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The Traveler’s Guide to Driving in Bahamas

When you think of the Bahamas, your mind conjures up images of sandy beaches and clear blue water. While you will certainly want to enjoy the beaches such as Gold Rock Beach and Pink Sands Beach on your next vacation, there are plenty of other sights and attractions that you can see and experience as well. The Marine Habitat at Atlantis is always a lot of fun, and you can encounter some dolphins at the Blue Lagoon Island. Predator Lagoon, the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve, and John Watling’s Distillery are also fine options.

Why rent a car?

When you rent a vehicle, you can visit any part of the island you wish, and you can do so without needing to wait for public transportation or a taxi. Having a rental vehicle is convenient. When you choose your rental car, make sure you get the phone number and emergency contact information for the agency, just in case you need to get in touch with them.

The age requirements for renting a vehicle can vary from one rental agency to another. Some will rent to those who are 21 years old, while others will only rent to those who are 25 and older. There are no toll roads in the Bahamas.

Road conditions and safety

You can drive in the Bahamas with your domestic driver’s license and an international driving permit. The minimum age to drive in the Bahamas is 17. It is important to remember that traffic will move on the left side of the road. The driver and the passengers in the vehicle will all need to have their seatbelts on while they in the car.

You are not allowed to use cell phones when driving, unless they have a hands-free system. You will need to have third-party insurance as well, which you can get through the rental agency. When you are driving, you need to have your license, as well as registration and insurance information for the vehicle. The rental company will make sure you have all of the required information.

The roadways in the Bahamas are generally in very good condition near the populated areas and cities. The roads are paved and do not have any issues that will prove to be a problem. Some of the rural roads may be dirt rather than paved, and they are going to be rougher when driving.

While the drivers in the Bahamas are not bad, there are some who speed and who do not use turn signals. It is always a good idea to drive defensively and to be wary of what other drivers are doing.

Speed limits

The speed limits are as follows.

  • Built up areas – 32 km/h
  • Rural areas – 72 km/h

Having a rental car will make it much easier for you to see and do everything that you want while you are on vacation in the Bahamas. It is more comfortable and more convenient than using taxis or public transportation.

The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details

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