6 years of experience
Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, CA

I've been an automotive technician since 2011 and have worked in a variety of independent shops. I have the tools and knowledge to diagnose and repair Domestic, Asian, and European vehicles. Providing my customers with friendly and efficient service is my goal in every job.





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on May 24

Nice young man. Knowledgeable. Looking forward to having him work on my car again.

on May 23

Vladimir was really great. He was courteous, on time and handled himself in a professional manner. He was totally prepared with everything he needed to fix my car and took his time checking all the possibilities of what could cause my car's problem before he did the necessary repairs. After he finished fixing the car he did a full inspection of the vehicle and found that my oil had been overfilled by over a quart and that that could end up, eventually, causing a problem with my engine. I immediately went back to where the oil had been changed and requested they drain off the excess oil. Thanks so much Vladimir my vehicle is running perfectly now.

on May 24

He was great! Very timely and reliable. We definitely appreciated his knowledge and expertise, and his willingness to go the extra mile.

on May 20

Vladimir was better than his reviews. He was on time and finished ahead of the estimated time. He was very professional and knowledgeable. He saved me a significant amount of money compared to the estimate from the Dodge dealership. I will definitely recommend him to my family and friends.

on April 12

Mr. Kishov did a detailed pre-purchase inspection for a vehicle I wanted to purchase. He saved me a lot of money as the vehicle required a few expensive repairs. I would hire him again in the future. Thank you!



BMW 650i
on April 08

After diagnosing several issues, Vladimir skillfully replaced the following on my BMW: valve cover gaskets, timing chain cover gaskets, a/c belt, and water pump/thermostat. He pursues all tasks with relentless determination, carefully and calmly working through challenges in order to complete the job. I highly recommend him for your BMW servicing.



Cadillac SRX
on April 08

Vlad was really great and got the job done. He was friendly and we talked as I watched him work. He clearly knew what he was doing. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing car repair or service and will use him again in the future.

on April 03

Vlad arrived on time for our appointment. He was quick to get started and reviewed parts. Appointment was scheduled for 6 hours and he was completed in less than 5. He was able to walk me through the process and talked about pros and cons of some additional upgrades for future projects. Very professional and was able to troubleshoot a few problem areas. Will definitely use Vlad on future projects.

on April 15

He was great! Spent extra time on my vehicle fixing what was wrong and did a full inspection as well! Very satisfied with his service!

on March 19

My whole experience with Vlad was excellent. He arrived early and was very professional. Vlad solved my problems very quickly and did an all around great job.

on May 07

unclear communication reason i am deaf i already told him that i am deaf then he not talk much i watch him all way what he did and one part i told him about back tailgate i was try to said to him leave it and i will get part myself and i think that he dont listen what i told him after that tailgate stuck is done i told him leave it ,,, one is communication fail

on March 07

Vladimir was very helpful in educating me on my car, he was great in finding out the problem to , why my car wasn't starting and was able to get it running. but it's seems that I have other problems that has to be fixed as well. He's an over all great person to have working on your car. I would recommend him to family and friends in a heart beat. Thank you young man for the great work!!

on February 28

He performed two pre-purchase inspection for me in one day in two different towns. He found many problems with the first and very few with the second. I was able to get the truck I wanted with confidence as he was very thorough. Thanks V!

on February 28

Did a great job on the pre-purchase inspection. He uncovered numerous problems with the truck I was 'just going to get'. So glad I didn't as I would have had to drop 2 thousand more to fix it soon after! Highly recommend this service if you're buying a used car/truck!

on February 25

This guy went above and beyond my expectations. He was prompt and on time and despite being time to clock out of the job he persevered and was able to fix my unfixable problem. I'm booking him again to do a few more jobs after witnessing his phenomenal performance and abilities.

on July 27

I had a flat tire during late night. To schedule a roadside service through Your Mechanic is super easy and the price is very reasonable. There are great communications from the time you submit your request, Vladimirs sent notification to confirm the appointment, and even sending you notification when he is heading over. Vladimirs showed up early, and finish changing my tire promptly and even performed an inspection to make sure my car has no other issues. He is a very nice person and is very professional.

on February 23

I've worked with Vladimir 3 times now and every time he is early, and every time he finishes well before his estimated time. On top of that he is thorough and does a good job with inspections.

