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Services by Michael Brown

Good Mechanic.. Very knowledgeable of is work and friendly.

I've waited a while to post this because I wanted to settle down about it first. I have always been satisfied with your mechanc in the past and this left a bad taste in my mouth. This mechanic did not come with all the equipment he needed to get the job done so he had to wait for someone to bring him the right equipment on two occasions. He did, however, charge me for the time that he was waiting and doing nothing to my car, which caused the cost to go over the estimate. He also, as a slight of hand, asked me if I was satisfied with the work and had me sign for the work before I was even made aware that the cost was over the estimate. After he left I discovered that the car was leaking oil onto my driveway. When I called to make a warrantee claim I discovered that because I had purchased some of the parts myself, the work (not the parts) was not warranteed. So now I have to eat the cost of having the oil leak fixed. This issue about providing the parts yourself is buried on their website and not intuitive or even expected. Let the buyer beware! This is simply a way for them to inflate the cost of the parts. Also - the mechanic sis not point out this issue as I would have just had them get the parts and returned the ones I purchased so as to be under warrantee. It feels like he took advantage of this issue to leave the car with a problem and not be liable for it. I have had to place a tarp under the car every time I park it in the driveway as a result of the leak.