6 years of experience
Tampa-St. Petersburg (Sarasota), FL

I have been an automotive technician since 2011. My work experience includes Pep Boys, Goodyear, Honda, and independent shops. Whether it's a Domestic, European, or Asian car, I'm able to work on it. I am a professional and caring technician who is dedicated to fixing my customers' vehicles the right way, the first time.





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on July 19

Very competent although not a man of many words.



Audi A4
on July 19

Great service and attitude!

on July 19

fast and efficient

on July 18

Again Jose made it to the appointment right on time. He was professional and fast, doing the oil change with filter in less than 15 minutes. Thanks again Jose for your prompt and quality service.

on July 12

I was skeptical of this service at first and of course did my research into it. I found they have very reliable and knowledgeable people and will alert you to any problems that need immediate attention. I found Jose to be very friendly and professional and an all around Awesome guy! Arrived early and did a great job. Sent me a quote and alerted me to what else needs attention. Very fast and professional as well accommodating! Thanks for doing a great job!

on July 05

When something is wrong with our car, it usually occupies you day. You know-getting the car to the shop. Getting rides home, or waiting around. Jose shows up at the scheduled time, smiles as he takes the keys, and smiles when he gives the keys back. How can this be any easier? Thank you so much!

on June 12

I've had to deal with other auto mechanics since I started driving cars. This is the first time I've been able to say that I'm impressed by, first the quickness at which Jose completed the alternator change, and with honest up front cost of the service he provided. What also impressed me was the appointment was set for 8:30 am Jose arrived at 8:29. He would been here sooner but the address took him to the front entrance of my mobile home park, and he had to find the lot number. He completed the job in 1/2 hour and I was back on the road again by 9:15 am. WOW, I normally would have been all day waiting for a mechanic just to look at my car then given a time that it would be finished. Thanks for the prompt, and honest services you've provided!



Ford Explorer
on June 09

Very pleasant young man also on time I was really impressed with his work and the time that it took him to do it I found me on mechanic Thank You Jose for your time and your patience



Kia Sedona
on May 22

A dealer was trying to take me for a ride to change the alternator for $540 after taxes ($220 for parts and 3.5 to4.5 hrs). Having done this several times over the years and working in a garage 30 yrs ago, I know it should only take 1.5 hrs and the part would be $120 to $160. I gave this a shot hoping for the best. The price was right what I would expect as well as the estimated time included in the price. After booking at 4:15 PM an emergency came up and I needed to leave early at 5. I sent a message asking (kind of pleading) if Jose might show up or finish early. He was smart and didn't proomise anything as he didn't know what he was getting into fully yet but shaid he would do his best. He did. I am rarely impressed by others and more often disappointed with "service calls". However, Jose DID impress. He showed up 45 minutes early and completed the work in record time. Thanks again! Needless to say he's already being recommended to my co-workers and he will be called on again by myself.

on May 22

Jose was very knowledgeable and diagnosed my problem in minutes once I explained what was going on with my car.I had three other car mechanics check my car but none mentioned the engine cooling fan which Jose immediately checked and discovered had power going to it but wa 8 . s not turning. This was the problem causing my engine over heating signal coming on and my a/c turning off whenever I stopped at a red light. Jose did a great job.

on May 20

Jose was prompt and professional. He answered all of my questions made everything easy and convenient for me. During the inspection​ he even called to come early.

on May 19

Jose inspected a used car for me that I was told by the dealer was in great shape, Jose found numerous flaws with said vehicle and saved me potentially THOUSANDS of DOLLARS!!!!!!!!! in future repairs. Thanks Jose what a PRO!



Isuzu Oasis
on June 01

Very professional and effective plus on time and finishing all quickly and clean. I will recomend him with all my friends and associates .

on February 15

Jose was on time, very polite/professional and completed the repair quickly. He took the time to help me understand things about my vehicle and gave me suggestions to keep my vehicle maintained.