on February 12

He arrived on time. Vladimir is very personable and knowledgeable. He treated out starter and speed us why it was bad and shows us the comparison against the new one. He let us know what he was doing and topped off all fluids as well as all around visual inspection on our vehicle. We will definately be using him for any future work we need done.

on February 21

Showed up on time to do a quick warranty inspection of why my headlights went out again after having them previously serviced by YourMechanic (a different mechanic). He was done before I even managed to get home myself and waited for me to tell me he would be back to fix it once the warranty business was taken care of.

on January 12

Vladimir was very helpful! First, he was on time! In fact he was 10 min. Early! I told him what issues I've been having with my car. He told me everything he would do and sent me a detailed quote of what other services I'll need to get in the future. I definitely saved money today. I'm glad I didn't have to pull away from work! Convenient and helpful!

on December 07

I stumbled onto the Your Mechanic site this morning in a panic when my car was overheating. I set up an appointment for 11:00 but Vladimir called and said he could be here at 9:30 and he was on the dot. He diagnosed my problem immediately, very nice and professional and I enjoyed talking to him. Felt I could trust him which is more than I can say for most mechanics. Will keep his card and your site in favorites and definitely call for any additional needs. Vladimir rocks!



Acura RSX
on December 01

Vladimir was AMAZING. He showed up early for our scheduled appointment, saving us a little bit of time. I scheduled an appointment for a brake change, but I got much more than that. Initially he didn't have the right tool to take off one of the special lug nuts on my tire. He went out of his way not once, twice, but five times to many different stores to try and find the right tool to remove it. He managed to remove the bolts and do a brake change in a very short amount of time. That alone deserved a 10 in my opinion. What made him stand out was that he also went out of his way to do things that weren't requested. He managed to fix my bumper that was displaced, and he even bought me new lug nuts. He didn't sound frustrated or annoyed while he was at work, even after staying for over 2 more hours than expected because of the lug nut situation. On top of all of this, he still charged the rate that was discussed initially with no extra charges. This guy was great. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

on December 04

As a woman I have very little knowledge regarding car problems. What I do have is history with a local dealership and I never want to return to them The service dept is always rude, costly n inept. So refreshing to have a true service that got the answer to my problems n offered solutions. Thank you, Vladamir!

on November 29

Showed up early even with the inconvenience of me switching address at last second. Did a great job on my Honda prelude and also helped with another job for no extra cost .



Toyota 4Runner
on November 28

Vladimir arrived ahead of time, was very nice and helpful. He replaced the alternator of my 2007 4Runner right in my driveway, which was not a straightforward task being that he had to remove the underneath skidplate. He checked & verified that everything worked the way it did before it broke it down. I'm not familiar with the market rate, but the cost seemed very reasonable ($300). I would definitely use YourMechanic again, and highly recommend Vladimir.

on December 10

In the past I've worked on my own cars and even have electrical training. I am very pleased that everything Vladimir said was accurate within what I knew technically and even fit symptoms that I've experienced with my car but had not made the connection. One thing that stood out was that Vladimir is the first mechanic EVER to make sure my battery terminals and connections were protected with a battery protector sealant. I used to do that when I knew better with a previous car. Thankfully Vladimir knew what to do!

on November 04

Excellent experience. Very diligent & patient. Arrived sharp on time, thoroughly professional. I had an issue with the power windows & suspected the regulator assembly. Turned out the glass had slid off the slot that was attached to the regulator assembly. The glass was fixed to the slot & re fixed & we didn't have to use the new regulator assembly brought to site. Communication was spot on, attitude was excellent & was enthusiastic to answer all my questions. The post repair inspection was thorough. Highly impressed & very highly recommended!

on October 22

Car was not starting. Had already replaced starter to no avail. Vladimir realized all that needed to be done was plug cable back in. Stayed an additional 25 minutes and took care of all kinds of small things, did a complete diagnostic of entire car. Quoted a seriously low price for other needed repairs. Amazing service from an honest, talented mechanic. Will recommend to everyone.

on October 15

Help me with my car and tried to fix some of the issues and then told me I had more issues with the car then I realized but he was excellent at his job

on October 12

Great job. Vladimir did a fantastic job. Professional, efficient, very knowledgeable. Will definitely call on him if anything else happens to my car. J.Adams in Sacramento.

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