sane, no attitude, no headtrips, actually listens, gives you all the consultation you need so you feel 100% right about the work in advance, and knows what the flip they're doing because it's their life's work and they've done it to the point of true, top-level expertise. And instead of just diving into the expensive repair I had called for, he doubled-checked the diagnosis that had been made by other mechanics, because the potential alternate causes of the problem had vastly less expensive solutions. (Note: expensive was not the fault of Your Mechanic. They were actually the cheapest bid of every mobile mechanic in the city even though the part they provided was top of the line, new, not rebuilt.) All around, couldn't ask for more, and I like knowing that when I call again, I can do so with full trust and confidence. And I can't think of a reason to go to a garage instead of using Your Mechanic and Peter again.

on April 22

He showed up and diagnosed the vehicle quickly and saved me a bunch of money by not having to replace the compressor.



Ford F-150
on March 02

Friendly and knowledgeable. I only had one small issue: I had a ac condenser replaced and fluids leaked on my garage floor. My suggestion for future services that involve fluids, use a mat or tarp so they don't leak on to the customers garage floor. Peter even checked the radiator and its connections while he was there to see if it would need replacing anytime soon. Great guy.

on March 16

Peter was great! He was able to come a little early which was convenient and was extremely friendly. I highly recommend Peter to everyone.

on February 27

I believe that the labor cost was in sync with the actual amount of work that went in to fixing my truck. I like how the appointment was fast and as scheduled and the mechanic was friendly and professional. Thank you Peter and my mechanic for your services and will definitely recommend you guys.

on February 24

Peter Sario was very knowledgeable very easy to talk to the man knows what he's talking about and he knows what he's doing I will recommend him to my family and Friends he definitely did an awesome job I am super satisfied Peter you the man.



BMW 328i
on October 24

Peter is a good down to earth guy who will not only tell you what you need to do but also why. I booked to have a valve over gasket replaced and turns out that wasn't the problem. He didn't replace that valve since it was still good and I will definitely be booking with him again to have the real culprit fixed.


  • Brakes, Steering and Susp...


Ford Explorer
on July 21

Peter Sario arrived actually before he was scheduled,also was profesional looking and very knowledgeable. I would not hessetate to have Peter work on my vehicle, Im going to request him every time i get my vehicle fixed.

on July 21

Peter called before arriving and got to work immediately. I gave him the part that needed to be installed and he installed it. He check to make sure my car was not having the code anymore and he gave me back the keys. This morning my car started and went to work without worries. Great service.

on October 18

Hello! I've had the same mechanic for 6 year's prior to Peter. I was so glad to have met him and lucky! My mechanic retired no longer with his shop he sold it I still went there, but felt uneasy about them. Peter so professional explained what it was that I needed, looked through the engine. Appeared to know what to look for. I called my friend and told her about him and she's interested in him if she ever needs . Withlife, I was glad to know that I can feel safe on the road againing that was going wrong in my life At least I can count on Peter. There hasn't been a good mechanic since then.I'm proud to say that he is my mechanic He is very thorough ! Deborah Fox

on July 19

I will recommend all of my friends to this excellent service . I could not be more happy with Mr. Peter , No more dealership visits for my BMW , Overall experience was excellent ! :) Customer service was also excellent :) I will use them again with all my vehicles

on October 21

My car wasn't running properly the RPMs were all over the place and the car would die. Peter showed up early was quick and efficient with his work show me what he did what possibly needs to be done in the future and a wonderful personality. Peter I thank you for doing this, this means a lot I'm going to you moving forward.

on October 17

Very punctual, professional, knowledgable, and personable. I can't think of a single thing he could have done that would have made my experience better. Would highly recommend him and YourMechanic.



Pontiac G6
on July 14

I really would to thank you for a job well done. I will be calling you again for your service. I also will recommend you to my friends and family. Again THANK YOU, for your GREAT service.

on July 28

Thank you so much Peter you saved my baby and for me back on the road. My car rides so good. This was my first time utilizing yourmechanic and I must say I will be using them again and requesting Peter. Peter was on time, very professional and kept me informed with everything going on eith my car. After everything was completed I had to get a new battery as well. Peter could have easily got me to buy a battery with your mechanic. Peter informed me to shop around for my battery because my car's type of battery is very expensive. Thanks for the tip, professionalism, &great customer service which is why I will continue to use yourmechanic and request Peter Sario again.

on June 23

I had my wheel bearings and struts replaced. Peter ran into some problems with my truck due to it being lifted. He drove back down into town to get the parts. My truck turned out to have more issues than what I thought and he was quick to point them out and fix them for no extra charge. Altogether it took about 3 days of work to get it done because I live pretty far from the city and he had to make a few trips.

on June 02

THANK YOU PETE !!! Awesome job very professional and friendly overall communication was great i would love for PETE to work on my car again once again thank you Pete you made my life easier and your experience is greatly appreciated

on May 28

Peter was a great dude and after a little miscommunication with the location, arrived in a timely manner. Answered all my questions and was quite friendly. I used a Groupon as this was my first time trying but I gotta say for not having to take time off work to service my car, this was an amazing experience 10/10 would use again.

on December 11

Peter was very knowledgable. He came out on more than one occasion to fix my car and when doing so he went the extra mile and did research on my vehicle.

on December 08

Excellent service. Best experience I have ever had with a mechanic. Work was done quickly and he was up front an honest about any issues the car might have in the future.


  • Inspection / Diagnostics


Chrysler 300
on November 09

My check engine light kept coming on and off, I took it to the dealership and they could not find a code for it at all. I booked an appointment through your mechanic and Peter was the man. Not only did he find the code but it was just as simple as just getting a coolant flush. Thank you again Peter for saving me from some costly repairs from the dealership.



Honda CR-V
on December 24

Was very thorough and friendly while replacing a depleted dead battery. We went through all the steps confirming the previous battery was the issue and that the new installed battery was setup and properly charging. Service was expedient and without issue.


  • Brake safety inspection
  • The car pulls back and do...


Dodge Stratus
on March 24

Your Mechanic lives up to their words, the prices are good and the staff is great. They really take of the customer, I love that all mechanics are ASE certified and that their work is guaranteed%. I totally recommend them to all of you reading this.

on September 11

Peter performed a pre purchase inspection on a 2011 MB SL550. This was an internet sale and I was not present at the dealership. Peter arrived promptly at the time arranged. The dealership owner said he was thorough and professional. I received a very thorough report within an hour of completion of his visit. Very detailed.



Dodge Stratus
on March 10

I have always had back luck with mechanics, until now. I found My Mechanic online and was pleased with the customers reviews. I can rest assure I got a good price and an awesome service, not only was my mechanic(Peter S) friendly and on time he answered all of my questions. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about his work and gave me peace of mind right away. I will forever be a My Mechanic customer and plan on recommending Peter S to my family and friends.

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