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Jeep Liberty

on February 16

Rubens was very helpful. Thanks Ruben!

on January 26

Ruben showed up before scheduled time to change my oil and filter on my Honda Accord. Was done with service in a timely manner and was truthful about some additional maintenance I may need in the near future.



Honda Fit

on January 16

Ruben was fantastic—timely, professional, friendly, and kind. He took the time to explain things to me and went out of his way to make sure that I had all the right parts I needed.

on December 16

Ruben is very professional and knowledgeable he explains everything to me really well and I feel comfortable that he is the one who take care of my car's need. I highly recommend Ruben to anyone 5 star indeed!

on December 07

Ruben explained to me each step of the inspection he covered. He was very detailed. He was able to find a hose that was loose. I would recommend his services to a friend.

on November 29

Ruben was fantastic!! He arrived on time and meticulously looked over the dealer used car we were looking to purchase. He was very friendly and knowledgable and was happy to answer any questions we had. He was very factual and direct when observing the car, and found a number a faults with it that the the dealer didn't disclose. Ruben saved us from buying a lemon and for that we are truly grateful! Definitely recommend Ruben for a pre-purchase car inspection, he potentially saved us thousands in repair costs that we would have had to pay for if we followed through with buying this lemon Mercedes.

on November 25

He got there on time, and provided me with an excellent detail report on the C300 he inspected. By far the best pre purchase inspection. Thanks Ruben.

on December 19

My dad needed his Nissan repaired and said the mechanic Ruben did a great job, he knew what he was doing and was on time! Thank you!

on October 15

Ruben was very quick, efficient, knowledgable, and friendly. He also didn't mind me asking him a bunch of questions about what he was doing, which was cool. 5/5 Thanks again Ruben!

on September 21

Ruben is very knowledgeable and efficient! He arrived at my house on time and kept me informed throughout the entire service process. He is a skilled and trustworthy mechanic. I highly recommend him for the job!

on September 11

This is the type of mechanic you want to work on your car. I have all late model vehicles. My friend of 30 years is a master mechanic and concurred with all recommendations. Reuben was timely, efficient and courteous. My wife is a very dercerning person and she was comfortable with him. He explained the process, recommend options and when there was a problem offered solutions. I would definitely book him again.

on September 05

Was knowledgeable on what he was doing and all the extra steps it took since the car it kind of a pain to work on, which was good since I did not know everything else that needed to be done to achieve the the goal of my car functioning again. It might have been a simple replacement, but to do it was not so simple.



BMW 335i

on September 01

Fast , efficient server. Knowledgeable about the job. Brakes were making a loud thud on first time braking. Replaced front brake pads and brake flush. Fixed loud sound. Thanks Ruben. Recommended.

on September 29

Ruben was careful with my classic muscle car. He explained everything he was going to do, performed the fix flawlessly, told me what he had done, and thanked me for allowing him to be of service.


  • Tune-up
  • rear main stop leak


BMW 528i

on October 18

First time experience with yourmechanic service. I availed a tune up service and Ruben was professional and knew what he was doing. He was also friendly and very knowledgeable. I will avail his services next time I need it. Next one is brake pad and rotor replacement. I will give an update soon.

on September 27

Ruben was very professional and knowledgeable. He was able to diagnose the car's issue in a timely matter offering great recommendations and options to solve the problem.

on October 10

Ruben was super cool and helpful. He diagnosed my car, gave me an estimate and even let me now of a few good sites to check out. Would definitely recommend him.

on September 26

This guy is really honest!! I actually had an issue with Battery but a 3rd party guy told me that there is an issue with my alternator. I used yourmechanic and requested Ruben to fix my Alternator. Instead of blindly replacing the alternator, he performed some checks and found out that my car battery was BAD. Thanks Ruben! Appreciate it.

on January 02

Ruben was punctual, friendly, professional, knowledgeable, competent and went above and beyond! Thank you, Ruben!



Scion FR-S

on January 13

Basically perfect. Ruben arrived on time, friendly and proffesional. Work done well and efficiently.



Honda Accord

on February 10

He was on time, professional and knowledgeable. It was a very good experience. Thx

on January 10

I was very happy with Ruben and when need service again I diffently will ask for Ruben again. Jane



Toyota RAV4

on February 02

On time. Knowledgeable. Serviced the vehicle and kept the work area clean afterwards.

on October 06

Very professional. Knew instantly what was wrong with my car. Will meet him Saturday 10/07 to pick up car and can't comment on final repair work at this time but he was paid in full to replace timing belt; tensioner and valve cover gasket.

on January 19

So far so good, this is my first time and very knowledgeable looking forward to a continued relationship.



Dodge Ram 1500

on December 21

Couldn't say enough about him. Absolutely great service ! Will recommend him and your service to everyone.

on January 03

Ruben's inspection went fine, but his appointment time and quotes kept changing. My car's a Mazda RX-8, which is a somewhat exotic sports car, with a rotary engine, and I don't believe he's ever worked on one before, though he wouldn't admit it. He went to price the parts, which were completely different from what was originally quoted on the App. So I asked him to give me specifics regarding exactly what type of $45/each sparks plugs he was putting in my car (with a rotary engine, the types of plugs used can greatly affect the car's performance, depending on the style of driving, which he didn't seem to have any idea about). He said he would give me specifics, but then did not, instead merely giving me the brand name. And when I asked again for the specifics parts he was planning to install...and told him I could get the parts myself for HALF of what he quoted...he simply CHANGED HIS QUOTE to a much HIGHER figure! I'm very disappointed with Ruben and this app in general. Might be OK for changing oil on a Honda Civic, or some other simple work, but I wouldn't use it again for any sort of higher quality vehicle.



Audi A4

on September 23

Ruben is Awesome. He explained what he's doing and why and also gave recommendations on how to help maintain my car



Kia Sorento

on November 07

He was a great guy and he helped diagnose my problem. However, i felt like i was charged way too much. The actual amount for the diagnose was $80 and i was actually charged $104. That’s $24 more than what i was supposed to pay. That was my only issue.

on December 09

Ruben is a knowledgable mechanic and to the point when it comes to auto issues. Highly recommended.

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