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How to Get Car Reviews on Edmunds

edmunds page on monitor

If you are in the market to purchase a new car, it is in your best interest to know as much about your potential vehicle as possible. With the ever-expanding reach of the internet, researching potential purchases is easier than ever.

Simply visit reputable websites with new car reviews, and you will have a good idea of the pros and cons associated with that make and model of vehicle. When it comes to reputable websites, is known as one of the best spots online to find new car reviews.

type in edmunds url
Image: Edmunds

Step 1: Type “” in the URL field of your browser. Depending on your choice of browser, the look of the URL box may differ, but it is more often than not located in the upper left hand corner of your screen. When you are done typing, press the “Enter” key on your keyboard

car review button
Image: Edmunds

Step 2: Click on the “Car Research” tab. This option is located on the horizontal menu at the top of the Edmunds website landing page between “Used Cars” and “Help.” It has a blue, downward point carrot that indicates it unlocks a dropdown menu of of choices.

edmunds car review tab
Image: Edmunds

Step 3: Select the option for “Car Reviews” from the dropdown menu. This option heads the top of the third column, sitting right above “Tips & Advice.” This opens the Edmunds website page on Car Reviews & Road Tests.

edmunds new car review and road tests
Image: Edmunds

Step 4: Click on option for “New Car Reviews & Road Tests”. This is the first choice of the horizontal menu under “Car Reviews & Road Tests” and only deals with new instead of pre-owned cars.

make and model info
Image: Edmunds

Step 5: Select the make and model of the car you wish to research from the dropdown menus and press the “Go” button. This greatly narrows your search, and you may have to scroll down a bit to locate this search option, depending of the size of your monitor’s screen.

camaro reviews
Image: Edmunds

Step 6: Click on the reviews you wish to read. For further customization of your list, you can sort by newest to oldest review or vice versa on the dropdown menu beside the text “Sort By.”

  • Note: Bear in mind you can always return to this page to read a different review by pressing the Back button on your browser.

Step 7: Read your chosen review. This is a summary review of your chosen vehicle that covers the pros and cons associated with it.

This judgement is based primarily off of consumer reviews and is intended to present an unbiased look at the car. Feel free to explore additional information under the various tabs by clicking on them, including Pricing, Photos, Features & Specs, Inventory, and More.

2016 camaro review
Image: Edmunds

Step 8: Read consumer reviews by clicking the number next to the star rating. The number beside the star rating indicates how many people have personally reviewed your chosen make and model of car to research. It shows how each reviewer has rated it overall and in particular categories, such as comfort, value, and performance. Scroll down to read the actual text of the reviews, and repeat this process as necessary to learn more about other potential new car purchases. is a valuable asset in researching new cars and provides a plethora of information at users’ fingertips. Although the vehicle you are considering buying is new, it doesn’t mean there aren’t potential issues that arose during assembly or other stages of its production. Consider contacting a certified mechanic, such as one from YourMechanic, to conduct a pre-purchase car inspection to put your mind at ease before you commit to a costly investment.

The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details

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