Toyota Avalon
on March 03

My car wouldn't start so i called roadside assistance. He was able to start the car and I was able to drive it. He thought it was the starter, but said it should work until I had time to get it replaced..The next day the car wouldn't start. I contacted your service and made arrangements for a mechanic to come to my house. After inspecting the car, he advised it was the alternator and battery. Since I had advised I needed a starter, he did not have the parts. He found the parts and went to get them. After returning, he discovered they had given him the wrong battery. He had to go back to the store to exchange it. He never complained about the additional time it took and left my house 3 hrs. later...well into the evening. I was so grateful for all of the time he took to make sure I had a car that worked. I highly recommend his service! He went above and beyond and had a great attitude. Thank you, Jose!

on December 20

Jose very professional and polite. He explained everything to me in detail and didn't make me feel as if I didn't know what i was talking about. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone! I would also call on him again! Thank you very much!

on December 17

Jose was great. On time, courteous, knowledgeable, approachable and professional. Repairs done as needed and timely. Of course, some time is needed to provide feedback on the quality of work, but I am confident it's going to be great as well.

on December 25

Very understanding when there was a mix-up with the dealership about my pre-car inspection. He handled things with the dealership and kept me informed about what was happening. Gave me a complete report about the car complete with pictures. Definitely recommend having him check your car before buying.

on December 27

Jose was GREAT!!!!!! He showed up on time (and was even able to come early per our request!) and was very thorough in his inspection of the car we were interested in purchasing. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable. We lucked out that he had experience working at a Honda dealership, and the car we wanted checked out was a Honda Civic. He caught an issue with the tires that we were completely unaware of, and educated us on how to properly maintain the Civic so that this wear and tear resulting loud road noise would not occur in the future. Thank you for giving us peace of mind regarding our purchase Jose! We highly recommend him!

on January 02

Showed up early. Very polite and professional. Did the job quickly and efficiently. I would hire him again in a heartbeat to do anything on my car. I highly recommend him to anyone for any service needed on a car.

on January 10

Jose was very thorough in the inspection of a vehicle I was thinking of purchasing and found some major things wrong with it, I am so glad I made the appointment, it was worth it. He saved me from a lemon!

on January 14

Jose was a life saver. Helped to replace my spark plugs and explain to me the importance of them. Car is fixed and I'm back to work! Incredible mechanic

on January 25

Jose got here on time, was very polite. He fixed my headlights in a short amount of time. I am very impressed with this service and will use it again.

on February 14


on February 18

Prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, honest, Jose was awesome, knocked the job out, when finished told me exactly what other issues I had( I know because I'm a mechanic) and didn't make up anything up. I found my new best friend. Two thumbs up for Jose.

on February 23

Jose was great. He came out to the job site when one of my belts broke. Saved me from paying for a tow and getting the truck fixed. And I was able to continue working. Thanks



Oldsmobile Alero
on March 09

Excellent technician. Very friendly. Extremely prompt. Made the whole repair process a pleasure. Jose is courteous, thoughtful, patient, and a good listener. A perfect job!



Jeep Wrangler
on March 10

Jose, was great! This was my first time using "YOUR MECHANIC" and it was a great first experience. I had diagnose something different, but once he got there he check a few things before letting me know that the issue wasn't as big as I thought.

on April 13

Exceptional Service. This was my 1st time using The mechanic, Jose, was very knowledgeable & courteous. We thought it might have been a bad alternator and instead it was just a bad battery even though that battery was only 5 months old. So appreciate the honesty of Jose. He was truly there to give real answers & provide the solution to the actual problem.

on March 28

Jose arrived exactly on time and was very quick in analyzing the exact cause of the problem(water pump) which was not my initial request for service(serpentine belt replacement). He made a call for the part to be delivered to him and once it was delivered, he promptly installed it and my vehicle was back up and running in short order. He was very courteous and professional during the entire service. Seriously impressed with his workmanship and knowledge of auto repair.

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