18 years of experience
Denver, CO

I've been an automotive technician since 1999 and am ASE certified. I've worked with Firestone, a GMC dealership, and independent shops. I specialize in American and Asian cars and can work on most makes and models. I love applying my experience to figuring out why your car doesn't run like it should - and then making the necessary repairs to get it back in great condition!





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on May 26

Fine.went out of his way to accommodate me.


  • 105,000 Miles Maintenance...


Ford Expedition
on May 23

Jonathan was on time, and finished the job quickly. He recommended repairs that needed to be done on my truck, in addition he removed items from the quote that did not fit the current needs.


  • Tail light circuit board


Oldsmobile Silhouette
on May 06

Jonathan is great! Very professional, arrived early for both appointments, patient with all my questions, and the price was fantastic! Other places I called wanted an average of $140 for an electrical diagnostic- YourMechanic did it for $70 and came to my home! The repair was also really reasonable and he did it only two days later (and I got the diagnostic scheduled for the day after I contacted YourMechanic - fast!) I'll be recommending them, and Jonathan in particular, to anyone I hear needs automotive work! I always expect auto mechanics to overcharge me and tell me I need all sorts of things I don't really need because I am a woman who knows nothing about cars. doesn't take advantage! I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you, Jonathan.

on May 24

Jonathan just finished the needed services on my car, this is our first time using your mobile service & I am very excited about the convenience factor. Jonathan was a little quiet at first, I'm the type of person that needs to understand what is being done, but he did explain everything & turned out to be friendly, professional, & knowledgeable. I haven't tested the car yet, but have already referred a few friends & neighbors. I will give higher score after I test the car, & will schedule appointments with him as needed & as I can afford. Thank you

on May 18

Wonderful experience! Jonathan was on time and explained everything he was going to do. He even did the job in terrible weather!

on March 22

Very competent and very quick with a diagnosis that had stymied those of us trying to do it ourselves! Jonathan is great; is very convenient and easy to use!



Acura RL
on March 22

I was pleasantly surprised at how professional Jonathan was. The whole experience was better than I expected it to be and I will definitely do business with Your Mechanic again because of him.

on March 13

He was great. Turned out I didn't need the services I asked for, and he was honest about that. He was more than happy to give my car a once-over to make sure everything worked, and the whole thing was done in about an hour or so.

on March 10

A trustworthy, professional, affordable, and friendly mechanic who knows what he is doing and will drive to your location. Great guy and a terrific service.

on March 09

Jonathan is better than some mechanic I've done business with. Vey smart and explained all my question. Will do all my business with your company. Enjoyed my experience.

on March 22

Great experience with Jon. He double & triple checked the codes for accuracy. He even drove my car to get a feel for the issue I was having!

on March 30

Unfortunately, the diagnosis that I received didn't fix the problem & since I provided the part, the work isn't guaranteed. I like Jonathan's work ethic though.

on August 27

Good communication and excellent work. Jonathan diagnosed a problem that the dealership said couldn't be fixed. We've always had excellent and timely service with YourMechanic technicians.

on September 03

Johnathan was great! He was very knowledgeable and professional. Took the time to answer all of my questions. Would definitely recommend! Thanks Johnathan!



Jeep Liberty
on September 21

I had a great experience with YourMechanic and with Jonathan in particular. He was the ideal mechanic - timely (early, in fact), friendly, hard-working and honest. I would definitely recommend him!

on September 28

Very knowledgeable and took the time to answer my questions and show me what was being done. I definitely would want him to work on my van in the future!

on February 07

I had accidentally left my overhead light on in the car, naturally when I tried to start the engine all I got was a click. I checked and scheduled an appointment for an hour later. Jonathon came on time and restarted the battery with a jump and then ran the car for about 20 minutes to build the charge. I didn't have to do anything except tell him what happened. and the new app that shows their location in real time is great. It shows where they are coming from to your house so you can estimate when he will get there.

on October 03

Jonathan called right away and was actually able to come earlier. He spent time diagnosing my problems and explained what needed to be done. He even said if I had further questions I could contact him at any time. I have a followup for Jonathan to complete the recommended work.

on January 29

My experience with Jonathan was awesome from the very start. I was very impressed with his professionalism. I wanted him to do a pre purchase inspection for me. The seller was not allowing the inspection to be done completely and was insisting on a partial inspection. Jonathan refused to do the inspection and made sure I was not billed. I then asked him to do another inspection and was amazed with the level of organization, meticulousness, and detail with which he went over the car. His opinion was the last word as far as I was concerned. He's a great guy and went of his way to accommodate me on a very short notice. I would recommend him to all without a second thought. Thank you!

on October 04

He called to let me know he'd be able to come earlier than expected and made it clear he would work around my schedule and would still come at the scheduled appointment if I couldn't meet sooner. He was professional while still maintaining a very relaxed attitude. He actually encouraged me to ask questions! In my experience most guys act like questions are an extreme inconvenience - definitely appreciated that he didn't make me feel like a total idiot for asking simple questions.

on November 16

He was very early but was willing to wait till our set time-I was home so no biggie. Better early then late in my book! He got right to work and was fast and efficient. Very nice and I felt comfortable asking questions. I'll never try to fix my car myself again. Friendly, fast, affordable and convient!!!!



Honda Element
on December 07

Today is cold cold cold! Jonathan's great! He was here in timely manner and provided his usually great service. I really appreciate his hard work, especially on such a chilly day. Thank you!

on November 29

This is the 2nd prepurchase inspection I have used Jonathan for. His knowledge of GMC vehicles is very extensive, and he is very willing to offer his opinion. I highly recommend him, his level of customer service is excellent.

on July 08

Jonathan was highly professional and trustworthy. Was told the last time I had a vehicle inspection that I would need rear shoes for my truck. Went over the recommended time, had been driving in the mountains down steep slopes, and figured it had to be cutting it close. Hardly. He showed me I still had 75% of my rear pads left, and 50% of my front. The dealership wanted $450 for the rear, and although I knew I wouldn't be going there for the service, I still figured I would need to change them. He did only what needed to be done, even after purchasing all parts to do front and rear brakes. His honesty gained a customer for as long as I live in this area. Skilled technicians with honesty are hard to come by. Recommended by all means.

on July 11

I wasn't sure about the whole YourMechanic thing. My car needed several things fixed. I decided to get my brakes done first to test it out. I was pleasantly surprised. Jonathan did a great job! He called to see if he could come early and it worked better for my schedule. He was friendly and professional. I will be using him again for my other things I need fixed.

on July 09

Showed up on time, was friendly courteous and knew what he was talking about. The definition of a great mechanic. I highly recommend him. I have already scheduled another repair with him in the near future.



Toyota RAV4
on August 14

Prompt, professional and knows his stuff. He arrives on time [I have used him a couple of times now], gets the work done quickly and completely, and has good interpersonal skills. He takes pride in the quality of his work, and goes the "extra mile." I highly recommend using him if you have the opportunity. Thanks Jon.



Saturn Ion
on July 13

John was an extremely helpful, and very efficient mechanic! My car is running wonderfully now, thanks to John! I would highly recommend using for any of your car needs.

on July 11

Jonathan was a life saver. Our car was not in a movable position blocking the garage door.. He rescued us and made our day. To get this level of expert work on a Sunday certainly goes above and beyond. Competent and quick professional workmanship got us on the road again with fair pricing. Thank-you again Jonathan.

on July 18

I appreciate you helping me get my hyundai up and running! Your advice, friendly service, and dedicated work will make me comeback to the my mechanic site and request for you for future work on my car.

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