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Services by Dave Seelig

Dave has integrity which I highly value.

Services by Ralph R. Orozco

Ralph was very knowledgeable and confident in his work. He was nice and professional. Ralph took the time to listen to both me and my vehicle. He didn't try to sell me a bunch of things I didn't need. I will be using Ralph again for mu future car needs.

Services by Kenneth R. Vinson

Kenneth was great! He arrived on time, listened to my description of the problem with the car; explained what he was doing as he used his diagnostics tools on my car, and went with me on a test drive to further investigate the problem. I will use him again and would happy to refer him to my friends and family.

Services by Augie Morales Jr.

I plan to call you. Augie did not even know how to open the hood of my car. He was given assistance. Augie went back and forth from my car to his car. I offered to have him park his car in the driveway and he said no , his vehicle has a leak. I knew I may be in trouble at that point. Augie was not able to tell me the problem with the car and the cost to fix. Augie said he needed a schematic to find out the problem. I then told him he came unprepared and I was truly not happy. He then said it would probably take more than another hour to determine where the problem once he got the schematic off the internet . Augie advised me he did not keep my appointment from the day before because his ipad was broken and smashed up. During the time Augie was here he mislplaced his ipad and spent several minutes trying to find it. So no I would not recommend him. And at this point I would not be able to recommend your service. You sent me a mechanic that has no knowledge of my car. It was my understanding when I called and spoke with the customer service person that the mechanic would be able to identify the problem and I would receive an e-mail on the cost to fix. This did not happen. I feel I should be refunded the money. None of your promises happen. I would appreciate a phone call to resolve this. Thank you Freda 6267918078