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Services by Arturo Lopez

Arturo knows what he is doing.He is an asset to your company

Services by Ramona Johnson

Great experience, you were knowledgeable and very helpful

Services by ALAA A ALKAABI

Alaa is very knowledgable, professional and friendly!

Services by Attila Paniti

First his did great job and finally he said the issue was ignition coil.

Services by Chet Storch

At first when he showed up, he looks tired already considering it was a late appointment. He looked at the car, opens up the hood and check the transmission fluid. Then after checking the fluid, he made a recommendation to use the Blue Devil Sealer for the transmission. He said to pour it in the transmission and it should take care of the problem. I was surprised that it was that quick to diagnose the problem of the car without actually testing the car. Then he made some recommendations that if I need new transmission then I can go to The junkyard. It seemed to me that he is trying to prolong the conversation to make it to an hour and then he gets paid $99. I asked him when are you going to inspect the and test the car and when he noticed that I was getting frustrated already and I told him to do his job. And that’s when he actually inspected the car. After 30 mins. he called me and explained to me the problem of the car. He said that the Blue Devil Sealer is not going to work because the main problem is the actual transmission itself. Then he made his recommendation to either purchase another transmission from the junkyard or just sell the car and get a used one with low mileage in it. I was glad that he explained to me the real problem of the car after our not so pleasant discussion earlier. I would still recommend his service but you just have to be upfront with him.