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  • Exhaust System Inspection


Ford Windstar

on June 02

Knowledgeable polite

on April 01

Fabrice was very professional, clean and thorough. We had to reschedule due to a conflict on his end, but other than that, I was very pleased with his service. Would recommend...

on May 24

Very knowledgeable and professional

on October 22

Fabrice was very professional and kept an open line of communication throughout the entire process. He is a friendly and knowledgeable mechanic who takes pride in his work ethic.



Toyota Camry

on April 08

Friendly and professional.



Nissan Altima

on October 25

Very courteous and knowledgeable.



Nissan Altima

on October 25

Very professional would definitely use the service again because of him.

on May 30

Friendly and with vast of experience, he explained the problem in my car and listen to my concerns and resolved them, he was late to our appointment but it was raining.

on November 03

Fabrics was great. He was timely and helped me figure how to do the necessary repairs for the lowest cost. I really appreciated the minimal impact to my wallet.

on April 17

Fabrice was great and did a good job - he was honest and respectful. When he arrived he discovered that the issue with my car wasn't what I thought and insted of going thru with a more expensive repair, which would have earned him more money - he did the much less costly one that was needed instead. I wouldn't have known any different and he did the RIGHT thing. Thank you Fabrice!

on June 01


on November 04

Very professional.

on June 04

Fabrice did a great job, he is very skillful and I was impressed with how much I saved, I had a quote from Pep Boys Auto shop for $500 dlls for the same job, $250 for the fan, which I was able to get on Amazon for $80 also the labor was only $50 bucks (as I had a discount from yourmechanic.com), in total I paid $130 dlls. I saved $370 dlls



Ford Explorer

on November 06

Very good and pleasant.



Kia Sedona

on November 08

He was quick and polite and had my car up and running

on November 12

Great service, was really late for the appointment, be he explained that one job ran over and then there was traffic. All understandable. Review would have been 5 stars if not for the hold up.

on May 01

Very polite and outgoing, we had a great chat!



Acura TSX

on May 01

Fab is really good at what he does and very knowledgeable. I will definitely have Fab take care all of my car stuff and maintenance.

on November 18

Showed up 2.5 hours late, after telling me he was running around an hour late. When looking over my detailed inspection, I see that he just said that everything was good. Even said I have a normal level of washer fluid which I knew was completely empty. Did the job in a timely manor though. Although now my ABS light is on when it wasn’t when he started on my car.

on November 25

Great man. Knowledgeable and professional. Wish he was my full time mechanic.

on November 19

Does very good work, job well done and a top mechanic

on November 19

Fabrice is very knowledgeable in his craft and willing to share his experience and explain things. I drive an older car that is approaching 350,000 miles and the end of its lifespan, and Fabrice was open about the repairs he recommended, but also acknowledged that this vehicle is getting to the point where it would need to be frequently maintained in order to keep it running, and suggested that it may just be time for a new car, which I had long suspected. His knowledge and transparency were much appreciated on my part.



Jeep Wrangler

on November 24

Fabrice was knowledgeable and quickly diagnosis and fixed the issue.

on May 07

Excellent Job, really helped with the diagnosis of the issue and was able to find time in his schedule to come back with the parts to fix the wiring that was causing the problem. He was very helpful and nice.

on May 06


on August 17

Honest. Looked out for my best interest.

on June 12

He showed experience within his work as a mechanic and finish his job in a timely manner.

on November 26

Great job. Knowledgeable mechanic.

on May 07

Went above and beyond, and worked through rain to get what needed to be done, done in time.

on November 30

He was very helpful and knowledgeable. Definitely recommend.

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