16 years of experience
Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne, FL

I've been an automotive technician since 2001 but have always been passionate about fixing cars. I attended a vocational school to learn about automotive technology, and have experience working on Domestic, Asian, and European vehicles. Over my career I've worked at a variety of major dealerships. I believe finding the source of a problem and getting it taken care of the first time is the key to customer satisfaction.





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on August 18

It was clear when Brandon showed up to the dealership to inspect my car that he was on my side. I felt like I had a "Mechanical Attorney" with me; a professional who represented my best interests. He was very knowledgable, insightful, and thorough. 10/10 kind sir, thank you!



Hyundai Sonata
on August 18

I started with Brandon, and keep asking for him. Pleasant smile and well managed. I wouldn't recommenced him to anyone else, He's ALL mine;) Seriously, he does a great job. Due to him working on my car at my work of business, my patients asks what is he doing to my car, I advise them of the work that Your Mechanic does. I have referred several patients of mine, information on Your Mechanic and how to contact them, they do excellent work for a great price! Thanks again Brandon:)



Cadillac CTS
on August 11

knowledgeable, friendly and on time. Brandon arrived on time and completed my starter replacement within one hour. Very professional. I would highly recommend Brandon for your repair needs.

on August 12

We had Brandon check out a car we were going to buy. He was very thorough, checking everything bumper to bumper. After his inspection we were confident that we were buying a very good car which gave us great peace of mind. Highly recommend! Would definitely use him again.



Hyundai Sonata
on August 11

Booked Brandon for 6 pm he got in touch right after appointment got confirmed to check if he can come earlier. Sure enough he got the part was here at 3 pm. Very friendly and professional.anytime again



Chevrolet Impala
on August 03

Brandon was on point with everything he covered for me. I thought I had a huge electrical issue, but he checked and double checked the possible issue. He was professional and knowledgeable. He's the second mechanic I have used with yourMechanic and I think he raised the bar tremendously. I would recommend Brandon!

on July 29

Brandon worked quickly and timely to find my leak. After a bit of investigation, we found it and he recommend me the necessary repairs. It started raining and he let me sit inside his vehicle to stay dry. (Even drove me closer to my house to avoid much of the rain). Very nice and on point

on August 12

Brandon did an excellent job and repaired my broken window motor with no issues. Will definitely be reccomending and coming back myself.

on July 23

Brandon actually arrived early and installed the parts perfectly. He previously installed a radiator for an overheating problem. The belt and belt tensioner that he installed today fixed the overheating problem for good. Great mechanic.

on July 21

my God it was the most stress less experience with a mechanic in my life. Such a pleasant informative mechanic, Brandon thank you I was a bit nervous having someone come to my home but, this was just so relaxing. He took pictures to let me see my problem it was nice to be informed. Thank you so much Brandon loved experience.



Ford Focus
on July 19

Brandon was awesome! He communicated very clearly regarding time and what he'd be doing. He was able to come earlier than scheduled which was perfect! Brandon is very professional and thorough. I definitely recommend him, his services and this company! Thank you, Brandon!



Honda CR-V
on July 19

Excellent didn't waste any time. He was quick and accurate. I would recommend him to anyone needing service. I have never dealt with a mechanic who new exactly what need to be done and got right to it.

on July 15

Brandon was very professional, completed the work in a timely fashion. Was courteous while I inquired about other issues ive been having with the car, made reccomendations as to repairs that are needed and time frame in which they should be addressed. Would reccomend.

on July 14

Brandon was timely, professional, and courteous. He went above and beyond with his service, and thoroughly explained his work. The car is running great again. Thanks!

on July 11

Brandon provided exceptional service today. He was very thorough and explained to me in detail the nature of the problem with my car. He went the extra mile to check the engine codes and help me develop a plan to maintain my vehicle.



Ford Mustang
on July 29

Brandon was quick and knew what he was doing. He educated as he went, sharing his experiance with me. That was worth way more than I paid.



Toyota Camry
on July 10

Brandon was very professional and helpful in explaining how the different parts of my engine works together. He was early which I absolutely loved! I was more than satisfied with his work.



Ford Escape
on July 06

Brandon is a outstanding mechanic who cares about his customer. Values and appreciates them. As my first time with “your mechanic” he has made this experience memorable and I’m 100% more likely to call upon him if my truck ever has any problems. Very knowledgeable, professional, anddependable.

on July 01

I have had a terrible week with dealerships. Found this site, SO SATISFIED! Brandon was early (bonus!), professional, courteous and efficient. Great job! Will absolutely use this service again!



Honda Odyssey
on June 29

Very friendly. Arrived early for appointment. Saved me money by replacing only the alternator since the drive belt was in good condition. Highly recommend.

on June 28

Brandon was awewome. Really great service. He found the issue and fixed it pretty much instantly. I've been scammed before with repair shops and based on my service I'll always call Brandon from now on.



Nissan Altima
on June 26

My car broke down Friday night.... Radiator had a hole in it...didnt think I could get it fixed until Monday... booked a appointment with Your Mechanic...Brandon came to my house 8am Sunday to replace it ...did a great pressure to sell me anything eles..he made sure my car was ready for the road and ready to go.....Thank you so much Brandon....


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Honda Accord
on June 24

Very knowledgeable and honest with his diagnostics. Dug deep into the nitty-gritty details of the engines and gave sound advice as towards the next steps for repairs. Fair, polite and respectful as some of the best in the business should be. Highly recommended!

on August 11

Nothing to do with Brandon but this appointment was a waste of time. I still have a car in pieces from the last mech on July 27th.

on August 01

Was on time and he did everything in a timely manner thank you so much for coming out.. so much easier than going somewhere yourself...

on July 12

Was very helpful, knowledgeable and punctual. I would recommend Brandon Taylor to anyone needing a mechanic in the Orlando Area.

on June 10

Very good guy! Was on time, called to let me know he was on a current job and would be here shortly, then called on his way. Great communication. My sister booked this site on line not knowing what she was doing, called me saying you know how men get over on women with cars, he has now caused her to change her view. She even asked could he do it he was honest and said no it's a bus, I don't have equipment go on the site and they will link you with the best deals. He gave me the full run down on the bus and even things I wasn't expecting to have looked at he checked out. He actually put some effort into it. Great Job! Because of him I will now book all jobs through this site.

on June 06

Brandon did an excellent job. He was thorough and cleaned everything. He showed us any issues and explained them. He was very early but it all worked out. We will use Your Mechanic again hopefully get Brandon.

on June 03

Brandon was great when he inspected our new car. He walked us through every step, explained what needed work and was open about what parts were needed and what they cost. Absolutely would recommend Brandon to anyone, don't buy a second car without getting his OK first!



Saturn Ion
on August 15

Brandon showed early for the appointment. He was professional and put in my alternator as requested.

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