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Duane at YourMechanic


(664 Reviews)
28 years


Oxygen Sensor


by Dyane from Valley Center, CA 92082

Duane is the best! Always on time, always prepared and is time efficient. Do not hesitate, set an appointment and rest assured, your job will be done by a professional at a great rate!


by Rhona from Valley Center, CA 92082

Duane arrived early w/ a mask on, did a thorough 50 pt visual inspection, and also clearly knew how a Toyota Prius C’s 2 batteries (both in the backseat) and the inverter (under front hood) work. I also appreciate how he proactively brought along a brand new traditional 12 v SuperStart battery to replace the original 12 v battery that has now reached the end of its life after 8 years & 2 months, so I can start the engine & drive again. Prior to Duane’s arrival, I have had to use my back-up gas guzzling SUV to get around (I work long hours Mondays to Fridays), so having him come on an early Saturday morning to get my Prius running w/ a brand new 12 v battery was totally worth it! I am very grateful too that Duane confirmed that my lifetime warranty Green Bean Battery refurbished lithium battery pack has no issues (it was in fact the only reason why I was able to drive to fill up at a gas station & back home after my old battery got jumped by State Farm roadside assistance), yay! Thanks to Duane’s expert help & recommendations, I was able to immediately get my Prius C to a local Valvoline branch w/ my Valvoline discount coupons for its seasonal full synthetic oil change & cabin air filter replacement . Valvoline’s own thorough multi-point maintenance inspection (ex. Double-checking if engine air filter needed replacing; thankfully it did not; all my lights working, anything w/ seals fully sealed) & fluid top-offs (ex. Windshield wipers) also confirmed Duane’s findings & recommendations. I only need to have another oil change w/in the next 5K miles max. I have been able to drive the Prius all day to various appointments throughout Saturday all over North San Diego County without any issues and have been enjoying the gas savings & electricity storage ever since. My Prius C and I have been through a lot together (I’m it’s original owner since getting it brand new in 2013). I appreciate knowing that despite me living now in a distant rural neighborhood, I do not have to find myself paying for towing and shop storage overages to a dealership or shop - since a reputable mobile mechanic w/ hybrid maintenance experience like Duane knows 100% what can & should be done when a long-time hybrid does not start. If ever any of my vehicles have major non-start issues and could not be towed or self-driven to a reputable, costs-saving shop (my rural home is simply too far from everything) for service at a day & time that suits my busy schedule, I know I can count on Duane to help me. Thank you Duane & YourMechanic for the timely & professional help w/ the Prius C!

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